Managing N and S Personality Types

Personality Types代写 Managing N and S Personality Types:S and N personalities are two different ways of getting the information.

Personality Types代写
Personality Types代写

S and N personalities are two different ways of getting the information.  Personality Types代写

S personality gets information through the five senses and mainly information that is factual, practical and concrete (Willow Tree Training & Professional Development). N, on the other hand, get information using their sixth sense by trying to get a connection between ideas and they are imaginative about the future. No personality is weaker than the other as both represent how different people get information. Also, one can have both but the one you use first to define your personality.

Personality differences may result in conflicts in opinion and views.  Personality Types代写

S can give a view based on facts and realities that can be verified. N may fail to get the facts right, but the interpretation and connection between the ideas are rational although it cannot be verified using facts. When the two personalities are together, it can bring the discussion on which opinion is correct as well as which one is more accurate. However, both may be correct but from different perspectives. Therefore, as a leader, I have to understand these differences and the way to solve conflicts is to appreciate that there are different but correct approaches to understanding and interpreting the same information.

Different personalities in a group are beneficial if utilized well.  Personality Types代写

N type personality will see a broader picture of the project and hence may offer innovative insight for the project. The N type of creativity will also help solve problems that might occur in the process of project development. On the other hand, S personality can be good team leaders and help other member see and understand the details of the project. Also, S type can have the capability to align the project to the company objectives by identifying any deviations while making corrections. Therefore, both personalities can result in a superior project.

Work Cited  Personality Types代写

Willow Tree Training & Professional Development. “What is My Personality: Sensing or Intuition?” [Video].

Personality Types代写
Personality Types代写

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