Global marketing For companies to be successful in global marketing they must implement strategies for them to enter.And be successful in···


Global marketing entails competition from different companies due to rapid globalization. Global marketing

For companies to be successful in global marketing they must implement global marketing strategies for them to enter. And be successful in foreign markets. By doing this the companies will be at risk of a loss however, they may be exposed to huge opportunities in the market. As global marketers, we first select a market to target, the set up the objectives and communicate to all the company’s employees.

And from there an executive officer is selected and his duty will be to run foreign projects and come up with strategic plan that will fulfill the set objectives. In the United States some of the risks encountered in global marketing include political disruptions, religion, business practices, difference in culture and economic disruptions.

The task of global marketing manager is to develop websites that meet the local needs and come up with strategies that that will help them penetrate their products into the market. The global marketer should ensure that he understands the culture of the targeted area to avoid conflict with people and make maximum profit.

The China global markets have tremendously grown over the years due the atheism culture present in the country. The largest population in China consider themselves as atheists and when other people from other religions participate in their religious activities the Chinese are busy doing business.

If Africa’s global market can be compared to China’s global market. China will emerge the winner; religion is a factor to the global market. Africa is considered as the most religious continent and increase in church or mosque attendance contributes to the reduction of economic growth (Picker).

译文:由于快速全球化,全球营销需要来自不同公司的竞争  global-marketing






INTRODUCTION  Global marketing

China is stated as the world’s least religious country in the world. 9% of the population in China is considered to be religious while 67% of the population is considered to be atheists (DataLEADS). I fall in the 67% category of the atheists in China. I do not believe in God or gods exist however I do not have disbelief that they exist however I have no proof that they exist and therefore I do not have a say in this.

I consider myself atheist in other words a non-religious individual because I do not have an active belief in any spiritual being. It is not that I follow what people do but becoming was a personal decision.

the world is diverse with different religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Confucianism, Hinduism, Taoism and Judaism amongst others however I do not understand why people believe in forces that they neither visually see nor interact with to prove their existence.

译文:简介  Global marketing

中国被称为世界上宗教信仰最少的国家。 中国 9% 的人口被认为是宗教信仰者,而 67% 的人口被认为是无神论者 (DataLEADS)。 我属于中国 67% 的无神论者。 我不相信上帝或众神存在,但是我不相信它们存在,但是我没有证据证明它们存在,因此我对此没有发言权。我认为自己是无神论者,换句话说,我是一个无宗教信仰的人,因为我对任何精神存在都没有积极的信仰。 并不是我遵循人们所做的事情,而是成为一个个人决定。世界是多种多样的,有不同的宗教,如基督教、佛教、伊斯兰教、儒教、印度教、道教和犹太教等,但我不明白为什么人们相信他们既看不见也没有与之互动的力量来证明他们的存在。

RESEARCH METHOD  Global marketing

Autoethnography falls in the qualitative research category that contributes to self-reflection through the exploration of personal experience and anecdotal and facilitates in widening the social, political and cultural meanings and understanding (Méndez).

Autoethnography allows the author to question his feelings and emotions, his temporal dimension of the past, present and future. Autoethnography gives room for views or opinions of an insider from the events he has experienced or cultural practice he has witnessed.

Considering the cultural practices of a targeted market is a strategy that will facilitate the success of a company getting into a foreign market. Cultural beliefs and practices can make or break a company getting into foreign markets. For instance, Dubai a Middle East country whose major population is made up of Muslims. Who are prohibited from eating pork and therefore a company whose main product is pork will not be successful in such a country.

译文:研究方法  Global marketing



I think religion should be a personal decision and should not be influenced by the parents or society because I find it being a complicated controversial topic. I believe that many people who consider themselves religious are influenced by the society or the parents and that is why when you ask an individual about his faith.

And why he believes in his religion most people will be unable to answer this question. I believe it is wise to bring up a child as an individual who should make his own decisions and through this. He will be independent and responsible for his decisions. Moreover, he will be a critical thinker and a wise decision-maker.

Growing up in my journey of deciding which religious path to follow, I used to watch films that would give me exposure to what I would get myself into if I made my choice. From the films I watched, I found these religions to be practicing inhumanity.

译文:体验无神论者  Global marketing

我认为宗教应该是个人决定,不应受父母或社会的影响,因为我发现这是一个复杂的有争议的话题。 我相信许多认为自己有宗教信仰的人受到社会或父母的影响,这就是为什么当你问一个人他的信仰时。以及为什么他相信他的宗教,大多数人将无法回答这个问题。 我相信把孩子培养成一个应该自己做决定并通过这个做决定的人是明智的。 他将独立并为自己的决定负责。 此外,他将是一个批判性的思想家和明智的决策者。在我决定走哪条宗教道路的过程中长大,我过去常常看电影,这些电影会让我了解如果我做出选择,我会陷入什么样的境地。 从我观看的电影中,我发现这些宗教在践踏非人道。

For instance  Global marketing

if a person would be found a homosexual then it was considered as a sin to the church and the person would be stoned to death or be hanged and in turn, these religious people would-be murders. I found this being hypocrisy of considering oneself righteous yet knowing you have murdered a person.

As for the Islamic religion, women are not considered to be as superior as the men and that is why even when a lady is molested by a group of men they will say that it is her fault and she will be punished for that. Additionally, the victim may be killed in which they regard as the kill of honor. How then do you say that you are a religious person yet causing pain to other people?

Due to these reasons, I found no need to committing myself to any religion as I would consider myself to be a hypocrite. As an atheist, I believe I am more pacifists and more liberal on issues regarding violence such as torture, war, imperialism, and corporal punishment.

译文:例如  Global marketing

如果一个人被发现是同性恋,那么它被认为是教会的罪过,这个人会被石头砸死或被绞死,反过来,这些宗教人士可能会被谋杀。 我发现这是一种虚伪,认为自己是正义的,但知道自己谋杀了一个人。至于伊斯兰宗教,女性不被认为比男性优越,这就是为什么即使一位女士被一群男人猥亵,他们也会说这是她的错,她会因此受到惩罚。 此外,受害者可能会被杀害,他们认为这是为了荣誉而杀人。 那你怎么说你是一个虔诚的人,却给别人带来痛苦?由于这些原因,我发现没有必要投身于任何宗教,因为我认为自己是一个伪君子。 作为一个无神论者,我相信在酷刑、战争、帝国主义和体罚等暴力问题上,我更和平、更自由。


My experience at the university has been swift as I interact with everyone. However, I have been in situations in which I have felt people judging me and creating their assumptions of me being non-religious. It did hurt for a while but I had to get over it because I understood that people will always have opinions especially when they do not have a full understanding of something.

I have also witnessed people of a certain religion gathering up and forming sort of a group because they are of a particular religion hence they do not have much interaction with other people from different religions. I would say religion contributes to division but in my case, I interact with everyone because I respect their decision.

For the world to encounter peace and unity then atheism might be the solution as there will be no division based on religion, there will be no deaths due to the prohibition of religion. And people will be true to themselves without the notion of being judged by anyone.

In the university, there are a lot of people from different cultures and diversities, apart from the religious people there are the Goth people who I do not have any idea what they believe in but through the university activities, I get to interact with them. The university activities have greatly contributed to my interaction skills and have made me be more open-minded.

译文:大学经历 Global marketing



My experience in global marketing has made me acknowledge that cultural differences are a critical factor in the success of the global market. Cultural differences will contribute to the influence of preference of some products. And the behavior of the consumer. For instance, the Muslims only purchase meat that is written ‘halal’ on its wrapping.

The Hindu religion considers cows to be sacred and therefore the Hindus do not consume beef. The Muslims and the Jews consider pork to be unclean and therefore do not consume it. Many religions such as Mormons, Muslims, Sikhs, and Buddhists disregard alcohol.  And therefore it is forbidden for people in these religions to consume.

译文:作为全球营销人员的经验  Global marketing

我在全球营销方面的经验让我承认,文化差异是全球市场成功的关键因素。 文化差异会影响某些产品的偏好。 以及消费者的行为。 例如,穆斯林只购买包装上写有“清真”字样的肉。印度教认为牛是神圣的,因此印度教徒不吃牛肉。 穆斯林和犹太人认为猪肉是不洁的,因此不食用。 许多宗教,如摩门教、穆斯林、锡克教和佛教徒,都无视酒精。 因此,这些宗教的人禁止消费。


The knowledge of the cultural differences has made me open to Polycentric orientation. Which focuses on developing my own market strategy that suits the society you are in (Paik et al.). My experience of being an atheist gives me the opportunity of learning about people. And their religion and what they regard and what they disregard. As a global marketer, I have learned to consider people’s culture when targeting a particular market and use cultural knowledge to my advantage.

I have learned to be non-judgmental on anyone’s religion, beliefs and practices. And this has contributed greatly to shaping my global marketing education. When it comes to marketing and doing business one should not focus on the cultural differences. But should try using the cultural knowledge in getting and maintaining clients. My experience in the university has taught me the courtesy of relating to other people of different diversities.

My journey has molded me into being an open-minded individual who focuses on accomplishing my goals. I have learned on the importance of marketing communication. Which entails the use of graphics that are modest and will not be offensive to the society. Direct communication which entails a one on one communication and information processing that. Entails advertising in a way that is effective and influential to the people in the society.

译文:文化背景和全球营销管理  Global marketing

对文化差异的了解使我对多中心取向持开放态度。其重点是制定适合您所在社会的我自己的市场策略(Paik 等人)。作为无神论者的经历让我有机会了解人。以及他们的宗教信仰,以及他们所重视的和所忽视的。作为一名全球营销人员,我学会了在瞄准特定市场时考虑人们的文化,并利用文化知识为我所用。我学会了不对任何人的宗教、信仰和做法进行评判。这对塑造我的全球营销教育做出了巨大贡献。当谈到营销和做生意时,不应关注文化差异。但应该尝试利用文化知识来获取和维护客户。我在大学的经历教会了我与其他不同种族的人交往的礼貌。我的旅程使我成为一个思想开放的人,专注于实现我的目标。我了解到营销传播的重要性。这需要使用适度且不会冒犯社会的图形。直接通信需要一对一的通信和信息处理。需要以对社会中的人们有效和有影响力的方式进行广告宣传。

Global marketing
Global marketing

Global marketing entails marketing worldwide in a way that will not offend any person from any religion or diversity.

Some of the marketing strategies we use are establishing brand and customer relations. In this strategy not only do we focus on establishing the brand but we also focus on establishing the relationship with the customer. And by establishing the relationship with the customer I ensure that.  I carry out a very respectful conversation that will make him reveal some of the cultural practices that will contribute to not to offend him.

I also use the market segmentation strategy especially in a society that people of mixed religions. In the market segmentation strategy, I divide a market of potential customers into segments that will fulfill the needs and interests of every customer (Johansson).

This strategy has been of great importance in my global marketing career as I do not cross paths with any of customers and due to the good services.  I offer them I have often been getting referrals and have maintained my customers. Additionally, markets ran by atheists have more economic growth as compared to markets ran by religious people (“Secular Countries May Have More Economic Growth: Study”).

译文:全球营销需要以一种不会冒犯任何宗教或多样性的人的方式进行全球营销  Global marketing

我们使用的一些营销策略是建立品牌和客户关系。在这个战略中,我们不仅专注于建立品牌,还专注于建立与客户的关系。通过与客户建立关系,我确保了这一点。我进行了一次非常尊重的谈话,这将使他揭示一些有助于不冒犯他的文化习俗。我也使用市场细分策略,特别是在一个宗教混合的社会中。在市场细分策略中,我将潜在客户市场划分为满足每个客户需求和兴趣的细分市场 (Johansson)。这个策略在我的全球营销生涯中非常重要,因为我没有与任何客户交叉,而且由于服务很好。我向他们提供我经常得到推荐并维护我的客户。此外,与宗教人士经营的市场相比,无神论者经营的市场具有更多的经济增长(“世俗国家可能有更多的经济增长:研究”)。

 CONCLUSION  Global marketing

My life experience and the fact that I am an atheist have played a crucial role in my marketing strategies. My journey has helped me to be observant and through that. I have learned to be open-minded and respectful of other people’s cultures and diversities. Through this autoethnography, I have reflected my life regarding cultural background. My university experience and my bit of marketing experience.

My cultural background has been of great importance in my career journey. And my social life because I have learned to respect other people’s cultural backgrounds. And I expect them to respect mine as well. In the future, I would like to interact with more people from different cultural backgrounds as life is about learning.

译文:结论 Global marketing

我的生活经历以及我是无神论者这一事实在我的营销策略中发挥了至关重要的作用。 我的旅程帮助我保持敏锐观察力。 我学会了思想开放,尊重他人的文化和多样性。 通过这部自述民族志,我反映了我关于文化背景的生活。 我的大学经历和我的一点营销经验。我的文化背景在我的职业生涯中非常重要。 还有我的社交生活,因为我学会了尊重他人的文化背景。 我希望他们也尊重我的。 未来,我想与更多来自不同文化背景的人互动,因为生活就是学习。

WORK CITED  Global marketing

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