Holistic and Patient-Centered Care



Holistic and Patient-Centered Care

Use of Contemporary and Alternative Therapies

Patient-Centered Care代写 Cancer Patient Treatment and Care:In cancer treatment and care, contemporary and alternative therapies can be used.


Cancer Patient Treatment and Care

In cancer treatment and care, contemporary and alternative therapies can be used. Contemporary therapies are used together with conventional treatment while alternative therapies can replace conventional medical treatment. Cancer patients are increasingly using both contemporary and alternative medicine (CAM) as the alternative for conventional medicine.

Challenge to the Nursing Role in Providing Alternative Care  Patient-Centered Care代写

Due to the increased number of contemporary therapies, nurses are faced with the challenge of required to be adequately informed on contemporary therapies and the skills to provide appropriate advice care to the patient physical, psychological and social needs. Acquiring contemporary skills might be difficult to the nurse considering other roles in nursing care.

Integration of CAM in Nursing and Ethical Dilemma  Patient-Centered Care代写

The integration of nursing care in cancer management can be challenging as most of the contemporary and alternative practices depend on the patient beliefs. However, there are contemporary and alternative practices which are considered generally important to the cancer patient and which the nurse can use to manage the cancer symptom (Snowden et al., 2015). Some of the generally applicable practice include massage therapy, yoga, music therapy, and other related techniques. Therefore, the nurse integrates the above practices in ensuring the psychological, physical, social and emotional wellbeing of the cancer patient.

Patient-Centered Care代写
Patient-Centered Care代写

Moreover, perhaps one of the major ethical problem that might face a nurse attending cancer patient is how to choose and balance the patient believe in CAM with needed conventional medicines as the patient can choose the latter. Also, a nurse might consider a specific treatment to be useful to the patient, but the patient may not be comfortable.

Teaching Plan  Patient-Centered Care代写

CAM is one of the fields in nursing education as it informs the nurses some of the additional practices used in managing cancer. Therefore, a suggestion of the element for inclusion in the teaching plan should include exercise, massage, meditation, music, relaxation techniques, aromatherapy and more.

Care Plan  Patient-Centered Care代写

On the other hand, the practice of CAM need collaboration between the patient and the nurse. As such, when designing a care plan, the nurse and patient have a shared role of fixing a time for each therapy.

The findings Anderson and Taylor research (2012) inform the nursing care on the use of contemporary and alternative therapies by cancer patients in their bid to manage symptoms. Therefore, a research can be conducted to find out the effects and importance of the use of contemporary and alternative products and practices.

References  Patient-Centered Care代写

Anderson, J. G., & Taylor, A. G. (2012). Use of complementary therapies for cancer symptom management: results of the 2007 National Health Interview Survey. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 18(3), 235-241.

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Patient-Centered Care代写
Patient-Centered Care代写

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