DNP Project Summary



DNP Project Summary

DNP Project代写 DNP Project Summary:The project is on the role of DNP prepared nurse for increasing productivity in the healthcare practice.


The project is on the role of DNP prepared nurse for increasing productivity in the healthcare practice.

In general, the project aims at identifying a gap in the DNP practice and the quality issues and how they can be addressed. In this regard, below is the summary of the DNP project.

DNP education is a program designed to equip the nurse with the mastery of health care practice for quality improvement.  DNP Project代写

Evidence-based practices, and system thinking. In essence, the program is tailored to align with the predominant models in the healthcare system and impart the knowledge of the doctorate level degree (“Doctor of Nursing Practice,” n.d). According to American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) (2018), a nurse who attain the DNP level of training is referred to have acquired clinical leadership and organizational skills which are essential in defying the odds in the nursing practice and are construed to have the ability to design programs for use in health care delivery.

DNP Project代写
DNP Project代写

According to DN703 seminar, when preparing a DNP project, there are critical questions that need to be addressed such as whether the project contributes to the quality of healthcare practices. Whether the benefits derived are for the group, population, community or policy and the question on the value of the project in improving nursing practice. The type of DNP project selected should align with the above questions.

The seminar also guides on the way to find a DNP project.  DNP Project代写

In so doing, the student needs to evaluate the nursing field and identify the gap to be filled in practice and the improvements to be made in the healthcare delivery. The project needs to be evaluated for validity and relevance by questioning the value of the project and how it can fit in the already established system. Therefore, the writer should evaluate the resource needs and availability for carrying out the project. He/she should also research for the existence of evidence in support of the project ideas and whether the practice area supports the project implementation. Generally, the project needs to identify the problem to be solved and its significance, need assessment, purpose statement, practice involvement, conceptual framework, and literature review.

References  DNP Project代写

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DNP Project代写
DNP Project代写



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