Article代写 Internet addiction and its mental health correlate among undergraduate college students of a university in North India.


Gupta, A., Khan, A.M., Rajoura, O.P., and Srivastava, S., 2018. Internet addiction and its mental health correlate among undergraduate college students of a university in North India. Journal of family medicine and primary care, 7(4), p.721.

Empirical research  Article代写

The authors carried out empirical research on the internet addition and how it has impacted on the mental health of undergraduate students in Indian Universities. The main argument is that internet addition which is associated with excessive exposure to internet use is associated with mental health issues among young adults. The writers perceive internet addiction as a psychological condition that results from excessive use of internet and related devices.


Internet usage among youths is associated with increased access to highspeed internet connections, internet devices such as smartphones, personal computers and desktops. The researcher took IA as a mental disorder that involves convulsive behavior where one is always online.

Cross-sectional study  Article代写

The researchers carried out a cross-sectional study, and interviews on the target student population sample from the University of Delhi. They used a simple random method to select 377 participants from three universities. The research used young’s IA test scale and depression, anxiety and stress short scales in the assessment. A chi-square test was applied to verify the correlation among the various variables including social demography, internet usage, and mental health variables. However, the study was delimited to the nonprofessional students in three universities in India. The strength of the article is its reference to similar empirical research and by trying to give similar findings and hence proving its credibility.

Conclusion  Article代写

The authors found a correlation between internet addiction among college students with high depression, anxiety and stress. The findings can are used to sensitize people against internet addiction. It also informs on the treatment and prevention of disorders such as anxieties, depression and stress.


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