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Upgrade Proposal代写 Heaps of Books has identified a need for Upgrade, Install, Secure and Configure Information and Data System···



Heaps of Books has identified a need for Upgrade, Install, Secure and Configure Information and Data System and is looking for a qualified IT services firm to perform the following:

i. Automatically send a notification when the stock is low

ii. Automate the ordering and purchase of books

iii. Integrate the systems with accounting software for profit loss statement, salaries, tax and GST

iv. The owner would also like a fax machine

v. Provide software upgrade

vi. Provide hardware upgrade

vii. Provide internet services

viii. Train the employees on the systems installed

Upgrade Proposal代写
Upgrade Proposal代写

GeeIntel Technologies has over a decade of experience serving local businesses in their IT needs. Our services range from ICT consultation and supplies to installation and maintenance. Our consultation services identify the need of the client and offer a solution to the problem. The superior thing about us is that our services are tailor-made to suit the needs and aspirations of the client’s company. As such, after consultation, we offer installation of ICT solution at affordable rates which also extend to the free maintenance of up to 1 year.

Statement of Work

Problems with the Company System  

Heaps of Books is experiencing the slow flow of activities in the store as the services to its customers are delayed by the current systems. This majorly because they are shared as well as they are as outdated. Other problems include storage and retrieval of client information, placing orders, tracking of texts, processing purchases, and lack of automation of common activities. If there are no measures to rectify these problems the company is likely to face stiff competition from those companies which have already adopted modern technology. Consequently, Heaps of Books will lose customers because of poor customer services.

System Requirements and Specifications  Upgrade Proposal代写


Processor – dual-core 2.4 GHz+ (i5 or i7 series Intel processor or equivalent AMD)

RAM – 8 GB

Hard Drive – 256 GB or larger solid-state hard drive

Graphics Card – any with DisplayPort/HDMI or DVI support – desktop only

Wireless (for laptops) – 802.11ac (WPA2 support required)

Monitor – 19″ widescreen LCD with DisplayPort/HDMI or DVI support – desktop only

Operating System – Windows 10 Home or Professional editions, or Apple OS X 10.12.3

100mbps network card or faster, with RJ-45 cable (optional, for wired connections)


HP Officejet Pro 8660 e-All-in-One Printer


Canon iR2025 Office Photocopier


TG-789 Modem Hardware


D-Link DI-624 router

2.4 GHz

128-bit WEP, 64-bit WEP, 152-bit WEP, WPA

328 ft (range indoor)

RIP-2, IGMP, static IP routing

Two antennae


Accounting package software



GAP Report  Upgrade Proposal代写

Some of the hardware like a modem (US Robotics 56K* V.92 External Faxmodem), a printer (HP DeskJet 990 Cxi ), and switch (D-Link 8 Port Fast Ethernet Switch – DES-1008D) can be used with the current upgrades. However, the current PC cannot be compatible with the new upgrades. Therefore, new PCs will be needed. Other hardware needs to be purchased together with the software required.

Expected Timeline and Sign-off Point

1. Project Summary
Start Date 01/10/2019 Finish Date 04/30/2019
Project Duration Four months


2. Project Goal
Were the upgrade goals met?




3. Project Deliverables
Were the upgrade deliverables met?




4. Comments (If any)





5. Document Signatures
Name Description Signature Date
Heaps of Books


By signing this document, I acknowledge that I have received all the stated deliverables and inspected the project upgrade requirements and at this moment agree that the quality levels were met as per the contract agreement




Project manager (GeeIntel technologies)


By signing this document, I acknowledge that I have delivered all the stated deliverables, installed, and made upgrades as per the contract specifications on quantity and quality levels


Others (if needed)




Network Design


Project Quotation  Upgrade Proposal代写

1.Hardware and software (high cost)

Description Quantity Unit price (USD) Amount
HP Pavilion All-in-One – 27-xa0055st 9 1800 16200
HP Officejet Pro 8600 e-All-in-On Wireless Color Printer with Scanner, Copier & Fax 2 780 1560
Canon iR2025 Office Photocopier 1 1850 1850
Modem iinet Technicolour TG789 vac 1 110 110
NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi Router. Works with Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and more. 7 Gigabit Ethernet Ports. 10Gig Port. 1.7GHz Quad-core Processor & Plex Media Server (XR700) 1 600 600
Accounting software: Sage 1 10000 10000
Antivirus: BullGuard Premium 8 65 520
Firewall: Cisco ASA 5500 Edition Bundle ASA5545-K9 ASA 5545-X with SW, 8GE 1 10000 10000


Advantages and disadvantages  Upgrade Proposal代写

These hardware and software are of high quality, high speed, more than 1-year warranty, 1-year maintenance, online support, and cloud connections. However, these devices are expensive and may not be affordable, use high power, and require training for use.

2.Hardware and software Medium cost

Description Quantity Unit price (USD) Amount
HP Pavilion All-in-One – 24-xa0065qe 9 1450 12600
Canon Office and Business MB5420 Wireless All-in-One Printer, Scanner, Copier and Fax, with Mobile and Duplex Printing 2 400 800
Canon ImageRunner 2525 Copier 1 750 750
iinet Technicolor TG789vac v2 Modem Router 1 70 70
NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 AD7200 802.11ac/ad Quad-Stream WiFi Router, 1.7GHz Quad-core Processor, Plex Media Server, Compatible with Amazon Alexa (R9000) 1 400 400
Accounting software: Xero 1 20 p.m 20 p.m
Antivirus: Norton 360 8 42 42
Firewall: ASA5525-K9 Cisco ASA 5500 Series Firewall Edition Bundle 1 7000 7000


Advantages and disadvantages  Upgrade Proposal代写

The devices are of high quality with varied medium performance. The client gets 1-year support and warranty. Have wireless communication and cloud support and storage. However, we don’t offer maintenance and support.

3.Hardware and software low priced

Description Quantity Unit price (USD) Amount
HP Pavilion All-in-One – 27-xa0025xt 9 1000 9000
HP Officejet Pro 8600 e-All-in-One 2 160 320
Canon FAXPHONE L100 Multifunction Laser Fax Machine 1 230 230
iinet modem tg789 1 30 30
NETGEAR AC1000 Dual Band Smart WiFi Router, Fast Ethernet (R6080) 1 70 70
Accounting software: Zoho Books 1 190 p.a 190p.a
Antivirus: Kaspersky 8 30 240
Firewall: ASA 5500-X Series Next-Generation Firewalls with firepower services 1 2000 2000


Advantages and disadvantages  

The devices and software are affordable. We offer free training for use. However, we don’t offer, warranty, maintenance nor support.

Procurement Timeline  Upgrade Proposal代写

1 Budget approval Start Date
2 Make arrangement for Procurement i.e. -ICT proposal/Schedule/Procurement/evaluation 2 weeks
3 Agree on the procurement strategy and EU methods. (This is important in setting timescales in the planning process.) One week
4 Drafting quotation One week
5  Quotation assessment 1.5 weeks
6 Establishing evaluation criteria 0.5 week
7 Preparing tender documentation including Terms of Conditions One week
8 Advertising for project proposal (at local dailies and press etc.)  Two days
9 Tender submission This will be made according to the tendering rules and regulations
10 Tender evaluation 1-6 weeks
11 The decision to award and time for appeal to the tender committee Two weeks
12 The contractor acquires the necessary documents needed for the certification of the contract 1-3 weeks
13 Contract signature date Tendering Process End Date


Cabling Requirement  

GeeIntel Technologies uses ISO/IEC 11801 international cabling standard for structured cabling systems. As such for installation and system upgrades we will use 100BASE-TX Operation which is the standard for fast internet signaling and is used with fast speed internet. Therefore, this will depend on the type of internet modem from the quotation. Other cables include Twisted-Pair Cable and 10BASE-T Operation which handle lower internet bandwidth.

Proposal Approval Document  Upgrade Proposal代写

Project Name: Upgrade, Install, Secure and Configure Information and Data System
Description: Installation of new ICT systems in the Heaps of Books
Project Champion: GeeIntel Technologies
Project Director: Mr. XXX
Approval Sought: Upgrade Proposal

Hi Geoff,

I hope you’re ready!

The company team just finished up the proposal to the upgrades and installations needed in your company. I am excited to notify you that the identified upgrades are in line with the company’s mission and policy and we aim to transform the customer service experience as well as adapting it to the technological changes. Please find the attached proposal file. The document contains the anticipated upgrades and installation, costs of the upgrades, timeline and procurement process of various items, as well as a comparison of cost ranging in high, medium, and low.  We have also taken an initiative of drawing the network design.

In this regard, I would request you to provide in writing comments on the proposal for adjustments and recommendations for changes.

In case you would like us to discuss more information or clarification feel free to contact us on xxx.


Three Year Plan  Upgrade Proposal代写

Three-year plan Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Growth client base Increase the number of services computers Increase the storage space for more data

Data storage upgrade

Online ordering and delivery through a website portal

Installation of a system upgrade for online access to books and archives

Improve user experience by implementing AI interactivity in the online activities

Increase in the number of employees   Installation of the human resources management information system Installation of biometric employee sign in and sign out
Larger office Increase internet bandwidth Change the network design

Installation of CCTV cameras

ICT management and control center
Various departments   Installation and integration of computer networks Additional Wi-Fi routers with higher bandwidth
Technology changes   Cloud storage Cloud upgrade

Installation Plan  Upgrade Proposal代写

Software installation

After the decision on which software to use for Heaps of Books automation process, GeeIntel Technologies will also evaluate the existing systems including devices, staffs, and specialist to enable planning. The main objective is to reduce the paperwork associated with cataloging and retrieval of books, and order processing. Other software automation includes antivirus software and a firewall. The three software will work synchronously and involve report generation of flaws in the out.

Installation plan

i. Preparation of the site for system installation

ii. Training of the users

iii. Review the network design and configuration

iv. Check for system requirement per the requirement of the software

v. Review the hardware system layout

vi. System hardware installation

vii. Installation of software

viii. Safety precautions

ix. Testing of systems

Testing Plan  Upgrade Proposal代写

The test plan of the system upgrades will include the following

i. Network design verification for compliance: The network design that we will implement has to be compliance with the set ICT standards and can function optimally.

ii. Software and hardware tests: We will test how the new computers, router, modem, cables, and software are functioning.

The test coverage will consider the user’s ability, computer performance and speed, printers and photocopier quality assurance, internet speed and bandwidth, services automation processes, and services delivery time.

Security Plan  Upgrade Proposal代写

All computer systems are prone to threats of viruses, hacking, data security breach, damages, and theft. These are challenges we have learned through years of experience in the field of ICT. In this case, Heaps of Books company system can be compromised through hacking, damage or data breach thus putting the company at risk of losing important data. It is therefore important to plan ahead on dealing with these issues. As a control mechanism, the company will be required to have ICT administrator who will be monitoring and controlling the activities of the system. The administrator will be giving authority of access to critical data and make sure no unauthorized person or computer get access to them.

Another control mechanism is to make sure all the computers have an antivirus, and they are connected through a firewall. Antivirus prevents infection to a computer data with computer worms and malwares which pose a severe threat to the data security. On the other hand, the firewall keeps unauthorized access at bay. These will further prevent hacking activities and control employee from tampering with data integrity.

Furthermore, the business must ensure any external or internal physical damage or theft is mitigated. In a bid to reduce such risks, the company should install CCTV cameras at every entrance together with the use of biometric access to the premises. In so doing, the company will be able to control the entry of strangers as well as keep track of employees’ movement. And in case of any incidents with the systems, the recordings will be analyze for the cause.

Post Installation Review Questionnaire  Upgrade Proposal代写

Project: Upgrade, Install, Secure and Configure Information and Data System
Name: GeeIntel Technologies
Role on project: Upgrade and Installation
Date: 04/30/2019

Overall Success

In your view were the installation and upgrades successful?

Yes  □  No □

If yes, give the success factors?

If not, what were the main problems?

Project Planning and Timelines  Upgrade Proposal代写

Did the contractor implemented the project on time?

Yes  □  No □     Don’t know   □

If not, why?

In your own view, was the project approach appropriate?

Yes  □  No  □      Not sure □

If not, explain what could have been done?

Were you concerned with the Project Execution Plan?

Yes  □  No  □     No plan  □

Additional comments:

Quality  Upgrade Proposal代写

What rating can you give to the final system?

Excellent □  Very Good □    Good □     Fair □     Poor □     Very Poor □

Did the contractor use the quality assurance methods?

Yes  □  No  □       Don’t know □

If so, how effective were they?

Yes  □  No  □    Somewhat □

Was there sufficient testing plan before and after installation?

Yes  □  No  □    Don’t know □

If not, why?

Was there a testing plan?

Yes  □  No  □     Don’t know  □

Additional comments:


Was the project requirement followed?

Yes  □  No  □  Some □

If not, in your opinion, what was the problem?

Additional comments:

Implementation  Upgrade Proposal代写

Do you think the project was kicked off at the appropriate time?

 Yes  □  No  □   Don’t know □

If not, why not?

Was the project implementation in accordance to the plan?

Yes  □  No  □    Don’t know □

If not, state the problems?

Were there contingency plans?

Yes  □  No  □    Don’t know   □

Additional comments:

Issues / Other

State any significant issue from the project that is not covered in this questionnaire?

Any comment regarding the project?

Client Grievance’s Procedure and Policy  Upgrade Proposal代写

Heaps of Books need to have a defined procedure and clear policy for dealing with client complaints. To address the issues that might arise from the client following procedures should be followed.

i. The client should speak to the customer service staff. If the problem is not resolved the client is given a Client Grievance Form. The confidentiality of the client should be guaranteed. Then the supervisor should forward the form to the immediate manager for action.

ii. The next level manager should try to resolve the issue and if it fails, the issue should be referred to the chief managing officer or the owner. The chief officer will then handle the client accordingly.

iii. There should be also a define suggestion box and a evaluation at the exit for clients to fill their complaints or comment on anything regarding the operations of the company.

Separate Document  Upgrade Proposal代写

User training request

Project: Upgrade, Install, Secure and Configure Information and Data System
Name: GeeIntel Technologies
Role on project: User Training
Date: 04/15/2019

Mr. Heap,

RE: User Training Request

Following the complexity of the software and the devices installed i hereby request you to allow GeeIntel Technologies to orient the users with the operation of the system and software. As part of training the following will be covered:

a. Computer basics especially operating system

b. Usage of printer, scanner, and photocopier

c. Configuration and connection of routers and modem

d. System security

e. System maintenance and servicing

f. Safety measures

Please consider allowing and setting time for this training immediately to facilitate transition to the new system.



Appendix 1  Upgrade Proposal代写


PC Hardware x4 HP Compaq dc7100 System Pentium 4 2.8GHz



Video Card on board

Sound Card on board

Network Card on board

8 USB ports (2 front, 6 rear)

2 PCI slots 1 AGP slot


HP DeskJet 990 Cxi


US Robotics 56K* V.92 External Faxmodem


D-Link 8 Port Fast Ethernet Switch – DES-1008D

ISP Carrier

Telefasta $24.99 a month

IT Support Technician

That PC Person

Hourly Rate: $160.00

Average Time: 3hrs a month

Appendix 2  Upgrade Proposal代写

Interview with Owner: My staff keep hassling me to get into the digital age and automate my systems. They say that it can save me time and show me where I can improve my business.  They seem to think that this will show in productivity increases in orders and sales and that I might be able to open another store near another university. I do’t ko? Can you see anywhere I can improve productivity? Hey, I know, h do’t ou talk to my sales staff they are probably the best ones to talk to about how we need to improve our systems.

Sales Staff Interviews:

Sales Staff 1 I have been working here for quite a while now and I think that the owner, Geoff, is good to work for.  

Geoff is extremely good at sourcing obscure archived text, which is really good for assignments and assessments; it gets the lecturers thinking too. Geoff references a lot of paper based material to find archive text and even really old, early turn of the century research papers. He seems so wrapped up in paper and card catalogue sstes that he a’t see the eefits in automating his point of sale and ordering systems. He needs someone to explain the benefits, time and cost savings that come with going from a manual system to an automated system.

Upgrade Proposal代写
Upgrade Proposal代写

Now, one simple example of this is that only one pc is connected to the internet and when e use the iteret e a’t even receive phone calls.  Also, on an average day 2 – 3 hours can be spent ordering and researching books on the internet.  That means that no phone calls are received and customers complain that they can never get through to us on the phone. When customers complain they say that if they could get the same quality of service from someone else they would go there.

What they are really saying is that we provide the products that they are looking for and we can locate obscure items but they want a better response time.  Our ability to deliver what the customer needs seems to be the only thing that keeps our customers coming back to us.   Once we do the orders online, we print the invoice out and file it.  When the order comes in we manually check the ISBN numbers to the invoice; this is time consuming; I wish he would get a barcode scanner.

Sales Staff 2 Geoff’s lue ut he eeds to get out of the 80’s ad realise there is more to business than hat he’s doig.  Upgrade Proposal代写

Eerthig takes too log; like a spreadsheet to ru our aouts; he’s looking for trouble. I am doing accountancy at Uni and I have seen a lot of case studies here usiesses fail just eause the do’t hae the sstes to support the.  You know, ou’e ol got basic functions, ou a’t ross referee aterial or compare year to year and forget any GST reporting! Geoff needs to get some decent software to run the business better.  That’s goig to e the only way we are going to be able to expand.  There are plenty of Uni students that need our knowledge and access to texts that are not carried by other book shops.  This business could really grow with the right systems.

Sales Staff 3 Man you talk to him about the latest graphics card or the new release games and he looks at you like your talking a foreign language.  OK I get that, I have parents, the oldies are not too thrilled about technology.   It’s a pit though, I’e foud soe really great stuff for hacking, like; I mean; by some unknown author and other really cool stuff I can do with my PC. He needs to get into the digital age or perish like the diosaur he’s atig like.


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