Intercultural Communication Issues in Management



Intercultural Communication Issues in Management

Communication Issues代写 Today I would like to present to you the issue of intercultural communication and how it has affected modern management.


First, I take this chance to thank you all for this chance you have granted me.

Today I would like to present to you the issue of intercultural communication and how it has affected modern management  (Bharathi, 2011). Inter-cultural communication has become important especially after the emergence of the global economy and increased migration and mobility of labor. In this case, inter-cultural communication is the interaction between two people from different cultural background

Cultural differences affect how people relate and communicate in the workplace. As a result, its culture and communication have become an issue focus in modern management, therefore, it important to understand intercultural communication issues in management.

First, in labor-management, the supervisor may be faced with the problem of inaccurate assumptions in meaning  Communication Issues代写 (Weijers, 2015) Particularly this problem may arise where the verbal communication accompanied by body language has a different meaning. Different cultures have different ways of combining verbal and body language to convey a specific message (Ramjee, 2017). As a manager, it is important to learn the various cultures in the office not to assume any meaning hence leading to miscommunication.


For instance, I was in charge supervisor of a group of workers in my department, one day I gave one of my worker report and asked whether he understood it, and instead of giving a direct answer he smiles at me, I judged this reaction as being an affirmation to my question. However, my assumption may be wrong as in some culture this body language may signify that the listener does not understand and therefore want further explanation.

Another issue that faces modern managers is the differences in communication formalities  Communication Issues代写 . These formalities if not well understood in the workplace may bring problems on how people relate. In western cultures, refereeing to business associates is common to use informal language like calling them using first name (Ramjee, 2017). However, countries in Europe tend to be more formal. In referring to an associate, it is prudent to refer him/her as either, Mr., Mrs., or Dr. along with the family name. Informal cultures, it is considered disrespectful to refer someone using the first name. In a workplace where there are different cultures, it is advisable to use the most formal language to avoid offending anyone.

Besides assumption of meaning and communication formality differences, as a manager, you will likely encounter a problem with misinterpreting the body language.  Communication Issues代写

Different cultures have different ways of reacting to situations (Ramjee, 2017). Some of these body languages can be confusing and misleading to people new to the culture. For example, eye contacts

Communication Issues代写
Communication Issues代写

when making communication is one way to show approval and interest to continue with the conversation to engaging the speaker. The culture of eye contact is common in North America. If a person avoids eye contact, according to the culture, he/she is seen suspicious. However, in a culture like Japan, Latin America, and the Caribbean, avoiding eye contact is a show of respect. In these cultures, if a young person maintains eye contact with a person older than him/her may be perceived as disrespect or being big headed. Similarly, it is common to many cultures to have handshake in the workplace regardless of gender, as a way of friendship or closeness or even greetings Conversely, the Islamic culture disapproves any touching, especially between men and women.

To sum up, I have pointed out three important intercommunication issues which affect the modern management.  Communication Issues代写

These include inaccurate assumption of meaning, differences in communication formalities, and misinterpretation of body language. As a manager, you have to understand the different issues on intercultural communication affecting the workplace to be able to run the organization smoothly. Failure to recognize how these issues affect your workplace can have the undercutting to the progress of the organization (Barnett, & Carter, 2018). Lastly, I also take this chance to thank you for listening to this presentence, and I hope you have learned. Thank you so much.

References  Communication Issues代写

Communication Issues代写
Communication Issues代写

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