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Usability report代写 Facebook is a social site. The website began in late 2006 and since then has taken the world by storm.


Facebook usability test

Facebook is a social site. The website began in late 2006 and since then has taken the world by storm. It has revolutionized to keep friends and family in touch, mainly when they are scattered around the world. The primary purpose of the site was to have a platform that people can get connected, network and make new friends from around the world. Some of the expected functions include friend request, chatting, commenting, liking, timeline update as well as status update.

Also, the wall and the ability to tag friends in photos are a reflection of the thoughtful way that people would use social media. Facebook mainly targeted the Millennial generation which is tech savvy and widely exposed to internet use. Although Facebook us boosting of more than 1 billion monthly users, it is suffering from usability drawbacks as a result of its enormous success.

What I like and do not like  Usability report代写

Usability report代写
Usability report代写

Facebook has undergone stages of development to fit the needs of users. In my opinion, it is the simplicity and clean aesthetic of Facebook layout that ultimately won over the public. The site has a catchy color scheme and an intuitive interface that appeal to many users. The many functionalities such as status update, tagging, timeline, sharing, liking and commenting give social media users power to communicate and network.

However, there are many target ads and sponsored status updates which aim to lure the user to clicking them and redirecting to external site. The numerous changes to Facebook’s simple and austere interface lead to alterations that can at times became confusing to me like addition of status update. It is my opinion that Facebook needs to act decisively on some usability issues for it to continue being the leading social media site.

Analysis of user experience  Usability report代写

Ease of learning

It is not easy to learn some essential Facebook keeping on reloading to see new posts and feeds. The lading page has constant news feeds and posts that make it challenging to trace new posts by friends, groups and pages that I follow. It is tiring that every time I want to see new posts, I need click on notification icon. To make matters worse, view one notification at a time.

How it is easy to remember  Usability report代写

The landing site layout is simple and easy to remember since it mostly remains unchanged. However, there are some options in the setting such as unblocking a friend that seems challenging. Another challenge is the logout option that is somehow hidden from the main taskbars. Also, it is difficult to remember how to unsubscribe email notification.

Is it subjectively pleasing?  Usability report代写

The site is pleasing to me. It has an excellent color scheme and aesthetic layout.

Error rate

The site does not have a high error rate and it opens fast and conveniently.

Recommendations  Usability report代写

Usability report代写
Usability report代写

Facebook users need to be given more and easier control over the site and profile. For instance, the logout icon should be visible on the taskbars. Another control issue is too many friend suggestions. The users should be given control over friend suggestions on whether to turn on or off. The never-ending page is disappointing and instead Facebook should introduce a technology that will remember my last place or bring back pagination. These and more other changes will improve user experience when using Facebook as a social site.


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