Healthcare Management Case Study



Healthcare Management Case Study

Healthcare Management代写 Question 1:The ABC system needs some improvement to both the software itself and the management part of it.


Question 1  Healthcare Management代写

The ABC system needs some improvement to both the software itself and the management part of it. Western State University Hospital is a big hospital with enough flow of patient to warrant serious system management without leaving the responsibilities to nurses. It is also notable that nurses are never serious with the XYZ system which is responsible for the transfer of patients. First, there seem that proper orientation to the system functioning was not made for every staff to know their responsibilities.

Secondly, creating patient admission and transfers should have a separate department like the accounting department. The steps will ensure that every staff discharges their duties without having to depend on the other or blaming others for the failure in patient management.

Moreover, the system needs to be unified into one system software. The two software XYZ system and ABC system will always create crushes during transfers particularly the timing. The hospital is therefore required to invest in a way to aggregate the functionalities of both software so that there will be no transfer from one system to the other. A single software ensures that single entry source with a person responsible for the entries.

Question 2  Healthcare Management代写

Healthcare Management代写
Healthcare Management代写

Since there is room for improvement, the performance improvement team will be appropriate to monitor the progress that will see the end of perennial conflicts with the system. In this context, performance measurement and improvement will be an integral part of the healthcare system management and environment. The PI is data-driven the rely on analysis of the decisions made and evaluate the effectiveness of the changes that will be made in the system. The team will seek to understand how the system is working and the improvements to be made to the processes. The team will then implement new standards and policies in the system for it to be successful.

The performance improvement team must have three essential components for its success in system improvement initiatives. Which include engagement of all stakeholders across all levels, leadership, and right team. Engagement calls for involvement and support from all the stakeholders including patients and any other group affected by the changes in the system. Participation ensures clear communication and suggestion of ideas for improvements.

As well, leadership is critical in any teamwork and PI is not an exemption from strategic and focused leadership. Also, the key is getting the right team who are the people involved in the performance improvements. The team needs to have equitable representation to be more successful. These constitute the team based fundamentals of performance improvement tasks.

Question 3  Healthcare Management代写

The PI team will be composed of a group of individuals in the hospital specifically charged with carrying out the improvement efforts. The team then reports to the hospital Chief Executive Officer. The PI team should include representation of all departments that use the system. And are affected by the improvements and should also include patient representatives. The team is composed of medical leadership, expertise, day-to-day leadership, and sponsors.

Healthcare Management代写
Healthcare Management代写

Specifically, the team would consist of physicians, medical assistants, nursing staffs, clerks, department heads, accountants, ICT representatives, lab technicians, and other staffs. The rationale for selection is those staffs and departments likely to be affected by the changes in the system. The leadership in each department and staff is the most preferred representation in the performance improvement team.


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