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Internship Report代写 I was attached as an assistance officer at EMEA in partial fulfillment of undergraduate studies in human resource management.


I was attached as an assistance officer at EMEA in partial fulfillment of undergraduate studies in human resource management. The internship runs for the period beginning 4th February to 25th May 2019. In this paper, I will report on my internship activities at the company and reflect on what I learned over the period. The overview will provide the learning and my input as the student during the internship. It will also include the reflection upon my behavior during my internship activities and goals. The reflection on events and objectives will contribute to my professional development.

Internship Activities and Learning Goals  Internship Report代写

The primary aim of this internship aimed at gaining real-world experience in human resource management. Specifically, I was expected to learn how to manage and plan tasks. I was supposed to learn how to work under pressure in managing people from various background and interpersonal skills as well as tackling extraneous tasks. As a result, I developed interpersonal skills besides people management and communication skills. The experience was critical as it marked the start of my human resource management career.

The first week of my internship started on 4th February.  

I was supposed to orient myself with typical workday at the company. I read all the guides that are linked within year-end-reviews. I learned about the workday, which contained employee’s ID, performance profile, sessions attended, training venues, and schedule followed in the organizations. I also sent surveys about the employee value proposition to every store manager in EMEA. The survey activity involved creating an excel sheet with the manager’s name and Workday direct employees.

For efficiency and accessibility, I colored each of the manager’s entry in the worksheet. Which matched with their direct employee to make it easier for me to send surveys to them. I learned how to send emails and add employees in the outlook email and ensure all employees are included in the messaging application. I met new people on the first day and became oriented with the company premises.

The actual work began in the second week.  Internship Report代写

However, I needed more time to orient more on the company’s system (Workday). In so doing, I watched videos that are linked within Year-End-Review. I learned where to find the excel sheet in Workday for post-upload and upload any training sessions. On the first day of the week, I printed the documents for use by talent employee training session. The activity involved printing 25 pages for 12 talent participants. I learned that the talent employees must receive everything in perfect form. For instance, the quality of the paper must be of quality and not recycled, graph colors must be clear, and I was supposed to ascertain the names in the files are accurate. The roles acquainted me with new skills in front of office management.

In the third week, I did a follow-up on the previous employees training.  Internship Report代写

I prepared and attended a training session as well as observed on its progress. The roles involved checking the participant’s name and resolve any conflicts and errors. I send employees pre-work one week before the session. Also, I printed the necessary documents for the meeting one hour before the actual meeting. Besides, after the session, I send follow-ups to the participants. I learned how to open the training session and verify participants’ names before sending them pre-work. The training, attendance, and observation of training sessions constituted my first interactive activity at the company.

The third week had no much activities since I was only supposed to check EMEA Talent inbox and make necessary replies about the Year-end-review. I canceled the training session because the session did not meet the threshold on the number of participants. I was also tasked with checking session on Workday. The roles trained me on how to reply to the employee’s emails promptly since most of them were argent and could not wait. I checked the communication flow of the training session review the email conversations with various participants. I was motivated and proactive for my contribution that week.

Unfortunately, I was sick in the third week and had to visit a physician.  Internship Report代写

Nevertheless, I attend the training session on Friday that week, where I sent pre-work training participants for the following week. The activity taught me how to keep track of the training session while making a frequent check on the participants for the newly joined. The week was followed by challenging tasks of packing all the items that were in the cabin and cleaning the desks. Also, packed all the staff for the talent team in the white and brown boxes for secure handling, transportation, and storage. I also checked EMEA talent inbox regularly to read and reply to messages. The week activities taught me how to cut confidential papers and organize the folders for secure storage and retrieval. Though the week began with sickness, I was able to attend and handle my duties diligently.

I took three days off after a whole month of tedious activities as I waited for the new office to be ready. I found time to rest and reflect on my one-month internship. Later, I took the role of setting up the training session after three-day leave. It involved sending the follow-up for last week sessions, verify the participants’ names, and send them pre-work of the meeting, which was at least one week before. I updated my to-do list to make sure I do not forget any session activity. It taught me how to organize myself and put a reminder for each weekly session. Making follow-ups on progress is a critical aspect in human resource management.

I did a home working on the sixth week.  Internship Report代写

Reason being, the work was too overwhelming to finish from the office that I carried some to my house. I collected data for all employees who worked from home both in Bornem and Stabil for the last six months. At the same time, I organized the data in groups of males and females for ease of access, maintenance, and follow-ups. Besides collecting and organizing the data, I graded the work of those working from home and integrated the data to make one PowerPoint file. Concurrently, I made frequent checks and replies to emails in EMEA talent inbox. I send back year-end-review to the employees. The responsibilities taught me how to uphold the organization identity by observing the layouts and goals rather than doing the tasks my way.

I used one color for each theme to ensure clarity and ease of access. I learned the importance of maintaining accuracy and to always cross-check data for correctness. Notably, I learned the virtue of making consultations from my seniors, mainly because I was not proficient with MS Excel. The many email conversations and replies taught me interpersonal skills, particularly when responding to employee questions and queries. I was able to give objective responses. The activities covered in the week made me learn and reflect more on my course work.

Week seven was a bit relaxed with few and simple roles and responsibilities.  Internship Report代写

My primary roles were to scan documents, join the EMEA inclusion network, and make frequent login and replies in EMEA talent inbox. I made corrections and verifications on each employee detail and made sure the documents were clear and free from errors. I joined a zoom meeting at the EMEA inclusion network. Moreover, I continued scanning documents on week eight, attending and observing training sessions, and engaging employees in EMEA talent inbox. I booked rooms for the training sessions and print posters for the new training sessions that were held from April to June. Also, I created a communication plan for Bornem and Stabio for homeworking employees.

The training sessions taught me how to book rooms both in Bornem and Antwerp and make posters. That matched the description of my coach and fitted intended purpose. I learned how to create and generate pdf files that are free from errors. Besides, I learned about the inclusion network and its main goals. Notably, I learned how to Advance manually to the employee upon request. The lesson on making communication plan was key to my human resource management career.

Besides the routine EMEA talent inbox check and making replies, 15th to 19th April was a busy week.  Internship Report代写

I checked training session for the following week, which included checking session in a workday, sending pre-work, making an excel sheet for Bornem, Antwerp, and Stabio for easy monitoring and access. I also made a regular check-up of sessions to see if they are fully booked. Throughout these activities, I learned how to track employees in the Workday by creating an excel worksheet that made it easier for me to track them. The roles motivated me to maintain a positive mind. The following three days, I engaged in the strength finder workshop for Kipling. Where I entered dates for each participant who was to join the Kipling workshop.

The participants’ details were organized in a single Excel worksheet. I made a special invitation to the Kipling workshop and pre-work to each of the identified participants. On the second day, I designed 35 luggage tags on a word document then cut them while attaching each label on a rope. The activity engaged and built my creativity. I further made updates on the store list on the third day by copy and pasting the new store list from the excel worksheet to the work documents before adding a brand logo for each country. The task taught me collaboration, teamwork, and coordination of activities since it involved asking my colleagues whether records were as per the specifications and align to their intended purpose.

I continued with the previous week’s works of training session and strengths finder Workshop for Kipling.  Internship Report代写

In the training session, I verified the sessions planned to occur on 24th, 25th, and 26th April in Stabio for any person who may have joined. However, I canceled a session scheduled in Bormen due to low attendance. I also send follow-up for the previously completed sessions before updating the list of the participation in the Workday. Although the daily tasks were too much involving, I learned how to ask for clarification and assistance when stuck. While I was making the updates on the list of Kipling participants, I checked the routine EMEA talent inbox. I also added a column for the questionnaire to be used in the Kipling workshop. The week activities continued to build my management skills.

As a routine, my leading roles in week twelve were training sessions and strength finder workshop for Kipling besides making evaluations on FAQs for the year.

Internship Report代写
Internship Report代写

On the second day of that week, I had a mid-evaluation with my tutor, where we discussed my general performance in the internship. I communicated to Lisbeth on the cancellation of the session scheduled for the previous week before sending emails to those who did not show up for the training sessions. Furthermore, I updated the list of Kipling workshop participants and updated the timetable for the employees, managers, and leaders.

Most importantly, I wrote all the questions and answers that were raised that year. The week was productive as I learned to use SharePoint in Microsoft Operating system to send a confirmation email if there are less than 6 participants. Besides, I trained myself how to use tables that I used to check each employee. Mid-evaluation opened-up my mind and was able to express myself objectively. I learned to take negative feedback to work on my weaknesses.

Week thirteen was a bit relaxing as I tried to reflect on my strengths and conduct a personal evaluation regarding mid-evaluation feedback.  Internship Report代写

I also took the daily roles on training and an additional one for scanning pdf documents. I sent the pre-work for the following week and made a follow-up on the previous session. I analyzed myself by attending a session, printed my strengths, highlighted the words that represented me, wrote my personal goals, and linked to my strengths. I ended my day by making edits on the timetable on excel worksheet. Similar roles and tasks were done in the following week except for the job in the recruitment project. As usual, I sent pre-work for the next week sessions to Bornem and Stabio.

I was tasked to research on process and price for the recruitment website the day before finding a solution to the cancellation of some training projects. Moreover, the last week was for clearing any remaining task, which included getting more solution to frequent cancellation of training sessions and researching more about EVIE website. I learned and developed my problem-solving skills in an internet research.

Reflection  Internship Report代写

The beginning of my internship was difficult as it involved too much reading and memorizing procedures in the organizations. I was able to orient myself with company policy and goals, as well as my roles in the first two weeks. However, some tasked were challenging for me like making excel worksheets for employees and training participants. It was also hard to get up in the morning and be in the office early. The first task of successfully sending a survey to various store managers motivated me to remain positive. It was a good start though challenging I was motivated.

Unfortunately, the coach learned that I was not keen on finer details, and I might have overlook essential details which may have far-reaching effects.

The coach taught me how to pay attention to information quality. I applied the lesson learned to other tasks like checking and verifying participants and employee’s details in Workday. As such, I was able to make sure the participant’s names were consistent as per the workday and sessions, keep track of all participants and ease of access and retrieval. The document editing and management is a fundamental element in human resource management.

Additionally, much of my roles involved interactions with participants in both online and through EMEA email. I also took part in training sessions, which built my confidence to work while working with large groups of people. The interactions helped me develop my interpersonal skills, cooperation, and objectivity. I was able to respond to emails and questions by alienating my emotions and judgments when answering them. As a human resource manager, people’s skill is the foundation for a successful career. Therefore, the knowledge and skills of human relations will empower my future work by being able to communicate effectively, being objective, and rational.

Much of my work involved front office management.  Internship Report代写

Besides interacting with people through emails, I planned communications, profiled, and sorted documents, among other duties. They were fulfilling, and I felt motivated that I succeeded in most of them. I learned how to cooperate with other people to produce the desired results. At some points, I had no idea of what to do, mainly working with a spreadsheet but found it necessary to ask and learn. As an aspiring manager, working with people gave a chance to learn from others as well as my mistakes.

For instance, at the time of mid-evaluation, I maintained a positive attitude and built negative feedback rather than feeling demotivated or humiliated. The task for the recruitment project gave me a chance on the kind of talents companies look for when recruiting. Thus, when I become a recruitment officer in the future, I will know where and how to fish for talents for my company easily. Furthermore, my teacher encouraged me to take the internship as the opportunity to evaluate my weaknesses and build on them to be a better manager.

For instance, the many cancellations I made for training sessions and the task to look for solutions to increase attendance in them challenged me to think critically and be a problem-solver. Overall, I started as an intern and on a clean slate with only class work knowledge. But at the end of the internship, I emerged a transformed and focused learner. My real-world experience at EMEA opened up the window for growing in my career as the HR manager.

Internship Report代写
Internship Report代写

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