Information Technology Acceptance of Use Policy

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Use Policy代写 The document presents the policy sets out the ground rules for the acceptable use of the information technology services···


Executive Summary

The document presents the policy sets out the ground rules for the acceptable use of the information technology services and systems in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Hertfordshire. The policy applies to all the students as well as the staff with access to the IT services and device in the department. Therefore, this policy document outlines the responsibilities and the acceptable us of the IT system and assets in the department.

Introduction  Use Policy代写

This policy document covers the following:

i. Acceptable use of information system

ii. The use of the internet

iii. Use of own devices policy

iv. Network use which includes the access and controls

v. User declaration

All the student and staff in the department are expected to read and understand this policy as part of their orientation and access to the information system in the department. Other visitors will also be required to read the policy and sign a declaration form before their issuance with the access credential. Any alteration or update of the system will be communicated to the thought the portal login.

Scope  Use Policy代写

The policy applies to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Hertfordshire and includes all the services managed by the department. Therefore, it is bound to all those allowed access to the system within the department and the visitors. Failure to adhere to these policies may lead to investigations, and the department may take appropriate action deemed reasonable and proper.

The action may include disciplinary action through summon to the university disciplinary committee which according to their discretion decide the appropriate punishment. The employees’ infringement of this policy may lead to termination of the contract or agreement. Furthermore, failure to comply may lead to criminal action being taken against the offender.

Purpose  Use Policy代写

This policy document outlines the acceptable use of the information system in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Hertfordshire.

Policy Details  Use Policy代写

Acceptable Use of Information System

Students and staffs are not authorized to use the assets as approved by their supervisors and the ICT manager and by this policy. Therefore, any use that is not by this policy and not approved by the ICT manager is strictly restricted. Furthermore, the users are not allowed to make a modification or remove any asset from its original state. As such, for such changes and removals must be authorized by the department through the ICT manager and the supervisor.

The users of the information system in the department are subject to:

Use Policy代写
Use Policy代写

a. Data Protection Act 1998

b. Equality Act 2010

c. Computer Misuse Act 1990

d. Obscene Publication Act 1959

e. Defamation Act 1996

f. Human Right Act 1998

g. Freedom of Information Act 2000

h. Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations 2003

All the users are required to review the above Acts as made available via

Acceptable Use of the Internet  Use Policy代写

The internet is an essential tool for student learning, and therefore the department takes it seriously. However, the access to the internet has the potential of exposing the department and the whole university of that matter to technical, commercial and legal risks if not proper care and controls are taken during their use (Wall 2015). Therefore, this policy outlines the agreed usage and access of the internet as part of the larger code of behavior of the whole student fraternity. All the students and staffs are accepted to read and understand this policy because any breach will lead to disciplinary action in accordance with the university rules.

General Rules

1.Permitted and Prohibited Uses

The internet should be used for the purpose of the fulfillment of academic needs and as part of offering services to the department. The department only allows limited and reasonable personal use which does not deter from class work or services to the department.

2.Illegal Use of the Internet  Use Policy代写

No one is allowed to use the department internet to send, receive, or access materials that are offensive, illegal, and defamatory in nature.

3.Social Network

Staff and students are warned of the use of social sites which might compromise the department information system. These sites have been found to pose risks cyber risks to the organizations which might result to unauthorized disclosure of information, legal liabilities, cyberbullying, theft of personal data, injection of malicious codes, and more.

4.Confidentiality of Data  Use Policy代写

The use of department information system is not always secure especially when it is sending sensitive personal information and as well as the confidential work-related information. Students are therefore advised not to use the department internet to send sensitive data that are personal as they are visible to the public as well as closely monitored by the system administrator. Workers are expected to use the authorized department portal for such work-related relays which are then encrypted for privacy.


All users are advised not to share or disclose their user password. Never to impersonate any student or co-worker when using the IT system. Most importantly, all the users are responsible for the security of their device data and should take any necessary measures available to keep the vulnerability at bay.

Internet Legal Issues in The Internet Use  Use Policy代写

This section of policy informs the users of the legal issues associated with the use of internet in the department (Whitmore, Agarwal, and Da Xu 2015). The information contained herein is not a mere threat to the use of the internet but a guide not to contravene the law that protects the internet users.

1.Cyber Bullying

It is implied that all the students and employees be treated with dignity and respect and no one should ever harass or bully the other via the internet. The cyberbullying takes the forms of sex, race, gender, age, religion and more. Any person found guilty of the above, and other online forms of harassment are liable for disciplinary action as deemed fit by the university disciplinary committee.

2.Copyright Laws  

Most materials on the internet are copyright protected (Act 1988). These materials include music, graphics, software and more. Copying them without prior authorization from the copyright owner can lead to a lawsuit.

3.Legal Liabilities for the Use of the Internet  Use Policy代写

The use of the internet to send offensive, illegal, and defamatory information can lead to lead suit by the offender to the user and the department. All users are advised to never use the department information system for such purposes which are deemed contravention of human rights and the law.


The users are warned to never under any circumstance send, receive, share, or view obscene materials using the department information system.

5.Personal Data Protection

The university is required to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 for data protection and security of information systems (Act 1998).

Use of Own Device Policy  Use Policy代写

In this policy, the term device is used to refer to the removable media and mobile devices.

General Rule

Use Policy代写
Use Policy代写

The protection of users from the security threats and data loss take the following measures from from the department:

a. All users are expected to use department owned and managed devices to connect to the IT system.

b. The devices should only be used by the student for the related academic use only and for the workers to offer work-related services.

c. Transfer of data from outside the department IT system should be taken with caution.

d. The users should never leave sensitive and private information in the department devices.

Monitoring Compliance and Effectiveness  Use Policy代写

The policy will be monitored and audited regularly to ensure it is complied with and make relevant changes as the need may arise. The department reserve the right to monitor, access and control the information as shared, sent, received, viewed and saved in the system without any notice.


Act, D.P., 1998. UK parliament.

Act, D.P., 1988. UK parliament.

Wall, D.S., 2015. The Internet as a conduit for criminal activity.

Whitmore, A., Agarwal, A. and Da Xu, L., 2015. The Internet of Things—A survey of topics and trends. Information Systems Frontiers, 17(2), pp.261-274.

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