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Interpersonal management, Negotiation, and Persuasion

Interpersonal management代写 Interpersonal roles in management leadership are considered pivotal in human resource management for better performance.


Task 4  Interpersonal management代写

Interpersonal roles in management leadership are considered pivotal in human resource management for better performance. According to Groysberg and Slind leadership need to be viewed as a conversation between the employees and their managers. The recent developments in civilization and global changes, command-and-control approach to management are not viable as this has shifted to conversational management. They further state that conversational leadership among other benefits build work intimacy, trust, dialogue, inclusion, and above all build intentionality of achieving the organizational goals. Forming a conversational leadership culture makes the employees feel integrated into the goals and activities of the organization.

An article by Kauffeld and Lehmann-Willenbrock (2011) studies how meeting conversations are held.  Interpersonal management代写

The general feeling was that functional interactions in the meeting makes it more productive and satisfying to the participants. On the other hand, criticism and complaints in a meeting lead to dysfunctional communication, and the meeting ended up not satisfying to the participants. Poor conversation makes pressure to build up between employees thus creating bad relationships which cause poor performance.

Further, an article “Action-Centered Leadership Thinker” by John Adair edited and published by Chartered Management Institute (CMI) (2015) 

Interpersonal management代写
Interpersonal management代写

State action-centered leadership is made of three key components including the task, the team, and the individual. Good leadership, therefore, need be able to achieve the task, create cohesion in the team, and reward the individuals. Further, he views leadership regarding the team, operational, and strategic leadership. Each of these depends on the organizational culture adopted by the management. A leader needs to be to motivate people into action, have a close relationship with them while creating a strong amongst themselves, and build a system of appreciation to individual players in the team. As a result, the groups will feel motivated to pursue the interests of the organization.

Task 5  Interpersonal management代写

Humans are prone to biases especially in circumstances that do not favor their opinion or character. The article by Dvorsky (2013) explains the 12 cognitive biases the human beings are likely to have. These biases create flaws in human thinking and action. As such, people have to be aware of these biases to be able to identify the flaws in their judgment. However, Benson (2016), feels that the reality is veiled by our brains making humans cognitively biased. Perhaps because the world has too much information which is complex conditioning our brain to adapt to these realities hence much remain hidden from our consciousness.

Our brain and temperament function in such a way that we need to balance between advocacy and inquiry.  Interpersonal management代写

The personal inferences influence how we balance between the two (, 2016). To be a good leader, knowing how to balance between advocacy and inquiry is important to create conversational leadership environment. Moreover, know when to use high advocacy, and low inquiry and vice versa helps in balancing the management operations. How as these two are subject to cognitive biasness a leader needs to be self-aware in his/her interpersonal roles.

Additionally, human beings have limitations when it comes to dialogue and conversation (Smith, 2001). According to him, knowledge is learned in the process of interaction, and human weaknesses are manifest in the form of emotions and virtues which can affect the quality of a conversation. Hence, leaders have to learn the art of conversation as a process through which they also learn from others.

Perhaps the most profound example of biasness is the film “12 Angry Men” (1957)  Interpersonal management代写

Where 12 men were locked in the deliberation room to decide on a verdict of a boy who was suspected of the murdering his father. Most of them were convinced that the boy was guilty even before the hearing of the case except on juror who intercepted to look the issue into detail before they give their final verdict. The film shows how biases influence our decision without logic. Juror#3 was biased because he had the same experience with his son who had hit him on the jaw thus created a mental picture that all teenagers are bad.

He had anchoring bias. Juror #4 had a stereotypical bias about the slum children. He sees slum as a breeding ground for criminals and as such the boy must be guilty because he was from the slum. Finally, juror #10 assume that as long as slums are violent grounds, children from these areas have learned to be violent without conscious. This depicted confirmation biases.

References  Interpersonal management代写

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Interpersonal management代写
Interpersonal management代写

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