International Marketing: Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing







Digital Marketing代写 Traditional marketing and digital marketing are the two marketing methods that company management has to choose wisely.


Executive Summary

Market liberalization has created a large room for businesses to go global. Internationalization of various business activities requires strategic marketing in the target market. The marketing techniques to be used depends on the goals, products and type of market segment of a company. Traditional marketing and digital marketing are the two marketing methods that company management has to choose wisely. It is in the light of this context that this report is prepared. It targets to persuade management of ABC Ltd. to concentrate more on using digital marketing over conventional one.

To achieve the persuasive process, this report takes detailed and critical evaluations of the two marketing methods. The first part critically inquiries about the advantages and disadvantages of both traditional and digital marketing. The second part analysis the application of digital marketing in marketing Protease. Lastly, the report evaluates the existing risks for choosing digital marketing to market Protease and give recommendations to avoid the risks.

International Marketing: Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing  Digital Marketing代写

Many small businesses struggle with deciding which kind of marketing to do because the budget will only stretch one or the other but not both. The ma management decision that must be made is not easy on which method to give more focus to promote the product. Nonetheless, the technique has to be decided. The marketing budget is the best starting point of the best alternative to take in marketing. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is new and hence revolutionized how people access information on the products of their interests.

We are in an era where people are making a large portion of their purchases decisions and purchases online. However, there is a piece of the population with little know-how, if any, on the use of the internet. It is a challenge for the company to decide between digital marketing or traditional marketing for brand awareness and promotion.

According to Kotler and Gertner (2002, p. 249)  Digital Marketing代写

When marketing for a particular product, it is essential to define the target market and market it precisely by the use of the right tools that fit the market. The tools of marketing can either be traditional or digital. The capturing of the target market segment is achieved by choosing the right form of marketing and tools in consideration of the target group (Perreault Jr, Cannon, and McCarthy, 2013). The different target market needs various tools and approaches to reach and communicate effectively.

As such, this paper focus on exploring both traditional and digital marketing in the bid to convince the use of digital marketing over traditional marketing. In so doing, the advantages and disadvantages of both marketing methods in global marketing are critically analyzed. The paper will then expound on the application of digital marketing and associated risk on marketing Protease protein powder.

Traditional Marketing  Digital Marketing代写

Traditional marketing takes the forms of older media, including film, newspapers, magazines, billboards, face-to-face, radio, among others. These approaches to marketing have far-reaching impacts on marketing, and their lifespan can easily be defined (Ho Kang, Kim, and Kim, 2014, p. 163). For instance, according to Crowther (2011, p. 68) and Getz (2012, p. 290), if the lifespan of the advertising media is short, then it is only suitable to advertise the once-off event. Getz (2012, p. 291) observed that traditional marketing could be used to reach a whole population, as shown in figure 1 below.

According to Geraghty and Conway (2016), the various forms of traditional marketing have a life span of exposure. Blakeman (2014) found that magazines have the longest lift-time in communication and are easily transferable from one person to the other and in offices. Newspapers, on the other hand, are useful in target marketing because of their readership. However, papers have a shorter lifespan, even if they can be left on a commute and be picked again by another person.

Moreover, B2B marketing is a form of traditional marketing and essential for business growth and range from a simple, informal meeting to formal (Ellis, 2011). According to Tomas (2015) and Freitas (2015) leading form of B2B lead generation is still in-person events. The Content Marketing Institute (2015) report found that face-to-face communication is still the main form of communication. The use of word of mouth marketing is adequate but limited in the scope of reach. As shown in figure 1 below, Edelman (2016) stipulated that people tend to trust their friends and family more in the purchase process.


Figure 1: Trust barometer (Edelman, 2016)

Advantages of Traditional Marketing  Digital Marketing代写

The use of old methods of advertising is, in essence, the easiest way to reach the local audience. Radio and televisions are traditionally widely used in both urban and rural areas. As such, their use increases the coverage and reach of the target market. Secondly, traditional methods can easily be reused and recycled. Unlike online marketing that does not use physical materials, traditional advertising like the use of magazines, posters, and pamphlets use hard copies of the adverts, which are an added advantage. These copies of brochures, flyers, posters, and others can be used and reused anytime, anywhere, and do not need an internet connection. Some media like magazines and fliers are kept and can be used for future references or be recycled.

Thirdly, traditional marketing is the most familiar with people, both customers, and marketers.

Notably, older and business people are more used to conventional methods since they do not need explanation about the promotional material. These groups are readily receptive to fliers and pamphlets and read them whenever they have time and understand the type of product being advertised. It is unlike digital marketing that most of these older business people do not understand and do not have time to be online. Fourthly, the use of hard copy makes it easy for people to process mentally and is easy to remember compared to digital marketing that can appear and disappear.

Therefore, the method offers advertiser’s products greater exposure and hence higher market success rate. Most traditional methods have been tried and tested for dependability and results. Thus, business people prefer them because it is proven to provide marketing success. This is unlike digital marketing that reaches out to large and diverse population but has not to guarantee to reach the target market segment.

Lastly, traditional marketing can reach a large population and across many demographics.  Digital Marketing代写

The mix of forms can be used, including billboards, television, radio, and newspapers advertisement. The optimum blend gives marketers the ability to communicate the product message to various geographical areas and the right target market. It increases the chances of reaching new audiences who might get connected to the brand and business.

Overall, these are some of the essential advantages of traditional marketing over digital communication. However, it should be noted that they do not make traditional forms any better than digital marketing. The reason being, the marketing method to be chosen depends on the type of the product, the target market and the buying behaviour of the customers (Koo, Byon, and Baker III, 2014). Below are the disadvantages of traditional forms of marketing compared to digital marketing.

Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

Although traditional marketing has been used and proved successful in the past, some drawbacks have made people more inclined to used digital marketing in recent years. The era of mass usage of the internet that is facilitated by development in digital electronics such as smartphones, iPods, tablets, and social media platforms, has made advertising easier via websites and webpages through banners. The use of social platforms such as WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp among others has also been one of the most prominent in mass reach out. They cost less compared to traditional marketing. The following are some disadvantages associated with traditions marketing.

First  Digital Marketing代写

Traditional marketing is static text and hence difficult to change or edit if the message is not appropriate. For instance, when a company makes a newspaper ad for a product, then consumers respond to the advert, and they deplete the stock, it is not possible to edit the advert since it is already in print and with customers. It will then be a turn off to the customers who come looking for the advertised product only to get stock out.

Also, the static nature of the method makes it difficult to interact with customers and hence, communication about stock out is not possible. The use of digital marketing gives the marketer the ability to communicate and consequently can conveniently update the relevant channel about the availability of advertised products and let the customers know of the status of the product of interest.

Digital Marketing代写
Digital Marketing代写

Unlike digital marketing, where the marketer has the chance to respond and update the message to prospective customers, traditional marketing neither does it allows response nor changes to the advertisement made. It is even made impossible particularly in international marketing. The inflexibility in the method requires the marketer to prepare a message in advance even when it will be through print media. In digital marketing, entrepreneurs can easily change and update the message.


Though it is proven to be an effective method of product promotion, is expensive relative to internet marketing. Every time a newspaper ad is run or a pamphlet is distributed, the company incurs costs. It is unlike when the company has a website and a social media platform and use them to run information about its product. The online ads do not need additional costs. It is quickly done by the sales team or social media managers. In traditional marketing, each delivery of pamphlets or fliers has to be paid.

Fourth  Digital Marketing代写

Businesses cannot customize marketing to suit a specific group in the market. Marketing can only target particular markets. For instance, the use of traditional marketing allows for the creation of adverts targeting to sell new styles of purse or handbag to young ladies. When online marketing is used instead, the marketer can see what prospective buyers are viewing and hence make a suggestion of the product for improved comparison and choice.


Traditional marketing is challenging to present complex pricing and offers in print advertising since it does not have enough space to include all the price variation and offers available. It is also expensive to try to achieve it in the bid to appeal to the customers. In the case of internet marketing, marketers can outline the price variations and offer that appeal to potential buyers.

Moreover, the last two decades have seen the conversion of traditional media to digital media.  Digital Marketing代写

As such, conventional marketing methods such as newspapers are now accessible online. The shift has made these methods available to larger populations. It is proof of the superiority of the internet in modern global market. There are two reasons why traditional media owners migrated to digital while retaining print media. One, traditional methods are mostly ignored by people and adverts are easily skipped.

It is not a guarantee that a newspaper reader will read an ad on a specific page or a driver will pay attention to the billboard along the roads. Some people even change channels during commercial breaks to avoid adverts. Two, traditional media has been part of daily life and mostly forced on people to consume. It then receives low response rate compared to online marketing.

Digital Marketing  Digital Marketing代写

Digital marketing is a method that has benefited the global business. The Internet has become a part of everyday life and application. Marketers are utilizing this shift in lifestyle to not only create awareness or promote brands through it, but also global markets. It has come with many opportunities and tools in marketing, including social media, business networking, emailing, pop-up ads, blogs, bait URLs for viral content, search engine marketing, among others.

According to Chaffey and Smith (2014), marketer is increasingly using digital marketing methods. The digital tools allow the use of CRM that could not be achieved by traditional methods (Perreault Jr, Cannon, and McCarthy, 2013). The CRM is possible due to email and IP address tracking abilities of the digital tools. The technologies dialogue with buyers, and hence marketers can profile them depending on their preferences. It allows more in-depth insight into individual consumers and market segments which marketers can use in making appropriate decisions regarding the brand.

Ghauri and Cateora (2014, p. 200) observed that the internet market has many capabilities that are missing in traditional marketing. Digital Marketing代写

They found that internet tools can be used by marketers not only to see what prospective buyers are viewing but also how long they view products from where they perceive them and why they do. However, Kotler (2009, p. 46) and Smith (2015) agreed that though the use of the internet to promote the product allows monitoring of buyers, there exist many doubts on their effectiveness. According to Chaffey and Smith (2014), video clips can be optimized to be a marketing channel that consumers can use every time they are online. Marketers are using YouTube and Google AdWords to increase the lifespan of the marketing message (Crowther). Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is considered the best alternative for a lean budget.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing has its advantages, but digital marketing has revolutionized the accessibility of consumers. It has clear winning benefits over conventional marketing (Kapko, 2016). The most prominent benefits are the low cost of online advertising. Compared to newspapers, televisions, and other broadcast and print media, which are very expensive, internet marketing can be free or low cost. It hence saves on large portion of company budget while enhancing its growth. The low cost is also complemented with real-time results and monitoring of the market response.

This is an edge over traditional marketing where the marketer has to wait for a long time that even defined for results to show. There are online marketing tools that marketers use to measure and view everything that is happening online. These tools see site or platform visitors, conversion rates, the most active time of the day and bounce rate at ease. These capabilities make online marketing the most powerful tool in modern marketing.

Moreover, companies are using online marketing at the initial steps in brand development (Drengner, Gaus, and Jahn, 2008, p. 140).  Digital Marketing代写

The creation of a brand image using either traditional or digital marketing makes digital marketing have the upper hand. Conventional marketing has a limitation of space and low frequency of making ads and hence makes online marketing a preferred method in brand popularization. For instance, newspapers reserve only a small space for adverts. Instead, a company can own a website or a social platform that its marketers can showcase ads and make production promotion at any time. It makes the brand development consistent.

In essence

People buy newspapers to read news briefs but not to look at the ads or watch television for their favorite programs but not to watch commercial breaks. Thus, advertisements traditional media are intrusive (Dickson, Naylor, and Phelps, 2015, p. 281). These features of ad delivery are not present in online media. The users have power to choose which ads to see or not or ignore them altogether.

As such, online market offers flexibility on target marketing to a specific audience who will most likely not ignore or reject the adverts as intrusive. The flexibility of the user to control the ads and targeting, makes online marketing wanted and by far likely to generate leads. The virtue of it being non-intrusive and non-annoying, as opposed to conventional marketing makes digital marketing more desirable to get the desired results.

Furthermore, traditional media like television and newspapers only serve certain areas or a population in a vast region.    Digital Marketing代写

Online marketing, on the other hand, can spread to the broader community around the world. The capability to reach global market (see figure 1) makes digital marketing the most preferred particularly in the international marketing strategy. Besides, since traditional media does not allow interactions between prospective buyers and marketers, they have low engagement rates. Digital media tools allow for interactions with buyers while feedback prompt and fruitful. As such, marketers can engage their clients online through chat for better experience with brand. However, it needs investment in time and public relations teams.

Digital Marketing代写
Digital Marketing代写

Figure 1: Digital coverage

Ultimately, digital media create quick publicity and analytics.   

The real-time power of internet marketing creates instant publicity and know which ads are failing. Traditional marketing falls behind in these capabilities, and hence the question on which one is better is out of the problem. Marketers are using Google Analytics among other tools to access general trends in marketing, inbound traffic, conversion rate, exciting market, bounce, and profit. These make the debate between traditional marketing versus digital marketing unfair enough since the latter wins by a considerable margin.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

Though digital media has been labelled as the winning marketing strategy over traditional media, this does not mean it does not have its downside. When marketers work online, they mostly depend on websites and social platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Flicker, among others. If there is prolonged outage in any of these sites, then the campaign is also at a standstill. It, therefore, means marketers need to rely on various internet platforms and websites for successful digital marketing.

Application of Digital Marketing    Digital Marketing代写

The company’s global strategy is to promote and sell protein powder to the international market. The use of traditional marketing will not be successful because it is limited in both coverages and reaching to the target market. Digital marketing is the best alternative considering the above-discussed advantages. Various internet media forms are used, including email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, mobile advertising, blogs, among others. Below is the demonstration of how digital media can be applied to the marketing of Protease to the global market.

Social Media Marketing

The number of people accessing the internet and are on social platforms (Rothschild, 2012, p. 11). The company needs to decide on which of the dominant social platforms to use as well as which generation of target market it intends to reach. Facebook is widely used around the world (see figure 1) and can be used to target Baby Boomers and Millennials. WhatsApp is mainly famous for the younger generations.

Researchers and readers use websites. The company may use Facebook as the leading social media outlet, but it can use a combination ranging from Twitter, Flicker, Quora to YouTube. The product of interest is Protease, which is a protein powder for all people. It is mostly consumed where there is protein deficiency, or a person needs an additional intake of protein such as an athlete or a bodybuilder.


Figure 2: Facebook usage

Search Engine Optimization Digital Marketing代写

It is the process through which the company’s website can be easily be found, crawl, and categorize among the 14 billion searches every month. The company needs to hire writers to create relevant content, links, and tags that will increase its website visible in search engines like Google.

Email Marketing

The company marketing department should be able to create a database of email contacts from customers and web visitors. It will then use these emails to create personalized emails to specific customers in the bid to establish a business relationship.

Mobile Marketing    Digital Marketing代写

Since many people are online using mobile devices, the company can harness this by strategic use of SMS, MMS, and mobile app (Mobile Marketing Association, 2016, p. 8). The Protease marketing team need to create a persona and plan to reach them via their phones. There is a need to have a friendly website for mobile phones. They can be sending cold messages to these customers regularly and include links to the product information and other offers. The method will be handy since most people read emails using mobile devices, and much of the time, they are online using these devices.


Blogs involve creating online content for the company website. People searching for specific information covered in the blog will end up on the company website. For instance, the marketing team can be blogging about the importance of protein powder and post the content on the site where Protease is conspicuously positioned. Though they were looking for information on protein powder they come across our brand. Overall, blog increase web visibility.

Website Marketing      Digital Marketing代写

As a multinational company, website advertising is essential. The company should have a well-customized and optimized website from where it will communicate about Protease to the global market (Danaher, 2007, p. 430). Other forms of digital marketing, including SEO, display advertising, social media advertising, and video marketing, can be integrated into the company website.

Adware Advertising

It involves the use of software that redirects search to results to advertising websites and while collecting data about the user. The company can hire or partner with Adware developers to redirect traffic to the company’s site and hence create awareness about the existence of Protease. The company then uses the data collected about internet users to create customized ads.

The above are some of the many digital marketing methods that the company can use to advertise Protease. The combination of these forms will increase the presence of Protease in the brand in the market. More people will become aware of the product, benefits, prices, availability, and company offer.

Risks Factors      Digital Marketing代写

While digital marketing may not be of high-risk compared to other forms of marketing, there is still some risk that the company needs to be aware of if it chooses to use it as the primary advertising method. One notable risk in social media is losing control of the brand through sharing and comments from the audience. The social web means that the audience becomes advocates or opposition. Another risk is chasing vanity metric where the marketers focus on massive followers who, in the end, will not generate the business they are looking for.

Conclusion    Digital Marketing代写

Generally, due to many shortfalls in traditional marketing, it is being used with digital marketing. Both broadcast and print media are being digitized to fit into modern society’s needs. This is proof the digital media is superior to traditional media especially in trying to reach out to the broader and diverse global population. The use of an integrated approach to marketing has a significant impact on consumer-to-consumer communication in the market (Vel and Sharma, 2010, p. 371).

The method combines the buyer’s outlook and lowers costs with accelerated delivery time. This is only possible through the use of technology such as social platforms and online discussion forums. A door-to-door salesperson can also take part in online word-of-mouth communication. It is up to the company to choose the marketing strategy that fits the brands on sale.


Email marketing that the marketer may tend to misuse by blasting the audience with broad communication and not personalised messages. Generic messages overwhelm the audience and end up unsubscribing (Jacob, 2014). To avoid these risks, the marketing department will need to put more effort. The company should consider having full-time job social site managers to manage the social profiles of the company. The team should create content with a purpose. Lastly, the marketing team should develop messages that deliver value to the audience and not complicated.

References    Digital Marketing代写

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Digital Marketing代写
Digital Marketing代写

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