The company I have selected for this assignment is the famed fast food chain “Subway”, on

which we will be basing the entire assessment on.


Subway was first started by a seventeen year old entrepreneur Fred DeLuca in the year 1965. Fred wanted to ···

Company Story

Subway was first started by a seventeen year old entrepreneur Fred DeLuca in the year 1965. Fred wanted to become a doctor. However, he did not have enough money so one of his friends suggested that he try earning some extra money by opening a submarine sandwich shop. Which he did, and went on to make it a huge success. He took a loan of $1,000/- from his friend Dr. Peter Buck, who became Fred’s business partner as well.

The first shop of this fast food chain was opened in the month of August of 1965, in Bridgeport, and then they set a goal of opening 32 stores in the next decade. He learned a lot from his early experiences about cost cutting, keeping customers happy, providing optimal service, marketing, and serving high quality products, which helped him later on over the years.

In order to reach their target of 32 shops in a decade, the company began franchising. Which led Subway into a period of immense growth. Nowadays the brand is well known for its sandwiches. And many of the health conscious people are considered to be their most loyal target audience. Today the company has outlets located at more than 44,000 locations (Subway History).

译文:公司故事 商业与营销代写

赛百味最早是在 1965 年由 17 岁的企业家 Fred DeLuca 创办的。 Fred 想成为一名医生,但他没有足够的钱,所以他的一个朋友建议他尝试通过开一家潜艇三明治赚点外快商店,他做到了,并取得了巨大的成功。他从他的朋友彼得巴克博士那里借了 1,000 美元/-,后者也成为了弗雷德的商业伙伴。这家快餐连锁店的第一家店于 1965 年 8 月在布里奇波特开业,然后他们设定了在未来十年开设 32 家店的目标。他从早期关于削减成本、让客户满意、提供最佳服务、营销和提供高质量产品的经验中学到了很多东西,这对他后来的多年有所帮助。

为了在十年内达到 32 家门店的目标,该公司开始特许经营,这使赛百味进入了一个快速增长的时期。如今,该品牌以其三明治而闻名,许多注重健康的人被认为是他们最忠实的目标受众。今天,该公司在超过 44,000 个地点设有网点(赛百味历史)。

Their target audience comprises of young adults.

Aged 18-34 years of age who prefer quick, healthy and nutritious meals that can be enjoyed with the entire family. They are health conscious are looking for something light to have. Fred’s vision was to serve the customers delicious sandwiches made from fresh food. That can be ordered and made right in front of the customers.

  • On the other hand, Subway’s sales have started declining over the past couple of years, making 2017, the fourth consecutive year of declining sales.
  • The US store count of this fast food chain fell by 909 last year, which is a reduction of three times as many locations as in the year 2016.
  • In recent years, the company has been facing trouble because of its top management issues, which has damaged the brand’s reputation as well, and internal issues are causing more problems for the company’s business as well, especially the franchisees.

译文:他们的目标受众包括 18-34 岁的年轻人 商业与营销代写

他们更喜欢可以与全家人一起享用的快速、健康和营养的膳食。他们有健康意识,正在寻找清淡的东西。 Fred 的愿景是为顾客提供由新鲜食物制成的美味三明治,这些三明治可以在顾客面前订购和制作。

  • 另一方面,赛百味的销售额在过去几年开始下降,使 2017 年成为销售额连续第四年下降。
  • 这家快餐连锁店在美国的门店数量去年减少了 909 家,数量是 2016 年的三倍。
  • 近年来,该公司因高层管理问题而陷入困境,品牌声誉受损,内部问题也给公司业务,尤其是加盟商带来了更多问题。

Internal Entrepreneurism

The entrepreneurial spirit that was there at the initiation of the brand still remains. As many people are given the chance to become franchise owners. And then help scale up the business through their own unique ideas. Franchise owners and employees are provided training opportunities. While at the same time a culture of continuous product improvement is created in order to help the company serve better customers.

And come up with more innovative flavors for the sandwiches. A culture that fosters growth and innovation is prevalent in the company and amongst all its employees. According to one of their employees, “I started as an assistant manager with a Subway restaurant in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. When the manager left after a month, I stepped in and the rest is history.” The company offers plenty of growth opportunities to all its employees.

译文:内部创业 商业与营销代写

品牌创立之初的企业家精神仍然存在,因为许多人有机会成为特许经营商,然后通过自己独特的想法帮助扩大业务。为特许经营商和员工提供培训机会,同时创造持续改进产品的文化,以帮助公司为更好的客户服务,并为三明治提供更多创新口味。促进增长和创新的文化在公司和所有员工中都很普遍。据他们的一名员工说,“我最初是在 Mt. 的一家赛百味餐厅担任助理经理。艾里,北卡罗来纳州。当经理在一个月后离开时,我介入了,剩下的就是历史。”公司为所有员工提供大量成长机会。

Business & Marketing Reengineering

  • There are multiple steps that have been taken up by the organization. In order to improve the business and its marketing re-engineering. However, the business is not performing well as discussed before.
  • However, the company claims that it is making the world a better place by addressing issues like childhood obesity and heart health. They have partnered up with the American College of Cardiologists to sponsor the American Heart Association’s Start.It’s about integrating walking in your daily routine for at least 30 minutes, in order to promote heart health.
  • Similarly the company has sponsored different programs that encourage physical activity in order to overcome heart diseases.
  • The company is engaged in multiple CSR activities as well. Which are aimed at improving the neighborhood of the surrounding areas of a community. Such as the preservation of the Millford community, the area of which was improved after collaboration with the local government.

The intention of all these actions is to create a favorable image of the brand in the eyes of the customers. Along with taking steps to give back to the society through one form or another. The positive reputation will help the company is coming out of the troubled waters it has come under.

译文:商业与营销再造 商业与营销代写

然而,该公司声称它正在通过解决儿童肥胖和心脏健康等问题让世界变得更美好。他们与美国心脏病学会合作赞助了美国心脏协会的 Start。这是关于将步行至少 30 分钟融入您的日常生活,以促进心脏健康。

Employer Appeal

After reading about the culture of the organization, and how the company is faring these days. It might come as a surprise that I would actually like to work for the company.

  • The primary reason for this is because I feel like I can make a difference where the troubles are concerned. And actually help the company in finding solutions for the problems it is currently facing.
  • Another reason why I want to work for Subway is because it has always been one of my most favorite brands. And therefore, I have read up a lot about the culture of the organization. And how they actually encourage diversity as it brings about better ideas.

These are the two reasons why I would actually consider working for this brand. And help it grow instead of getting to the point where the company shuts down.

译文:雇主上诉 商业与营销代写

在阅读了组织的文化以及公司最近的表现之后。 我真的很想为这家公司工作,这可能会让人感到惊讶。

这样做的主要原因是因为我觉得我可以在麻烦方面有所作为。 并实际帮助公司为其当前面临的问题寻找解决方案。
我想为赛百味工作的另一个原因是,它一直是我最喜欢的品牌之一。 因此,我阅读了很多有关该组织文化的信息。 以及他们如何真正鼓励多样性,因为它会带来更好的想法。

这是我真正考虑为这个品牌工作的两个原因。 并帮助它成长,而不是达到公司关闭的地步。


Customer Experience

The company’s main focus is on providing optimal services to all its customers. However, with the recent issues being faced by the organization. And many of the franchisees closing down. The focus on customers service is being questioned. However, at the same time, the company is focused on providing the top local produce to all its outlets so that the economy improves.

And grows along with the business as well. The search for better ingredients, better services, and better processes is always there. Which makes the focus on customer service to be there. They actually have a section by the name of “The search for better”. Where they are focused on providing the top ingredients to create the ultimate user experience.

译文:客户体验 商业与营销代写

该公司的主要重点是为所有客户提供最佳服务。 但是,随着该组织最近面临的问题。 许多加盟商倒闭。 对客户服务的关注受到质疑。 然而,与此同时,该公司专注于为其所有网点提供顶级的本地产品,以改善经济。

并随着业务的发展而成长。 寻找更好的原料、更好的服务和更好的流程总是存在的。 这使得对客户服务的关注在那里。 他们实际上有一个名为“寻求更好”的部分。 他们专注于提供顶级成分以创造终极用户体验。

Bonus Quote

Currently, the company is not doing so well, as stated previously as well. One of the franchisees said, “A lot people in the industry feels that Suzanne is not qualified to be the CEO of the company. She tells us like she is doing us a favor while franchises are losing everything they own.” (Business Insider, 2018)

The company needs to look into its top management and ascertain whether changing it entirely would be more beneficial instead.

译文:奖金报价 商业与营销代写

目前,该公司的表现并不好,如前所述。 其中一位加盟商表示:“业内很多人都觉得苏珊娜没有资格担任公司的CEO。 她告诉我们,她是在帮我们一个忙,而特许经营商正在失去他们拥有的一切。” (商业内幕,2018)



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