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Marketing Plan for Nationwide Property Assistance

Marketing Management代写 Plan for Nationwide Property Assistance:Production and marketing of products and services are fundamentals of a functional society.


Company Brief

Home property owners and rentals have small repair and maintenance needs that require expert or specialized equipment. Some of the tasks include the construction of prefabricated furniture, installation of shelving and curtains, hanging works, changing lighting fixture and many others. The reason for categorizing these jobs as an emergency is because it is difficult to get qualified people to take all these small jobs. It is unlikely that contractors, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians will take or be interested in these small jobs. Superintendents, on the other hand, might be very busy to attend to all the customer needs at convenience and hence cannot provide professional-level customer satisfaction.

That was the main purpose Nationwide Property Assistance product was established by Home Emergency Experts (n.d).  Marketing Management代写

It intends to be the most trusted provider for repairs and maintenance services in the United Kingdom. The company has two main methods to achieve these objectives. The company offers a kind of insurance cover for the range of home emergencies via subscription-based membership services to insurance-minded clients. We also offer services to people who like dealing with issues as they arise. These services are offered using our latest npa24:7 online platform aimed at providing Home Emergency Expert calls, online alerts, webchats, SMS and e-mail services between the client and the company on-demand basis.

Marketing Management代写
Marketing Management代写

Therefore, Home Emergency Experts was established in Halesowen near Birmingham as a limited liability company (Home Emergency Experts, n.d). The company began as a sole proprietorship and has tremendously grown to one of the largest home maintenance companies in the United Kingdom. The owners target to capture and serve home and property owners in the whole of the UK. The achievement of this ambitious goal is vested on a strategic marketing strategy for its new Nationwide Property Assistance (NPA 24:7).

Home Emergency Experts aim to provide the UK community quality home repair and maintenance services through NPA 24:7 brand.  Marketing Management代写

The services will be charged on an hourly basis and supplies used. The company also has monthly and annual packages to the insurance-minded people to have access to repairs and maintenance 24/7. Is the job does not require a handyman, the company will help customer source and screen for contractors for free. The focus on handyman services gives the company opportunity to repair first, or replace when parts are not repairable. This is different from contractors who prefer to replace everything which might be costly to the property owner.

Therefore, making repairs and maintenance is cheaper and NPA 24:7 offers its consumers a one-year guarantee of service provided. Any issue that occurs before the expiry of the period, the company offers free correction.

The aim is to have satisfied clients. Nonetheless, the main services offered include:

  • Minor plumbing
  • Minor electricals
  • Fence repair
  • Door, windows and wall repairs
  • Patios and decks
  • Painting
  • Weatherproofing
  • Flooring

Introduction To Marketing Management And Strategic Marketing Planning  Marketing Management代写

Production and marketing of products and services are fundamentals of a functional society. It is the role of all organizations to keep their shareholders satisfied through these basic functions. The aim is to create utility by satisfying the wants and needs of society (Gregory, 2018, p. 73). The market is one of the main kinds of utility that specify consumer preference that is reflected in the production function of the organization.

It creates time, place and ownership utilities. Time and place utilities are created when goods and services are made available to consumers for purchase and use. For instance, online stores and platforms that offer 24/7 services provide time and place utilities. When the goods or services are transferred at the time of purchase, they create ownership utility.

Therefore, the success of any organization is dependent on the utility creation of that organization.  Marketing Management代写

The design of products and services for a certain market is the foundation for the creation of utility. Drucker (2012) noted the importance of marketing by stating that the understanding of the business begins in the understanding of its purpose. He noted that the purpose of any business is found outside the firm. In essence, the purpose of business lies in the society in which the business operates; and that is to create customers.

Notably, creating customers means identifying their needs, establishing the way to profitably satisfy them as well as developing a product or service that convert potential buyers to customers (Zeithaml, Rust, and Lemon, 2001, p. 120). It is the role of marketing managers to come up with strategies that create customers. Some of the functions of the marketing managers include identification of needs, designing of product or services that serve the need and profit the organization and communicate the value to the potential buyers (Gök, and Hacioglu, 2010, p. 292).

Besides, the marketing manager is responsible for creating the availability of these products or services in the market, pricing them relative to the production and other costs, competition and ability of the buyers and ensure customers are satisfied with the product or services by using the necessary services and follow-up after-sales. In so doing, the business purpose and market value are realized.

Marketing Framework  Marketing Management代写

The basic elements of marketing strategy include the target market, and marketing mix (Dickson, and Ginter, 1987, p. 2). The figure 1 below shows the environmental features of organizational marketing and shows the framework on which marketing strategy is based.

Figure 1: Framework for elements of marketing strategy and its environmental

Marketing Management代写
Marketing Management代写

Overall, marketing efforts focus on the customer. A market-driven organization aligns its strategy to the market, which is the people who are the prospective buyers (Day, 1999, p. 11). After the selection of the target market, the marketers put effort into creating value for the company by satisfying the market profitably. There are many manipulations of variables that are categorized into product, price, place, and promotion and commonly referred to marketing mix (Van Waterschoot, and Van den Bulte, 1992, p. 83). The marketers seek to manipulate and control the 4ps in various combinations in order to realize market value.

However, the decisions and control of the marketing variable are not conducted in a vacuum.  Marketing Management代写

They are made in a dynamic business environment which includes competition, politics, economy, technology, social culture, and legal (Pan, Chen, and Zhan, 2018). There exists competition for the same customers and hence changes in the competitive environment have a lot of repercussions. The political and legal environment includes the governance and regulatory bodies that have an impact on the market and marketing efforts. It is imperative for marketers to adhere to the laws and regulation in the market of operation to be a responsible corporate citizen.

The economic environment determines the market and consumer decisions including buy or save or defer the purchase. The technological environment is a major contributor to the business organizations marketing approaches, especially in the digital era. Changes in technology mean the firm and marketing need to change with time. Ultimately, marketing techniques are dependent on social-cultural cues that dictate how to connect to the market. Every marketer should aim to understand the behavior, language and culture of the consumers. The understanding of these environmental factors combined with optimum manipulation and control of market mix

SWOT Analysis  Marketing Management代写

Home Emergency Expert’s SWOT analysis can be understood by observing its internal and external environment. According to Brady, Goodman, Hansen, and Kotler (2012, p. 111), macro and micro environment actors have an impact on the company’s profitability and monitoring and their control enables business managers to recognize trends and essential developments in the industry. Figure 1 below shows a summary of the SWOT analysis.

Figure 2: Summary of SWOT analysis


Strengths  Marketing Management代写

  • NPA 24:7 product differentiation strategy comes from strong market orientation, quality of services, service customization and customer satisfaction.
  • The company has low worker turnover because of competitive compensation, specialized training, and job specialization and division of services where each worker is assigned specific customers who they establish good relationships. The company maintains a small size of the on-duty staff at once to increase camaraderie among workers and clients and hence build upon communication and reduce response to customer needs.
  • The long-term relationship with partners and suppliers has built on share knowledge about the service requirements, quality requirements, shared vision throughout service delivery.
  • The higher number of customer returns, monthly and annual subscriptions as well as referrals indicate a satisfied customer base and good customer services that have continued to generate an annual increase in profits.



Weaknesses  Marketing Management代写

  • The company has a highly centralized management hierarchy and hence lacks managerial backup. Thus, there is a likelihood the structure may impede creativity and growth as too few people hold too much knowledge about the company and the services offered.
  • Although it has been a success to single source the company supplies, it poses risks to Home Emergency Experts in the event that the event of disaster or dissolution of the suppliers and partners. The company needs to have a contingency plan for its partners.
  • The unpredictability of emergency poses a risk to the company. If emergencies occur at once to the annual or monthly subscribers, there might be constraints to the cash flow, pressure on workers and strain on company assets.
  • Although the small size of the staff promotes camaraderie, there is a possibility it impedes growth and new business development.
  • Home Emergency Experts tend to be reactive rather than being assertive in marketing efforts since it heavily gets positive word of mouth communication to obtain new customers.
  • The company facility is limited to expansion and cannot handle additional employees and equipment.










Opportunities  Marketing Management代写

  • The UK has the oldest housing stock in the world. Mostly, houses maintained, mended and extended more than they are knocked down and build anew (Green, 2017). As such, repair and maintenance is the Cinderella of the UK’s building industry. The activities accounted for more than £27 billion of the £150 billion construction spending in 2016. A survey reveals that on average families spend about £32 a week on repairs, maintenance, and alterations which amounts to £44 billion a year. The trend presents an investment opportunity for NPA24:7 to grow in the market.
  • The modern life is fast-paced and hence people are looking for convenience and fast services. Technology advancement has reduced time in communications between businesses and clients. NPA 24:7 has come to bridge the gap between the company and property owners/ tenants.
  • The modern companies are working to create customer relationships rather than create sales. The acknowledgment of this comes in the forms of premium services that are useful to customers.
  • The growth in the middle-class and upper class in the UK means the affordability of premium home care services offered by NPA 24:7.

Threats  Marketing Management代写

  • The emergence of home insurance products rather than repairs and maintenance poses the threat of dwindling market.
  • There are new entrants in the market and hence increasing competition pressure.
  • Constructions companies are also offering similar services to their clients on a warranty basis which is then converted to emergency response services. This is a threat to increase competition.

Competitor Analysis  Marketing Management代写

According to Michel, Naudé, Salle, and Valla (2003, 139), the theory of five forces developed by M.E. Porter is used to conduct competitive analysis. The five forces (figure 3 below) include rivalry between direct competitors, the threat of new entrants and substitutes, and the bargaining power of both buyers and suppliers.

Figure 3: Michael Porter’s Five forces model

Threats of new entrants Bargaining power of buyers Bargaining power of suppliers Threats of substitutes products or services Rivalry among existing competitors
The industry is open to new entrants and since it is profitable more companies will join presenting additional competition. In the presence of many contractors and companies offering similar products increase buyer bargaining power. Therefore, profits are likely to continue reducing as customer power increases. There are many suppliers in the market and hence the company has many options. The supplier power is lower in this industry. It is advantageous for the company. There is no substitute for repairs and maintenance. The industry has various types of competitors. The competition comes from property insurance companies, construction and real estate companies, and other similar companies. Particularly, KKC UK, Daniel Cobb, MG London among others pose direct competition to NPA 24:7.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Decisions  Marketing Management代写

Market Segmentation

The company market is segmented into two distinct customer groups including homeowners and property managers. Most homeowners in the UK are a middle and upper class with homes values worth between $200,000 to $700,000. More than 70 percent of these homes date more than five decades and hence need repairs and maintenance (Elsinga, and Hoekstra, 2005). 47 percent of the homeowners try to make maintenance and repairs on their own but they have not prerequisite skills and specialized equipment.

The remaining 53 percent have no idea they can work on the small tasks and instead call for professional emergency repairs. It is estimated that 60 percent of the customers have owned their property for at least more than two years. More than 70 percent of homeowners wait for issues with their property to pile up before calling for the home emergency handyman. The reason for the wait is to reduce the cost of having to call for handyman for one task. As more homes are getting older so does the market for home maintenance and repair is increasing.

The other market segment is the property managers. There are many rentals in the UK. Most of these rentals are more than two years old. It is estimated that the average rent per month per unit ranges from $350 to $700 (Corlett, Clarke, D’Arcy, and Wood, 2018). These managers have at least three to twenty units under their care. They typically lack their own handyman for repairs and maintenance to reduce the overhead costs.

Target Market Segment  Marketing Management代写

Home Emergency Experts target homeowners and property managers because they are the closest consumers of handyman services. Notably, most homeowners are not crafty and hence lack skills, time and desire to do the small dirty and jobs. Those who possess these skills, on the other hand, might be busy or lack specialized equipment for the work. As such, it creates a preference to source handyman to do the maintenance and repair tasks.

Marketing Management代写
Marketing Management代写

On the other hand, property managers are likely consumers because they have a group of rental properties under them and require general maintenance and repairs after a while. The main target is property managers with less than 20 units under them since they mostly lack on-site maintenance handyman and it is cheaper for them to hire than to have full-time employment. Rarely do property managers have skills to repair and maintain the properties they manage and if they do, they have no time to these duties or lack necessary and specialized equipment.

Notably, the main business comes from residents and rentals in the city and is expected that as we move away from the city to the upcountry, most people tend to have more free time, have skills and hence more likely to fix repairs and maintenance tasks themselves.

Market Positioning  Marketing Management代写

Home Emergency Expert positions NPA 24:7 service as the brand of choice in terms of convenience and response time. The company treats all property repairs as an emergency and requires immediate response and solutions. Therefore, the development of NPA 24:7 aimed at giving our customers 24/7 access to the company services regardless of the subscription package. Customers can call, SMS, or live chat with the company representative at any time of the day. In modern times, people are looking for convenience and flexibility which NPA 24:7 offers.

Marketing Objectives  

  • To gain a better understanding of the needs and satisfaction of our customers
  • Offer 24/7 market service to our customers
  • To grow the market by 50 percent in the next five years
  • To create a good relationship with customers through robust customer services.

Marketing Mix Decisions  Marketing Management代写

The 7Ps model was developed by E. Jerome McCarthy as the modern model of the marketing mix as shown in figure 4 below.

Figure 4: 7Ps marketing mix framework



The main product is a home emergency expert response through NPA 24:7 which is designed as an online platform for customer service and management. The service is developed by Home Emergency Experts to help improve service delivery and quality. Customers will use the service to make calls, create chats, and SMS in case of emergencies or normal repairs and maintenance needs. It offers the fastest and most convenient method of connecting the company to potential clients. It is at the introduction stage in the market and hence has not gotten enough customer feedback for improvement. It is expected that customer response will help in devising better and improved service that suits the needs of the market. Home Emergency Expert assures a one-year guarantee of work and rework.

Price  Marketing Management代写

The price for services is hourly based and parts used in the repair and maintenance. The hourly payment will also be determined by the prevailing market condition and geographical location of the customer. The average rate is estimated at $70 per hour plus parts. However, consumers have a choice to make monthly or annual subscriptions without additional charges except for parts replacements. Since the product is new to some regions in the UK, the company will use this pricing as the penetration strategy to these new markets.


 The main method for popularizing the brand is through online and media advertising. The company uses its website and other weblinks to create posts in the offers. It also uses media such as newspapers, social media, and television to create customized messages to its target market. The marketing managers also use direct marketing through mails, catalogs, and fliers.

Place  Marketing Management代写

The company will use the direct distribution of the channel. The reason being the nature of services requires direct contact with customers’ lack of transferability. Direct contact with client foster relationships and understanding that promote quality of service and referrals. The use of online platforms such as npa24:7 gives an opportunity to have direct contact with consumers, control of customer services and relations.

Physical Evidence

NPA 24:7 and company websites are the main physical evidence where customers interact with the company. Other tangible components include handymen and equipment used for service. The evidence for quality service is provided by the numerous referrals and reviews on the website and other online reviews.

People  Marketing Management代写

The main human actors are handymen, supervisors, and managers. The service delivered by the handyman determines the satisfaction of the customer and the possibility of return and referral. The company offers training and adequate compensation to enhance human performance.


Home Emergency Experts operate primarily on direct customer engagements and partnerships with suppliers. There are no stores due to the nature of the service offered but has a central office from which customer orders are processed and delivered. The main specialty of the company includes property repairs and maintenance while parts are sourced from supplier partners. The company website and npa24:7 are the two main platforms from which the company engages its customers.

Plan Evaluation and Recommendations  Marketing Management代写

The company will carry out the comparison of the actual performance with marketing goals. As such, the plan evaluation will take into account the following:

i. Project requirement concepts will be used for the implementation of the marketing plan based on time, and resources need as well as budget and expenditure.

ii. The comparison of the performance with the actual performance will be conducted on a monthly basis and aggregated for annual analysis.

iii. The marketing tasks will be assigned to teams and each team will be responsible for decisions aimed to improve marketing efforts.

Overall, the NPA 24:7 is a revolutionary brand and to stand out in the competitive market, it has to offer competitive value to consumers. Home Emergency Expert requires to invest heavily on modern methods of marketing to reach out to more customers. In so doing, the company is required to reduce response time and offer prompt service delivery.

References  Marketing Management代写

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