National Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructures are assets that are essential to the general public and the economy.Critical Infrastructure代写

“They are critical national infrastructure because the government is keen on protecting them from damages and sabotage of any kind.” Some of the critical sectors include; “chemical, critical manufacturing, communication, dams, defense industrial base, commercial facilities, energy, food and agriculture, healthcare and public health, information technology, transport system, water and wastewater systems, et cetera.” The Department of Homeland Security protects all the critical infrastructural sectors.Critical Infrastructure代写

“The advanced technologies especially in computing and information, have posed threats to the critical infrastructures. Because these infrastructures are managed using computers hence become vulnerable to cyberspace attacks.” For instance, the communication sector is one of the critical infrastructures is connected interlinked with energy infrastructure, information technology, and other sectors which use communication. Any damage to the communication grid will affect all the other sectors which use the service directly or indirectly.Critical Infrastructure代写

Another vulnerability is created through the integration of information technology in most of the critical infrastructures. Cybercriminals mostly target systems which are connected to the networks, and if not secure enough, damages may occur which affects all the sectors connected to it.

Critical Infrastructure代写
Critical Infrastructure代写

Roles and Functions of National Critical Infrastructure systems  Critical Infrastructure代写

The systems comprise of important sectors which must be secured at all costs. First, the system provides the whole nation with secure networks where privacy is protected from external interference. The government ensures that the information technology and communication sectors are protected. Secondly, the systems ensure that all the essential products and services are available to the people. The essential services and products include security, energy, food, and shelter. Lastly, the system ensures that the economic performance is not affected by ill-motivated external forces which include terrorism, immigration, and other economic crisis.Critical Infrastructure代写