Human-Computer Interface

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Human-Computer Interface代写 The article is an interview conducted by Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson.The first participant was Ben Shneiderman···

Human-Computer Interface代写
Human-Computer Interface代写

The article is an interview conducted by Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson.

The first participant was Ben Shneiderman, who is a professor and head of HCIL Department of Computer Science at the University of Maryland. The second interviewee was Allison Druin who us the assistant Professor of HCIL in the institute for Advanced Computer Studies at the University of Maryland. The main topic of the interview was the human-computer interface and usability testing of technology products. They both agree that human-computer interface and usability testing are two critical aspects in product development and focus should be shifted to creating an interface for children and reduce misreading use of anthropomorphism.

I share a similar sentiment with Alison, who believes that children too need to be considered in the development process.  Human-Computer Interface代写

According to Allison, product development is a collaborative process that requires the inclusion of children. The reason for this approach is particularly in developing children’s products like games and computers. Children need to feel in control of an interactive process. A similar sentiment is held by Ben who believes that his research processes and design is based on numerous collaboration and interdisciplinary interactions. A more creative and successful development process is that which people work as a team. This can only be achieved if input from both adult and children are considered and incorporated in a collaborative process of product design.

Additionally, the issue of anthropomorphism is thought-provoking, given that modern technology has advanced to its implementations. Human-Computer Interface代写

Ben’s concerns that its application is risky and dangerous are reasonable yet I found them contradictory. The reason being, every technology development has been advancing towards achieving minimal human control and creation of autonomy. Technology autonomy is a good thing if applied appropriately. The concern that elimination or reduction of human interaction is counterintuitive to the primary goal of anthropomorphism is overreaction and understatement of its potential. The take-over of human control by machine in some applications such as auto-pilot and manufacturing is essential.

In conclusion, a usability test of human-computer interaction is an essential step development.  Human-Computer Interface代写

Developers should, therefore, create room for interdisciplinary collaboration and involvement of children in development processes. This will increase creativity and better products that are a reflection of human technology needs.

Work Cited  Human-Computer Interface代写

Dykstra-Erickson, Elizabeth. Interview with Ben Shneiderman and Allison Druin, 2000, pp.59-65.

Human-Computer Interface代写
Human-Computer Interface代写

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