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Business Law代写 Imagine that I am wronged by my supplier, or an employee or even another business which we do transactions.


Imagine that I am wronged by my supplier, or an employee or even another business which we do transactions. Then it occurs that I have an actionable legal claim against any of the said parties. The question that comes to my mind is, what should I do about the legal claim. I have options to settle my claim and probably get compensation. One of them being legal suit where I can go to a courthouse for a formal complaint to initiate litigation. Business Law代写**格式

The other one is to settle to amicable alternative dispute resolution where the other party and I can resolve the conflicts without legal process. The course of action should be determined by the process that will offer me the best resolution to the problem as well as it being favorable to my business. Both the parties have to feel treated fairly to the proceedings of the case.

However, my business can be small, or I may not have time to take a lengthy court process.  Business Law代写

Litigations are expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, I opt for alternative dispute resolution. Some advantages attribute to this preference over the course system. The major one is the process is cheap and create peace between the parties in the dispute. Secondly, my business may want to do business with the supplier, employee or other business. Notably, some issues are private and there is no need to engage the public process to determine the outcome. I may want the dispute to resolve, but I would prefer the private process, less time consumed, and not expensive.

Business Law代写
Business Law代写

As a budding entrepreneur and after going through business law particularly on alternative dispute resolution.  Business Law代写

I take it that dispute resolution without initiating litigation is the best approach (Dispute Resolution Counsel, LLC). It is true that businesses are faced with inevitable conflicts with contractors, suppliers, employees, public and even other companies. A manager who understands the importance of alternative dispute resolution will work to convince the other party to settle for either mediation, conciliation or arbitration. Reason being the court system is expensive and time-consuming, and businesses cannot afford to waste money and time in such cases.

Out of the three dispute resolution approaches, the most appropriate continuum is where the parties decide outcomes.  Business Law代写

I prefer mediation over arbitration because the parties retain control over the process and it is less formal. The process is likely to create friendship after resolution. However, some conflicts like civil rights violation may need a neutral party to make the final decision. At extreme cases, the court system may be the only option especially if the claim involves a criminal offense like theft or corruption. As such, the trade-off and preferences between the three option are dependent on the parties relationship, the issue involved and desired results.

Moreover, I feel that some business undertakings should have provision for alternative dispute resolution.  Business Law代写

Depending on the case, the parties to the contract can provide for mandatory negotiation, arbitration or mediation. It means that if the dispute arises between me and my employee, suppliers or other businesses, the best course of action will be apparent easy to decide. Mostly, under binding provisions for alternative dispute resolution, the parties will have waived their constitutional rights to go to court. Most importantly it gives the parties confidence in the contract of not incurring legal representations. Generally, contracts under alternative dispute resolution enhance relationships between the parties and continued transactions. Business Law代写**格式

Business Law代写
Business Law代写

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