Personal Information代写

Personal Information代写 Educational Background  Sep.2003-present Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Master of Materials Science

Personal Information代写
Personal Information代写


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Educational Background Personal Information代写

l Sep.2003-present Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Master of Materials Science
CET-6 Certificate, Beijing Spoken English Test, Senior certificate (excellence);

Marketing Research Experience

lJul.2003-Aug.2003                                              xxxxxxxx Commercial Consulting Inc.                              Investigator Beijing
Conducted market research of TV prices (10brands, nearly 100model numbers) in 3 supermarkets to support the strategy of LG business competition in Beijing,
Compiled lists of quote prices& discount or coupon to make report to manager,
Negotiated with managers in supermarkets to ensure success of investigation,
lJul.2001-Aug.2001 Xxxxxx Chemical Industries Ltd (XXXXX)                             Investigator (1/15) Beijing
Investigated 700 shops and analyzed information collected to compose reports for evaluating Beijing coating market to support expanding strategy of XXXXX ,
Quick learner, mastered communication skill and analytic skill in 1 week after trained by Marketing Dept., solved problem by brainstorm on weekly meeting,
Good teamwork to achieve the most efficient one among 3 teams with 4 fellows;

Leadership Experience Personal Information代写

lSep.2003-Jun.2005 Promotion Department of Graduate Council Associate President Beijing
Designed stage decoration of 2005 Welcome Spring Evening for Teachers and Students and praised by higher-up,
Innovated upon recruitment by holding calligraphic& artistic talent show,
Led& organized subordinates to promote various activities on campus;
lSep. 2002 XXXX Group Co. Ltd                                             Deliverer (1/23) Beijing
Overfulfilled task to be the only one who had sent 84magazines successfully,
Strengthened influence of IKEA by entering people’s home in ChaoYang dwelling district to deliver free magazines to families members;

Others Personal Information代写

lSep.2005-Oct.2005 Beijing Silk Street Market Beijing
Mastered the skills to react quickly to emergencies through dealing with complaint from foreign customers effectively and independently,
Communicated with manager actively to fix and design questionnaires in both English and Chinese in 1day and adopted by him;

Personal Information

Painting: 2004-2005Administrator of original pictures on one domestic internet forum;
Singing: 2003The Most Welcomed Singer in karaoke competition of fresh postgraduate;