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Music essay代写 Choose a film that has a film score (NOT A SOUNDTRACK). You should be able to find films in our library, the Oakland…

For this homework, you will: Music essay代写

1) Choose a film that has a film score (NOT A SOUNDTRACK). You should be able to find films in our library, the Oakland Public library downtown, Netflix, the Redbox, or at Rasputin’s for very little cost.

2) Make sure the film is approved by your instructor via [email protected]

3) You will chart a timeline for the film you chose which depicts anytime music is used in the movie – in the first 30 minutes. You will also include what the music sounds like at that moment, which instruments are used, who is on the screen, and the action that is occurring at that moment in time.

4) You will utilize your Elements of Music vocabulary in this assignment.  Music essay代写

5) Somewhere at the top of your assignment, you should include: film title, year released, the composer of the film score, and the director.

6) Please make a timeline for the first 30 minutes of the film you choose – do not go over unless you really want to lol. You should write it like this EXAMPLE:  Music essay代写

Music essay代写
Music essay代写

5:10 Indie and Marion share an on screen kiss in the night light, the piano is heard at this moment played in a presto tempo and with dotted rhythms. The pitches ascend as they rise. 

13:25 audible saxophone in background – unsure of source? This is a muted timbre and it is in the higher range of the instrument. Occurs during the 

29:40 Indies theme returns as he rescues Marion etc. It is a fanfare-like theme and includes the following: horn, brass, percussion, and winds. The style is slow paced (largo) and the dynamics register at pianissimo. Later, a crescendo occurs at 29:51.  Music essay代写


I hope this assignment will help you to realize how music directors and composers make careful decisions to help guide the audience through a film, and how music affects our experience as an active observer. Please use your film music handout and elements of music to guide you. Best marks are awarded for students offering plenty of attention to music detail, and good use of vocabulary in context.

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