Assessment of School-Based Management: Book Review

Book Review代写 The book was written at the time when the education system was faced by numerous changes like technology, economic, social, and political.

Assessment of School-Based Management

In their book “Assessment of School-Based Management” Wohlstetter and Mohrman presented their finding on the assessment of school-based management research and how it has successfully been implemented. Their research focused on the weakness in the school-based model of school management and tried to find out if it can be transformed to reflect better performance in schools. Priscilla Wohlstetter is a distinguished research professor in education policy and politics at the school of teachers’ training at Columbia University.

She is the founder and director of TC Survey Research Initiative. Wohlstetter together with Mohrman, contributed to the writing of the education performance improvement using the multidimensional approach. As such she advocates for the adoption of better implementation of school-based management models. Which will see the involvement of all the stakeholders with the aim of performance improvement.

Susan Albers Mohrman  Book Review代写

On the other hand, is her co-author Susan Albers Mohrman who is a professor and a senior research scientist at the Centre for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California. She is also an expert in management models and designs and has written extensively matters education. Her contribution sees the school-based model being presented for improvement in its scope and approach and as such she supports high-involvement framework for school management. According to the arguments in the paper, the author supports the over-haul redesigning of the school-based management model to integrate more stakeholders and cover a broader scope in curriculum and instruction development.

Book Review代写
Book Review代写

Introduction  Book Review代写

The book was written at the time when the education system was faced by numerous changes like technology, economic, social, and political. At that, the government introduced a new system of School-Base Management (SBM). The model aimed at centralizing the school management to the school councils and gave the schools powers in recruitment, curriculum, and budget. The aim was to reform the education management perhaps in a bid to improve the performance.

However, the model seemed to fail in its primary goal of education reform for better performance with some schools failing to improve regardless of them implementing the SBM model. Therefore, this research came at the most opportune time when the model assessment was needed to make decisions on its success or failure.

Assessment  Book Review代写

The new changes in education environment required a dynamic approach rather than a centralized approach. Which failed to involve other stakeholders like teachers, in education management. During this time, the school-based model of management was functional in various school. And therefore it was a question on whether the model was working on the improvement of the school performance or not. The SBM model also needed to adapt to education changes through its implementation by using a high involvement framework.

The author inquired on the adoption of the school-based model in schools and how its effectiveness by comparing various schools in both extremes. That is, schools that have implemented the model and performing well with schools still working with the model but no change in performance. In essence, the assessment was essential to identify the areas of improvement in the model.

Research  Book Review代写

The research is essential to the education stakeholders as well as to the policymakers in the bid to the understanding of mechanisms in school administration and management, curriculum development. Reward system as well as integrated education reforms. In this regard, the book aims to propose changes in the school-based management system for improvement in the education delivery system.  As such, through their extensive research, the authors have successfully established the problem with the school-based management and pointed on the areas. That need improvement for better performance.

Sections  Book Review代写

In their bid to achieve the research objective, the authors outlined the research into four sections. They start by the executive summary which gives a brief introduction of the paper as well as its scope. They included a literature reviewed section which summarized opinions and findings from other research in support of their arguments. Further, the paper gives a brief overview of the research question and objectives which orient the reader to its perspective. The last section provides a cross-analysis of the two phases of research. The authors found that SBM needs and over-haul re-design of the school organization rather than a change in school management.

Book Review代写
Book Review代写

SBM model  Book Review代写

Moreover, the writers also found that the model failed in various aspects including its establishment as an end in itself. Too much power on school principals where they worked on their agenda, centralized decision-making powers. And business continued as usual even after the implementation of the SBM model. Additionally, they suggested some of the strategies that can be used in the SBM implementation. Which included establishment of multidimensional decision-making strategy. Shift to integrated focus on continuous performance improvement. Establishment of well-developed system which involve all the stakeholders, employ principals who are good change managers and implementors. And lastly, use broader scope in establishing reforms in curriculum and instructions. To arrive at their conclusions and recommendations, the writer utilized interviews with more than 500 respondents from 44 schools in 13 districts.

Conclusion  Book Review代写

In summary, the book formed the point of reference to the education reformist about education environment changes. It also informs on the school administrators on the best practice to improve the school performance. The authors were able to illuminate the issues around the education system and how SBM has addressed them as well as how it can be improved for the achievement of better performance in schools. However, the book has not explicitly stated the success factors in some schools that implemented the SBM model. Looking forward, their the recommendations given therein are key to the achievement of improved performance in schools.

Work Cited  Book Review代写

Wohlstetter, Priscilla, and Susan Albers Mohrman. Assessment of School-Based Management. 1st ed., U.S. Dept. Of Education, Office of Educational Research And Improvement, Office Of Reform Assistance And Dissemination, 1996.


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