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Subject: Marketing on Verizon

Verizon Marketing代写 The marketing strategy of Verizon is based on the 4 Ps marketing mix. The primary goal of Verizon is to···

The marketing strategy of Verizon is based on the 4 Ps marketing mix. The primary goal of Verizon is to increase sales turnover in a year. During the period, the company will seek to attain market leadership in offering a superior product at affordable prices. To attain the goal, promotion and distribution strategies will have to be rigorous and effective (Nuseir, & Madanat, 2015). The 4 Ps will work in synergy to attain the company goals.

The prices of our products will be measured in the analysis of the market conditions and relative to the competition analysis.  Verizon Marketing代写

The company will also apply price dynamics to maximize its returns (Nuseir, & Madanat, 2015). Our product is superior in the quality and hence will be charged a price slightly higher than the competitor’s prices. The price will be a way of communicating an excellent product besides carrying out intensive promotions. Also, the price of our product in urban areas will be higher compared to rural areas. Again it will be a psychological game of product superiority and class. The company understands that products quality is defined by the prices charges which also define the class during consumption. Therefore, the company will not be involved in price wars with its competitors.

Additionally, to achieve the set goal the company will need to create awareness.  Verizon Marketing代写

The company will do thorough product promotions (Nuseir, & Madanat, 2015). As such, resources will be availed to do advertising, sales promotion, special offers, and public relations. Promotion will communicate the value of the company product and hence create the urge into the prospective buyers.

Verizon Marketing代写
Verizon Marketing代写

Besides the above, the prospective customers will need to create convenience and access to the product. Verizon will use distributors who will then reach out to the retailers and consumer (Nuseir, & Madanat, 2015). Also, the company will be making sales online through its website. However, the distribution strategy can change depending on the market circumstance and geographical area.

Therefore, Verizon is a superior brand in the market.  Verizon Marketing代写

All it requires is a marketing strategy that is SMART. Hopefully, in a year, its objectives will have been achieved.

References  Verizon Marketing代写

Nuseir, M. T., & Madanat, H. (2015). 4Ps: A strategy to secure customers’ loyalty via customer satisfaction. International Journal of Marketing Studies, 7(4), 78.

Verizon Marketing代写
Verizon Marketing代写


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