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Memo Exercise代写 Question 1:The purpose of the each of the three memos is aptly captured through their use of simple courteous and ···


Question 1

The purpose of the each of the three memos is aptly captured through their use of simple courteous and positive starts. The purpose of each of the memos is achieved through their sentences which state their ‘big’ issue clearly. As a result, this helps in reminding their intended audience of the purpose of each memo.

This is achieved through what can be referred to as “headlines” .Which help in stating the memos major conclusions just like the way newspapers headlines grab the attention of the readers. The writers of these memos kept their audience in mind as made the decisions on the kind of materials to use, how their ideas will be organized, as well as how best to support their arguments. This is evident in Memo 2 for example as a headline does not include a lot of details.

In terms of content, both Memo 1 and Memo 3 have expertly used clear sentences .To give the intended audience their purposes which act as road maps to be followed.  Memo Exercise代写

Though the organization and design of the three memos are not very similar, the basic thing is that the information they intend to convey is communicated logically and effortlessly.

To avoid the long text bodies or the monotony of a lengthy memo, there are sub-divisions through the use of subheadings to avoid long bodies of texts. This helps to direct the audience to the necessary information thus avoiding leaving it to them to find it on their own. The same case happens with the intentional omission of details considered unnecessary.

Stylistically, the three memos have used different approaches but they are all intended to achieve the same purpose, effectively communicating with the target audience. However, the common thing in the three memos is the use of formalized tone or language given the intended audience. There is a heavy use of the direct approach in supplying the major intentions of the memos right from their introductions. The content of the memos is used in developing in a more detailed format the necessary details that have informed the writing of the memos as well as the need for the required action. This is in line with the consideration of what the audience needs to know. This has ensured that the memos have effectively conveyed the right information to the audience.

Question 2.  Memo Exercise代写

DATE: September 18, 2018

TO: Sales Team, Fun Bags, Inc.

FROM: Sales Manager, Fun Bags, Inc.

RE: Base Pay and Commissions reductions

There has been a growing concern over the reduction of the company’s sales by 25 percent over the last two consecutive quarters. Similarly, our gross sales have also gone down to $37,000 per quarter from the previous high of $50,000.  This trend does not augur well for the business and this has necessitated the need for austerity measures to mitigate this.

As a result, I have received instructions from The Chief Financial Officer, Mitchell McBaggins, to regrettably inform you that your base pay and commissions will suffer a 15 percent reduction with effect from the beginning of the next quarter.

This should serve as a wakeup call as we up our game and take our sales to where they were and beyond.


Valerie Myttle

Sales Manager


Cc: Mitchell McBaggins,

The Chief Financial Officer


MEMO 1  Memo Exercise代写

To: Computer Programming Division

From: Vice President Lumbergh

Date: February 19, 2016

Subject: Attaching cover sheets to TPS reports

This is to remind the division that, starting today, we are now filing all Testing Procedure Specification (TPS) reports with new cover sheets.

The reason for this change is simple. In addition to a new format, the cover sheets provide a summary of the report as well as the updated legal copy. The new cover sheets also include Initech’s new logo.

Though this change may initially seem like a headache and an extra step, it is necessary to include the new cover sheets due to their updated information. Failing to do so will result in a confusing and inaccurate product delivered to our customers.

Please be sure to follow this new procedure.

Best regards,

Vice President Lumbergh

 MEMO 2  Memo Exercise代写


 TO: Employee cc: …. Lead


FROM: Manager,

SUBJECT: Work Performance Expectations

The purpose of this memo is to provide you with a roadmap to success in the ………department.  You should refer to these work performance expectations frequently.  While I am your supervisor, …… will be your Lead.  She is responsible for providing you with day-to-day direction, as well as coordinating other duties within the department.

By way of this memorandum, I have identified some critical areas where your position as an …Job Title…, plays a critical role in the success of …Dept…  In less than two weeks you will receive a detailed job description that will outline your roles and responsibilities in all the support areas identified above OR attached you will find a copy of your job description for your review and reference (whichever applies).  The list below is by no means all-inclusive, and only represents a few key areas that require your focus and attention.  Further areas may be identified and will be communicated to you as needed.

Memo Exercise代写
Memo Exercise代写


This is first and foremost the most important job expectation you have while working in…Dept… Your ability to be discreet and handle confidential information with the greatest sensitivity is critical to your success.  This includes all verbal and written communications.  Not only do we have an ethical responsibility to protect this information, but more importantly, we are legally required to safeguard it at all times.  If you have any questions or concerns about what is or isn’t confidential, please do not hesitate to obtain clarification.


You will receive training in all areas of your job responsibility and any new tasks that you are assigned.  Please take notes, refer to the procedures, conduct research if necessary, and ask questions.

Working Relations  Memo Exercise代写

You are to conduct yourself with professionalism and respect at all times. Display courtesy and cooperativeness at all times towards colleagues, students, faculty, alumni, community members, and administrators, when carrying out your job duties.  Your interactions with others must be collegial and help create a positive work environment.  Your communications are expected to be pleasant and accurate.  Do not feel obligated to guess, but rather tell the person you will get back to them, research, and then contact them right away with the answer.  At all times, please avoid using incorrect, evasive or misleading statements.


Listen to your work-related voicemails immediately and carefully.  Determine whether there is follow-up action or response required, and respond accordingly.  You are encouraged to show initiative and be responsive to all communications.    Please keep personal calls to a minimum.


You will receive both work and non-work-related e-mails.  Please take extra care in determining the difference.  Be mindful that spam and junk mail may carry potential viruses.  These can be very dangerous to your computer and the system.  Do not open attachments unless you are sure, otherwise delete them immediately.  For work-related emails, please read them as soon as possible.  Determine whether follow-up or a response is necessary, and respond accordingly.

You may need to acknowledge receipt or give status, even if you do not know the answer, but are working on it.  You may send or receive electronic meeting requests.  Please respond quickly since it advises the sender immediately that you are confirmed for the time and place.  You are encouraged to show good written etiquette, initiative, be proactive and responsive in all of your electronic communications.

Communications  Memo Exercise代写

You must communicate with me, your Lead, and others in a clear, honest, and timely manner.  If you are unclear on any assignment, or if you have completed one task and are ready for additional work, you are strongly encouraged to show initiative and contact your Lead or supervisor.  No one knows what you need or if you are ready for your next assignment unless you take the first step.  Do not fall into the habit of having others seek you out to find out the status of your work. That responsibility is up to you.

Meeting Participation

When you are asked to attend a meeting, please make every effort to be there on time.  Respect your time commitments and those of others.  Do not expect participants to locate you when you are not there.  If the other participants are unavailable at the designated meeting time, or at any time in which you need to see or report to them, please make every attempt to locate them:  knock on their door, call them, leave a handwritten note outside their door/work area indicating the time you came by, or send an e-mail.  If you will be delayed or need to reschedule, contact the participants as soon as possible to explain the delay, give an estimated time of delay or reschedule.

As a member of the ….department, we are committed to seeing you succeed.  Please keep this list close by and reference it as often as you need.  Both your Lead and I will assist and support your efforts towards meeting these expectations.  If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to either of us.




Employee Name Date

MEMO 3  Memo Exercise代写

To: All Staff

From: The Manager

Date: May 27, 2010

Subject: Inappropriate use of time on Google Doodle games


It has come to my attention that many in the office have been spending time on the Google homepage microgames. This memo is a reminder to use your work hours for work.

According to a recent article, the estimated daily cost of people collectively playing these games instead of working is over $120 million—which is calculated based on the daily average increased time spent on the Google home page (36 seconds).

If these estimates are applied to our 600 office employees, this results in a nearly $700 weekly loss.

This is a conservative estimate considering the extensive discussions that occur about beating the office’s current high score. The extra cost quickly adds up.

Of course, we don’t want you to view our organization as a place of drudgery and draconian rules. I encourage a fun and competitive environment, and I recognize that we certainly won’t be profitable if you are unhappy or dissatisfied with your jobs. This is just a reminder to be careful with your use of company time.

Thank you,

The Manager

Memo Exercise代写
Memo Exercise代写

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