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The CEO’s

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SUBJECT: The CEO’s Challenge

CEO’s Challenge代写 Following the attention of the top executive on the inadequacy, inefficiency, and outdated information system in the company.

Following the attention of the top executive on the inadequacy, inefficiency, and outdated information system in the company. And the authorization for information system proposals, I am presenting this memo. This presentation details the problem in existence and how it can be solved by developing a new internal information system. It will provide the overview of the whole issue of the information system, its failure, the need to have a new system installed, and the project description.

Overview  CEO’s Challenge代写

The goal of this project on enterprise information system is to replace the current redundant and outdated system. Which has seen shadow IT projects on the rise in the company. The current information lack real-time management module, a database management system, and updates. Therefore, building a more advanced web-based information system will be in handy to your current aspirations. This project will target the Information Management teams, developers as well as every other department in the company attached to it.

The use of this system, the company will be able to manage IT projects, their database, as well as users’ interactions in real-time, fast, secure, and cost saving. The vision of the project is to see all the departments and users including the clients share the same platform with ease. The project will make developments secure and easy to track the progress. It will also offer general management of staffs, easy and real-time availability and retrieval of data, and create a link between the company and its client. CEO’s Challenge代写**范文

The initial stage of the project will target the IT departments before expansion to the clients and other uses. The project will be prototyped, and the pilot project was given to the IT department where it will be tested for some time before it is fully rolled out for application in the whole company.

Feasibility of The System  CEO’s Challenge代写

Big companies like Sony Picture, Facebook, Google, Git Hub, Tesla, and more could not be able to function optimally without proper controls of an information system for their IT activities. Thus, they have integrated information system into their operations. Which in essence create ease of controls and management of projects as well as keeping track of repetitive tasks. Furthermore, the management information system is a common trend in any growing company. Which wants to keep track of IT activities as well as saving on cost and time.CEO’s Challenge代写**范文

In the field of Information Technology, the information systems have been developed to keep track of IT-related activities from various developers, computer systems, databases, and servers. This reduces the likelihood of shadow IT projects as well as tracking of problems. In Google for instance, given a large number of developer and other activities relating to the Information Technology. It has a very robust internal information system which manages the projects development processes as well as other operations of the company.

Besides my system being made to regulate services in the IT department. It has other modules for managing other business activities like software transactions with the clients, direct contact with the clients, database systems, web access with real-time operations.

CEO’s Challenge代写
CEO’s Challenge代写

The EC Business Model of The Project and How It Will Create A Difference  CEO’s Challenge代写

The current information system is fragmented regarding accessibility, data entry and management. Retrievals and back-up without proper updates and linkages between functions. The system manages different computers from different departments and activities and which are not centrally controlled by the IT department. Each of these departments, hold and save their own data in the system without sending to the database server or need for authorization to access. The system is also open to most of the employees who have more unsecured privileges of access.CEO’s Challenge代写**范文

The system also lacks real-time interaction with the database systems, clients, other employees, admin et cetera. Because there are no direct links established. As a result, the company has shadow projects which essentially create low control of quality management, waste of time, and higher costs. The system is difficult to maintain using up to date information and has challenges in the provision of raw data inputs. The usability of the system is too complicated besides it having a poor interface. Thus some employees tend not to use it.

Another problem is that the system has not adapted to the changes in the company as well as the modern information technology.  CEO’s Challenge代写

The customers’ preferences have changed. Thus the system has remained the same. All these have frustrated the efforts of the company.

In solving this problem, my system will integrate all the functions into one conglomerate module. The conglomerate module will constitute all the other modules used in all department. Therefore, making this system more superior and essential to the company. The system will also be web-based with the accessible online database. After the integration of the functions, the enterprise processes will be streamlined and re-engineered to be web accessible. As a standalone information system, it will not only automate data collection and storage but also integrate all the functional areas of the company into a web-based real-time information system.

System Database Application and Access  CEO’s Challenge代写

The information system will be a centralized data sharing and storage center for the company. The system will be run using portals for access. To ensure data quality all departments and its employees will have access to the system using their registered identification and security code. Every user will have different privileges depending on their department, level in the company and the information they need to access. The system admin has the sole control of these privileges and can change according to the demands and needs.

Data Security  CEO’s Challenge代写

With the level of expertise in my team, the system implementation and use will be robust, of higher speed, secure and easy to use. My system will also allow users to access it from anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. This way, the access and entry of information will be easy and fast. As such, the system can be vulnerable to security breaches. We will have to use sophisticated security measures and firewall to protect the system and data therein. This will keep data tampering attempts by hackers thus maintain the integrity of the company data and transaction processes.

CEO’s Challenge代写
CEO’s Challenge代写

Data Model and Data Types Used in The System  CEO’s Challenge代写

The system will use relational database model. The use of related tables makes it easier to track related projects and information. The tables will also store user and employees’ data as well as any other data the company needs to be stored. The system will deal with data such as project type, developer, cost, client, progress, and delivery time. The client details include name, address, phone number, and email addresses. Other data include departments details and activities, and customer contacts and activities. The users will access this information as long as they have internet access and login credentials.

I will appreciate hearing from you on this matter and how I can help improve the service delivery in the company.




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