Comparison between YouTube web and mobile app versions usability

YouTube app代写 YouTube was launched in 2005. It targeted billions of people to discover, watch, and share originally-created videos.



YouTube was launched in 2005. It targeted billions of people to discover, watch, and share originally-created videos. YouTube is a form of the forum that people use to connect, inform, and inspire others throughout the world and use it as a medium to distribute content and advertisements. The primary audience is the content creators and video lovers. It also targets businesses that want to create adverts via content creation. Therefore, the usability evaluation of both website and mobile is essential. This report will compare the usability of web and mobile app versions of YouTube.

Good features about the mobile app YouTube app代写

There are various elements of the YouTube app that make it pleasing to users. The app is easy to open on any smartphone without errors. YouTube app does not require high internet bandwidth to open and has a low buffering rate. I love the application color blend that matches the icons intuitively. The application uses resemblance icons to make it easy for the user to navigate. YouTube app代写**范文

For instance, subscription icon means a subscription to the various subscribers; inbox icons depict a place where messages are posted and the library icons that depict the presence of various content for the user to explore. The icon for making videos is conspicuous and resembles a video camera. A new user can quickly create an account and begin to create video content. The app is also usable to people with intellectual disabilities. The search engine is autonomous, and due to their reading and writing disabilities, they can use voice. An excellent intuitive user interface has made YouTube the app of choice businesses and users of any age.

Usability issues YouTube app代写

However, the application has several usability issues. First, the application is cluttered with too many links adverts. It becomes easy for a new user to click confusing them for video content. It is disappointing when the user clicks on irrelevant content. The comments on content are not easily accessible. Conventionally, the comments are just below the video, which is not the case with the mobile app. To access comments, the user has to scroll down unrelated videos. Thus, it is difficult for a new user to read the comments. Nonetheless, these usability issues with the interface are overshadowed by the overall sound design.

YouTube app代写
YouTube app代写

Evaluat YouTube app代写

Similarly, the YouTube app can be evaluated using various usability concepts, including ease of learning, the efficiency of use, how easy it is to remember, error rate, and if it is subjectively pleasing. Overall, a new user can quickly learn the app interface and navigation. The icons are strategically placed and resemble the intended action. The app has utilized several interface designs to increase the efficiency of use. The autonomous search makes it fast to search for anything using voice and also store previous search history for suggestion and prediction. YouTube app代写**范文

These reduce the time to search for videos. However, the app lacks shortcuts commands to download or load a video. Also, it is easy to remember the navigation around the app for both experienced and novice users. The app keeps the memory of the previous search and suggests the related content. The app rarely gets errors and has a low buffering rate. Overall, the app is pleasing to many users because of its good interface usability attributes.

Identifiable differences YouTube app代写

On the other hand, there are identifiable differences between the mobile app and the desktop website. The website has less download time compared to a mobile app. There are few links to external sites compared to the desktop website. It is easy to zoom using the mobile app but not possible with the desktop website. The UX design for smartphones that use finger touch glass display does not have apparent affordances. The desktop website, on the other hand, can utilize the various affordance the desktop computers offer. Also, the mobile app does not have cursor as for the case of a desktop website that uses computer cursor. These differences also create differences in usability. YouTube app代写**范文

YouTube app代写
YouTube app代写

Lastly, YouTube can be made better than it is by improving some usability issues in the mobile app.

The comments on videos should be placed right below it. It is challenging to trace them when the user has to scroll down over clips that might not be irrelevant to the user. Also, the developer should improve the positioning of adverts which appear like main content on the landing page. Nonetheless, YouTube is an excellent app that has an intuitive user interface and hence subjectively pleases to a wide range of users.


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