Journal Entries

Journal Entries代写 Journal Entry 141.This commitment will make me become focused in my studies. Therefore, I commit that···


Journal Entry 3


  1. Accepting personal responsibility 80%
  2. Discovering self-motivation 70%
  3. Mastering self-management 50%
  4. Employing interdependence 60%
  5. Gaining self-awareness 70%
  6. Adopting lifelong learning 85%
  7. Developing emotional intelligence 90%
  8. Believing in myself 95%


List of the scores: 80%, 70%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 85%, 90%, 95%

3.  Journal Entries代写

After carrying out personal self-assessments, I realized that Iscored highly in Believing in myself, developing emotional intelligence, and adopting lifelong learning. I believe in myself especially in everything I do; i do them with confidence for success. I am a person who believes in the feeling for others as it is for myself. I understand and manage my emotions as well as being able to handle the emotions of others. Finally, being the ambitious person has made me have a plan with my life and accept the fact that every encounter is a way of learning to push on with life. The score did not come to me as a surprise as I am aware of my weaknesses and strengths.


By doing the self-assessment, I also learned that I scored lowly in mastering self-management and employing interdependence. I am introverted which disadvantage me in creating interdependence with other students. On the hand I have a weakness of procrastinating which affect self-management. More so, I lose focus so easily if something is not of interest to me. Therefore, the score did not come as a surprise to me. I feel that I need to work on these issues as they largely affect not only my learning but also life in general.

Journal Entry 14  Journal Entries代写

1.This commitment will make me become focused in my studies. Therefore, I commit that, for the next 32 days to never use my phone while in the lecture hall.

2.Short-term goal: I would like to do better in college. I would to exercise more and get to know myself better.

Journal Entry16  Journal Entries代写

1.A specific situation when someone assisted me was lost in understanding a course concept.

9.A specific situation when I assisted someone else was I gave cash to one of my classmates to buy a book.

10.A specific situation when I made assisting someone else more important than my success and happiness was when I helped my classmate who was doing a large project even though I knew that I would not pass my class.

11.When someone asks me for assistance, I usually feel happy to assist.

12.When I think of asking someone else for assistance, I usually feel shy and uncomfortable of the fact I am asking for help. In a few instances I able to gather some courage after understanding that at some point in need help like any other student who comes to ask for my help.

13.What usually gets in the way of my asking for help is lack of interpersonal skills and the fact that I never acknowledge my inability to do anything.

Journal Entries代写
Journal Entries代写

14.If I often asked other people for assistance, I may never be able to learn on myself, or maybe it will be an opportunity to connect with other students.

15.If I joyfully assisted others, I would gain the confidence in what I do.

16.If I gratefully accepted assistance from others, I would be able to do things myself than thinking that I can do everything by myself.

17.One goal that I could use assistance with today is helping others with areas they are weak as they help me with others areas, I am weak.

The choice that I want to make for a stronger support system in my studies is being able to communicate effectively with people around and close to me.

Besides working with my friends, I also need other people who do not know much about me but can understand and appreciate my efforts as well as assist when he/she can. I do not need a person who can mess me up and thus end up less focused on my studies. I need to shun those people who only drag me backward in my ambitions to achieve better in studies. In essence, I need people who are stronger than me and have more knowledge than I am so that I would always get the assistance I need from them. These choices will help me grow and build stronger system support around which my success will be vested.

Journal Entry 20  Journal Entries代写

1.One weekend I visited my grandparent in upcountry about 50 miles from our resident town. It happened that, when I was at home, I failed to complete all my homework as I had planned. Then on Sunday, I realized how much was left to do. I had to travel back home without even spending enough time with my grandparents. I am working against time when I finally settled to do the home. I stayed almost the whole night to complete the work. Later I realized a lot of mistakes made due to rush. It came to dawn on me that, one action may affect the rest of the plans. Although I knew I would not be able to complete the whole assignment, at least I tried to do the remaining part.

2.I feel off in the study work, and I am always not able to manage time. Even though I have all the tools needed in time management, I have not been able to make it in time management. One of the pressing issues is deciding to sleep instead of doing my homework. If I keep on with this trend, I may break down due to the pressure I put myself to when I do not manage my time well.

Journal Entry 21  Journal Entries代写

1.I have one behavior which is self-defeating, I am a loner.

Since the beginning of the semester program, I have been working alone and not even trying to engage other students in what I do. Although I get along with other people well, I usually find myself in the room with no one to talk to. Surprisingly, I do not set time to go out and get to meet and make new friends. This has made me a loner who no nothing about other people’s lifestyle, behavior, and culture.

The habit of being alone emanated from my homesickness and trying to cope with the reality of being away from home from my family and friends. Although being a loner is not a bad thing, it is not a good thing either. It will affect me later when I want to become interdependence and build study groups.

When I realized the need to have a balanced life, started moving out and getting to know and interact with people as well as trying as much to hang around with them. I also tried to be close and friendly with people as much as I could. The fact that I had to balance my social life with academic life made me get out of my loner comfort zone. By acting against the loner, behavior assisted me in creating a study which I also loved most.


A self-defeating thought pattern that I have is always being negative regardless of the nature and positivity of the situation and the benefits I am leaping from an activity. I usually find myself thinking about the negative instead of focusing on the positive sides. The behavior thought has affected me and the motivation I need for taking part in activities which are beneficial to me. Even though I end up making the opportunity, the negativity hinders my head on motivation. After this realization, I have tried to be positive in approaching the issues so that I can get the intended benefits from the start.

Journal Entry 23  Journal Entries代写

1.List of rules for success

i. Keep time in class attendance

ii. Develop personal timetable

iii. Attend to homework as planned

iv. Always do my best in my class work

v. Be active in class

vi. Be positive

vii. Create own time

viii. Have a motivator

2.the most important rule for me has the schedule.

Because I struggle in keeping managing time which results in the failures in completing my assignments during the set time, the timetable will assist me. Also, the schedule will help to reduce the pressure that exerts on myself when I fail to complete the class work. I will also be able to get ample time for sleep. Consequently, my grades will improve in college and my life goals will be attainable.

Journal 25  Journal Entries代写


Math is the most challenging course for me this semester. The course needs a lot of class time and work. The challenge is I find myself lost in the class. Although the tutor is right for every student and explains each concept clearly, I still find myself struggling at some point. My view is that I do not get enough time to think through what I have learned as a lot of math concepts are put in me at once which makes me feel overwhelmed. I felt that the problems we were doing for practice were not the same as the actual tests. Both should be the same so that I am prepared. At the start of the semester, the course was challenging, but after few reevaluations, I became used to the math rigor and comfortable.


I am satisfied and comfortable with the learning process used by the tutor, but I have to work on the areas that I feel uncomfortable with. In this regard, I need to spend much time outside of class doing practice in solving various math problems. Also, I began asking for assistance from other students and asking questions for unclear concepts. These steps helped me in making a significant improvement math.

Journal Entry 26  Journal Entries代写

1.Ten probing questions

i. Why is Dr. Skinner terrible?

ii. Which flaws does he exhibit that makes him a terrible tutor?

iii. What did you do to get assistance from his terribleness?

iv. Which ways did you come up with in dealing with the issue of Dr. Skinner terribleness?

v. What do you think will make Dr. Skinner the best tutor you ever had?

vi. Which challenges did Dr. Skinner faced which prevented him from being a tutor?

vii. Did you adjust to Dr. Skinner style of lecturing?

viii. Do you think of getting another tutor in like him to get better grades?

ix. What is the positive side that balance the case of Dr. Skinner to make him an excellent tutor?

x. To which extent are you sure each student will experience the same with Dr. Skinner?

2.The whole group was responsible for grade D.

The group had poor starting. On the part of Anthony, he had good leadership qualities but failed to use them in the right way. His initiative to begin the group was commendable, but he had no contribution as to the growth of the group. Also, his decision to leave Donald out was wrong because the group needed shared diverse opinions on the assignment. The group ought to have had equal roles with no one left with more functions to do than others. On the part of Donald, he could have taken part in every meeting and have his voice heard. Working as a require each member to have excellent interpersonal skills and ability to tolerate each other’s attitude to achieve the intended objective. Therefore, the whole group was a failure everybody contributed to the poor performance.

Journal Entry 28  Journal Entries代写

1.About Frustration

I was frustrated at the beginning of the semester program. At that time, we were barely two weeks in the program when we started to learn about factor fractions. The session was pretty much confusing to me as I could not understand anything through the lesson. I did know why it was so difficult for me to understand the concept. I almost gave up because of frustration from this class. It was not until one day when I was doing a practice outside the classroom and after listening to solutions from the tutor assistant that my mind started to open up into grasping the concept. From then, my frustrations faded away after understanding the idea.

2.Experience of happiness  Journal Entries代写

I experienced a state of joy over the winter break when a letter of admission from the University of Michigan arrived in our home address. That time is memorable because of the pleasure that filled me even before I could open the letter. The reason for joy is the admission in one of the most reputable university in America. I knew I had grand plans for joining the University of Michigan which I had worked so hard to get there.

3.Emotional change experienced

When writing about the above emotions, my emotions did not change. Nothing changed as I felt like I was living in the moment when the events happened. The lesson learned is that a human being can control the emotion depending on the circumstances. On the other hand, if the feeling is out of the control of the person, it may become difficult to control.

Journal Entry 29  Journal Entries代写

1.A time when I felt angry, sad, or anxious

I felt angry when after realizing that I was to attend the summer scholars bridge program. Although I was not aware of the reason to participate in it, it was an obvious prerequisite for those joining the University of Michigan. The program consumed the whole of the summer, and I felt away from home and full of homesickness. The fact that I had to go for that program made me angry even more. It also felt so sorry that the only break I had after school and before joining school was taken away.

This fact almost made me change my mind from attending the University of Michigan. But I realized how lucky I was to have such an opportunity that I had worked for. I realized that the program would give me a chance to familiarize myself with the campus as I get connections on the faculty. The thought of how lucky I was changed my emotion and I was thankful for the opportunity.

2.Strategies to use in the above situation  Journal Entries代写

The two approaches in this situation are the evaluation of the controls of the case and the perspectives from which I can benefit from the case. The assessment of my control over the situation will help me understand how to deal with negative emotions. Through this evaluation and understanding, I will able to control my anger by redirecting my excitement to another better option on viewing the situation. On the other hand, the need to see the case through a positive lens will enable me to look at the benefits in the case and therefore view it in a better perspective. As a result, my emotion can be improved from anger to a better feeling but positive.

Journal Entry 30  Journal Entries代写

1.Complete one of the following:

A.Gratitude Letter:

Dear Cate,

First is to applaud you for the achievement you have made. Since was young, I have been watching grow and looking up to you. Your growth helped in the understanding of the various routes I can take towards the attainment of my goals. I have to acknowledge that I learned much from your life through the mistake that you did and those of my own which were not reflected in your life. Through watching you go through life challenges also taught me how to get the solution to my life issues. I realized that you are a strong person who never gives up quickly and always strong regardless of the blocks you encountered. I learned to remain focused and strong and not allowing anything to derail me from achieving my goal. I can not wait for the brighter future ahead of us that now we are in college.

B.There was a time when a friend of mine tried to introduce me to smoking marijuana.  
Journal Entries代写
Journal Entries代写

Being a good friend to him, it was like he was divulging a secret to me and also expected me to try it out. Thought the situation was very new and I had never imagined myself doing drugs, and also wanted to keep a friend, I took few puffs and pretended that I did not like how I feel and to never try it. I also made it clear to my friend never to ask me to have it. In the first place, I felt weak and naive to have taken few puffs but also felt the need to prove to my friend how I did not like it and swore not to try again.


The first step in writing this journal had a significant impact on me and started to ignite the positive spirit in me. I have always been a negative person especially in issues that I am uncertain about. Although I have been a happy person throughout my life, the spirit of positiveness made me feel renewed.

Journal Entry 31  Journal Entries代写

1.Personal Strengths

i. I am a dedicated person

ii. I am always thankful

iii. I treasure honesty

iv. I am slow to anger

v. I am respectful

vi. I am a humble

vii. I am committed to what a do

viii. I good in computer programming

ix. I am a good writer

x. I am good in business

2.Personal weaknesses Journal Entries代写

i. I am a poor time manager

ii. I procrastinate a lot

iii. I am a pessimist

iv. I am a rude person

v. I have negative thoughts

vi. I have schooling

vii. I do not like reading

viii. I am easily distracted

ix. I am a loner

x. I am short-sighted


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