Lack of Inclusion and Credibility

Inclusion代写 Question 2: What Should Lori’s Male Coworkers Have Done When Lori Entered the Room?Lori is an experienced probation officer···


Question 2: What Should Lori’s Male Coworkers Have Done When Lori Entered the Room?   Inclusion代写

Lori is an experienced probation officer than her coworkers, commanded respect seniority. The two that is Ted and Ian were just probation officers who worked under the supervision of the Len. When Lory entered the room, it is clear something was wrong with them for ignoring her presence in the room which even persisted in the whole planning session.

For the respect and implied seniority that Lori commanded, the co-workers ought to have done the following.  Inclusion代写

One, they should have stopped their discussions about the NFL game and stand up for the presence of their senior in the room. Two, apologize for throwing paper clips on one another which was a show of low manners in the workplace. Third, warmly welcome her in the room before she extends for greetings. The act would show respect for their seniors and make Lori feel included and accepted in the group. It will also make her feel appreciated and wanted which will matter in her contribution towards the discussion of the day.


When her coworker failed to recognize her entry and presence in the room, showed disrespect to their seniors and more so a show of superior masculinity. It was therefore wrong and unacceptable in the context of work ethics and chain of command. The act of welcoming Lori would have brought a good ambiance to the room. Also, it would have shown the role of a woman as well as how she was capable of commanding respect, credibility, and recognition in the workplace.

Work Cited  Inclusion代写

Lack of Inclusion and Credibility. Question 2. Pg. 216


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