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Journal to Journalism代写 Journal to Journalism:Temperament can be said to be a product of genetics but reinforced by the environment.


Temperament can be said to be a product of genetics but reinforced by the environment. Researchers have recently tried to study the relationship between personalities and environmental influences. Chopik and Motyl conducted a recent study of 50 U.S. states (2017) that revealed there is a relationship between the adult relationship establishment and ecological variations. Natalie Jacewics working for the CNN reported that about the findings of the research conducted by Chpik and Motyl. In this report, both Chopik and Motyl research and Jacewics report will be analyzed on their similarities on the findings claims.

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Jacewics describes someone’s personality changes based on the location. She discussed this claim while pointing out about the romantic relationships connections regarding the state a person lives. In this claim, Jacewics referenced the study conducted by Chopic and Motyl (2017) about the correlation that exists between the geographical location and adult attachment orientation. The study was conducted on the 127,000 adult volunteers. According to Jacewics, those adults living in Northeast and Midwest experiences higher anxiety in relationships than those living on the west coast regarding romantic relationships. Individuals living in mountainous states are less likely to find and foster relations except for Utah that has higher inclination to romance with less anxiety even though it is mountainous.

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Journal to Journalism代写

Additionally, Jacewics also pointed out to the suggestion by Chopik and Motyl that the geographic location shapes individual personality and attitude. That is, where a person has established a permanent resident, his or her attitude will be influenced to fit that environment. The correlation is because of the social, political, and economic relationships that one establishes with the locals while adapting the culture. Therefore, personality and attitude changes result from migrations patterns, ecology and social interactions.

The changes are not evident as they take place without people knowing. Also, Jacewics suggest that weather influence a person’s behavior and moods. In a general way, Jacewics’s insight informs the reader on what to expect when looking at people personalities and that Chopik and Mptyl research is the best available research on the personality change due to the environment.

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Chopik and Motyl (2017) made an association claim that environmental variations correlate with adult attachment orientation changes. The researchers are looking at the two variables including geographic variables and the criterion variable. Other controlled variables include male-to-female sex ration, age, the proportion of races, and income.

The researchers identified mediators of both correlation and relationship status. For correlation was marked to be state-level attachment avoidance, and that of relationship status are the networks and behaviours. The study used a sample of 127,050 adults from the 50 states with an average age of 28 years. There are 73.5 female participants and 26.5 male participants. The Likert scale was used to survey the participants through a website between September 2002 and March 2012.

The survey measured the participants’ relationships for feeling desertion and anxiety besides asking for the location and other demographic information. The research found that there exists a correlation between the feeling of abandonment and avoidance regarding the state and the individuals. People from the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic have higher relationship anxiety. Also, those individuals from the frontier states have higher attachment avoidance, and they are independent and self-reliant.

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Jacewicz’s summary and report about the journal, for the most part, is accurate. The journalist article gave a thorough and objective discussion of the Chopik and Motyl’s findings. Therefore, her summary about the high neuroticism in east coast states and low attachment in frontier states is the correct presentation of the facts from the article.

However, Jacewicz delved much on the relational and factors the leads to the changes in adult attachment depending on the geographic location. In this regard, she explores broadly about the differences in relationships regarding the changes in personalities which are said to be dependent on the location of an individual. Some of the correlations given by Jacewicz can be misleading to the reader by interpreting. That different relationships levels in various states as the causation of the changes in personality which is not the case as per the article.

Journal to Journalism代写
Journal to Journalism代写

Besides, looking at the title of the article, it means different literary thing from the article’s claim by Chopik and Motyl. The actual claim is that there exists a relationship between the locations changes and adult attachment orientation. The claim does not precisely claim that personality changes with location. To further reinforce their claim, Chopik and Motyl observed that the results from their research do not mean causation. And hence their research is subject to replicated study to strengthen their findings. The journalistic article fails to acknowledge the limitation of the study which can make the reader believe that study was final and valid.

References  Journal to Journalism代写

Chopik, W. J., & Motyl, M. (2017). Is Virginia for lovers? Geographic variation in adult attachment orientation. Journal of Research in Personality, 66, 38-45.

Jacewicz, N. (2017). Where you live affects your personality, study says. Science of Us, Retrieved from


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