cs6410 Topics in Computer Graphics final

Computer Graphics代写  Develop a WebGL program as your final project. Name your source code final.html and final.js.

Final Project

• Develop a WebGL program as your final project. Name your source code final.html and final.js.
• It can be any topic on computer graphics, ranging from modeling, rendering to animation.
• Make sure your project deals with a mid- to advanced level graphics problem. That is, cs4410-level basic projects are not allowed.
• For example, you may attempt to significantly improve some of the programs we have covered so far. Or you may study an existing graphics technique and implement it on your own. Or you may come up with an entirely new visualization algorithm of yours.
• Fill the attached proposal form and submit it by the proposal due date. The proposal may have go through a few rounds of revising with instructor (via messaging on Canvas) before it gets approved.

What to submit: Computer Graphics代写

• Submit all your source files (.html, .js) that are needed for compilation, including library files/folders and possibly data files. Missing library files/folders will incur point deduction.
• Make sure your library folder/files are in the right location relative to your main program (.html), such that when your main program (.html) is clicked as is, it should run without problem. The same goes for data files, if any. Failure to do so will incur point deduction.

Computer Graphics代写
Computer Graphics代写

How to submit:

• Use Canvas Assignment Submission system to submit your source files.
• Make sure to zip all your files into final.zip, then submit your final.zip as a single file.

Policy Computer Graphics代写

• Do all the assignments on Chrome Development Tools using HTML, JavaScript, and GLSL ES.
• At the beginning of each source file, provide comments specifying the author, date, and a brief description of the file.
• Source code must contain enough comments here and there to make it easy enough to follow. Insufficient comments could lead to loss of points.
• Non-compilable or non-working program will get almost no credit (e.g., executable code not produced due to compile error; program gets stuck or terminated immaturely due to run-time error). If your program is incomplete, at least clean up your code to make it error-free.
• Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s code. If identical (or nearly identical) submissions are found among students, every student involved will get automatic zero for the assignment. The same goes for copying existing code from online source.