Haagen Dazs Tip Sheet



Haagen Dazs Tip Sheet

Häagen-Dazs® Loves Honey Bees

Business Goal代写 It is an appeal to the prospective customers to take part in the on-going support program through purchase.


Business Goal

Business Goal代写
Business Goal代写

Häagen-Dazs (u.d) want to create awareness of the products they produce by relating their sustainable production of delicious creams to the support of honey bee conservancy. It is an appeal to the prospective customers to take part in the on-going support program through purchase.

Communication Goal  Business Goal代写

The company create ethical appeal to the audience. The audience learns the need to donate for the future of getting delicious foods like strawberries, pears, and the likes which depend on pollination from honey bees. Logically, the company is participating in the research through a donation to save the bee from extinction.

Primary and Secondary Audience 

The primary audience is the current customers of the company products while the secondary audience is the prospective customers who will learn through this appeal of the company’s work of conservancy of the honeybees and would like to contribute through the purchase of the products.

Communication Objective: Applying IMC Objectives  Business Goal代写

Following are the communication objectives of the company using the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) according to the article by Levinson (2018).

a. Create attention and awareness of the brand to the audience

b. Create interest of wanting to purchase in support of honey bee conservancy

c. The ethical appeal creates a desire for the customers to want to make a difference

d. If it succeeds in this campaign, the company will then look forward to building trust and loyalty by keeping its brand promise

e. Enhance the brand image through communication of what it is doing to the community

Strategic Strength of the Marketing Case  Business Goal代写

The case marketing approach is useful in communicating all the appeals to the audience. The company can communicate value through a compelling case of interest to the audiences but end up building knowledge about the company’s products. For instance, the case is about saving honey bee for the future pollination, at the same time the company has integrated its products in the case as the product from the bees.

Strategic Weakness of the Case  Business Goal代写

The case has not explicitly stated the logic to buying the products. The audience needs to know why they should buy the product and how it is related to the research. That is, the primary objective of the case might not be achieved.

References  Business Goal代写

Business Goal代写
Business Goal代写

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