Self-Portrait with Two Flowers



Self-Portrait with Two Flowers Paula Modersohn-Becker used the women’s body to represent the central subject of female experience. Paula ···


Paula Modersohn-Becker   Self-Portrait with Two Flowers

Paula Modersohn-Becker used the women’s body to represent the central subject of female experience. Paula uses a direct and uncompromising style to paint herself naked and pregnant. She also paints other female subjects, such as maids and orphans. The art by the title ‘Reclining Mother-and-Child Nude II’ that she painted in 1906 depicts a naked woman. Lying on her right-hand side, embracing her infant.

The mother protects the head of her naked infant using her right arm, who is possibly breastfeeding. Through this picture.  Paula tried to empower women through their daily experience.And the image was a modern-day approach of maternity life. Which was groundbreaking in which both the mother and the child are naked.

Paula does not have the intention of making any sexual appeals as the painting is not overly perfect. Still, she ensures that she captures the body parts that distinguish women. For example, the breasts, the belly, and the pubic hair.

译文:Paula Modersohn-Becker

用女性的身体来代表女性体验的中心主题。宝拉用一种直接和不妥协的风格来描绘自己赤身裸体和怀孕。她还画其他女性题材,如女仆和孤儿。她于 1906 年创作的名为“斜倚母子裸体 II”的艺术作品描绘了一个裸体女人躺在她的右手边,拥抱她的婴儿。母亲用她的右臂保护她裸体婴儿的头部,她可能正在母乳喂养。通过这张照片,宝拉试图通过女性的日常体验赋予她们权力,这张照片是现代母子生活的一种方式,这是开创性的,母亲和孩子都赤身裸体。宝拉无意制造任何性吸引力,因为这幅画并不过分完美。尽管如此,她仍确保捕捉到区分女性的身体部位,例如乳房、腹部和阴毛。

The painting···

The painting ‘Self-Portrait with Two Flowers’ depicts Paula in a blue dress with white collars. In her left hand, she holds two pink flowers while her right-hand rests on her stomach. Which appears to be swollen in pregnancy. One of the two pink flowers appears to be brighter while the other appears to be darkened and in a shadow.

Paula communicates the sacrifices that females make between devotion to motherhood and the chosen career. The state of being pregnant signifies the feeling of carrying a life inside. The presence of one flower being brighter than the other signifies the life of the child. While the darkened flower signifies the impending death of the artist, Paula. By death, it means she was ready to give up on her part of life may be the career for her devotion to motherhood.



Self-Portrait with Two Flowers
Self-Portrait with Two Flowers


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