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建筑学essay代写 Every building is built for a purpose, which is likely to have a background story. In simple words, buildings have their…


Every building is built for a purpose, which is likely to have a background story. In simple words, buildings have their own story, which one must explore to understand the culture, history, and social values of a society. However, the only way to understand the story of any building and its relation with the art, history, culture, and society is to trace the historic events and analyze how that building has been regarded by the people and historians. Moreover, the attachment of notable figures with any building can also help in understanding its importance in the history. However, when studying the architectural program, formal decisions, and social and cultural needs of any educational institute one must take into account that educational institutes’ architecture evolves as per the needs and demands of the society. This study is going to evaluate Ewha Womans University’s architectural program as well as it is related to the Korean history, politics, urbanism, and society.

Background of the University 建筑学essay代写

Ewha Womans University is a private Koran university that was founded in the year of 1866 as a school. It traces its origin to a mission school started by Mary F. Scranton with just one student. However, over time it has evolved to become one of the largest universities on Korean peninsula offering specialized courses in a wide range of disciplines. The university played an active role in shaping the culture, politics, and society in the country. It has played a vital role in shaping the urban culture of the country. Many notable personalities of Korea had studied there who later went on to become prime minister, economist, first female vice president at Samsung and others. It has been the center from where feminism movement was started and many political movements were initiated in the university. All these events have made the university an important place in the history of Korea that has so many stories of its own. Therefore, its Ewha Campus Complex that has been built previously had undergone a transformation at the hands of French architect Dominique Perrault, who has turned this historic institution into an architectural masterpiece has been analyzed.

Architecture Program, Design and Social Cultural Needs

Ewha Womans University is known as the largest educational institute in the world for women, whereas its huge campus is simply a collection of various architectural styles of 19th century ranging from brutalist to gothic. There is a tower on the left-hand side that is located right before the entrance is adorned with a skin of tilted metal sheet that represents that design of an early Frank Gehry.

The new, beautifully designed and huge structure is created with the purpose to facilitate around 20,000 students at ones while giving the students various facilities like sports, teaching, business and leisure. The new building is more like a hill covered by vegetation and divided by a wide, deep cleft which goes into the ground giving the feeling that is a geological flaw. While designing any building, architectures have to take into account how people are going to walk into the building and move from one place to another. Every building, beyond a defined scale, has the tendency to turn itself into something other than a shell i.e. a landscape that offers fluid movement for various spontaneous activities.

At the center of Ewha Campus Complex there is a chasm that everyone can easily notice as the main space of circulation. 建筑学essay代写

The architecture who designed the building wanted to achieve a spatial balance among architecture and landscape, which he did and that must be the reason that the building sometimes appear to be like Moses parting the red sea. Ewha Campus Complex architecture shows smoothness and is at the same time both architecture and a landscape. The building appears to be a part of the environment and not different from it, and when entering this building people would know where they wish to go without feeling the nervousness of entering an underground space.

The architectural design was created to ensure that people can easily move around the campus and love spending time at the campus. Moreover, as its history reveals that it has been a part of many social, cultural, and political movements and to ensure that it remains a place that will continue to create positive change in Korea it was important to create a design that motivates people and help them understand the importance of this building. It was created as a marvel of architecture that is telling people about how great this place is and its importance in the history of Korea. Due to the importance of the building in the history of Korea it was important to design a building that encapsulates all of this and present this building as something to future generation that inspires them.


Day light and to some extent natural ventilation is let in by the curtain walls and they distribute it across the building.

The effective utilization of the mirrored steel fins gives rhythm and depth to the walls and are designed to withstand stress from high-wind. These steel props extend beyond the skin of the building and support huge glass panes. The architect has transformed the elements of structure into a visual experience and the building itself appears to be a piece of art. However, the mirrors are not effective inside the building as they narrow the view and create an experience that is visually disturbing.

However, the juxtaposition of the new and old campus architecture is the real piece of art which you can see only from inside of the building. It has a brick building in 19th century gothic style that is half buried in the roofscape of the complex. These elements do show the historic importance of the building. Moreover, what people see around affects their perception, and with around 20,000 students attending the university, their style sense and everything will be affected by it, which in turn will affect the urban culture of the country. The sculpture garden is one more attempt of the architect to fuse art and architecture together.

For the interior of the building, the architect opted for a pragmatic, linear, and functional approach. A system of parallel corridors and staircases are placed behind the curtain wall, which make every area of the building easily accessible. Students can use these corridors and staircases to go the library, fitness center, conference room, center of performance arts among other areas. There are spaces for coffee and reading between the corridors. Moreover, the use of glass on two sides of a room where feasible is to make sure that natural light can easily penetrates in the building. The furniture placed in the rooms is in a way designed to enhance learning through lounging. Moreover, sober colors and use of decent material enhance the building.

Conclusion 建筑学essay代写

From the above discussion, one can conclude that Ewha Womans University’s Campus Complex is architecture and a landscape at the same time, because that is how it has been designed by  Dominique Perrault. He maintained a spatial balance between the two factors and made sure to use material that is unique for an educational institute yet completely appropriate for a building that has created history and shaped the social, cultural, and political values of the society. The campus complex is unique in many ways and tells a story that this is an educational institute that became the first officially recognized university after the liberation of Korea. Moreover, it is an educational institute that was the center of many socio-political movements, which has played a vital role in shaping the values of a Korean society.

university is not merely a building but rather it is the symbol of change and development which has marked the progress in the Korean society. What is indeed important to note is the beautiful manner in which the university has been designed and constructed leading you to believe it is not just a place where people receive education and the minds of the young are honed, but also a place, where an individual the marvel the majestic beauty and intricate details of the design elements. The place is not only beautiful to  look at but also intriguing in the manner in which it has been constructed. The design, the structure, the way it has been built, every defines the vision of Dominique Perrault, which has left people to wonder and marvel at the stunning masterpiece that has been created.

Not only is it a place of great beauty but it is also a place for many people to come and learn the balance between the architecture and the landscape of a place. How to design while keeping in mind even the most minute details, that is what sets this place apart from others, and sets and example for all those who wish to make a similar type of building in the future.

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