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Internet presentation代写 Hello everyone, Today I gonna present a paper named SCIONLAB A Next-Generation Internet Testbed, This paper…


Hello everyone, Today I gonna present a paper named SCIONLAB A Next-Generation Internet Testbed, This paper mainly talk about how the new internet looks like. It shows scionlab architecture with core design and how it implement , and operate.


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Before we get started, I would like to introduce some background information. author found four negative aspects about today internet. These are Poor Availability, Limited Control of Path, Nontransparent, Secure End-to-End Communication. Internet presentation代写

For example,

In Poor availability, even a well-connected entity, still has 90 second unavailability per day, you cannot reach other entity. And a brief outage will appear when the route changes in the Border gateway protocol, there is a short-term loop cause the delay. And misconfigurations or internet attacks will also cause the outage. Internet presentation代写


Secondly, Current Internet offers limited control of paths, for example, Network Path can be hijacked and redirected, for  example when the network path has been hijacked, the router run to the different part of internet And The actual entity may not realize it is a hijacked, they only see the latency on the network path is increase. And BGP today give limited inbound traffic control. it also Limited traffic load balancing for sender and receiver, and no multipath communication.

The Nontransparent means that sender cannot obtain guarantee that packet will travel along certain path. And no trust roots that we can rely upon


And the Unsecure End-to-End Communication, the hacker can use a fake certificate to capture two end-user. The Current Internet authentication infrastructures have weak security properties, it cause Non-Scalability of Trust. Internet presentation代写


Therefore, base on these negative aspects, we found the current internet need high availability, and path control, not only ISP, but also sender and receiver jointly control end to end paths. And achieve transparency, and order to address these problem, the scion coming out .



Because the SCIONLAB is based on the SCION Internet architecture, I would like talk about the SCION a little bit.


SCION stand for Scalability, Control and Isolation on next-generation Networks) Internet presentation代写


thus inherits scalability, security, and efficiency properties.

SCION improves security on various levels, e.g.,