Impacts of Public Support and Voices Pluralism in Macao Newspaper

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Macao Newspaper代写 The journal research on the role MSAR in supporting the media houses in Macao which has a low number of readers but···


The journal research on the role MSAR in supporting the media houses in Macao which has a low number of readers but require diversionary media content and pluralism. The government subsidies have contributed to the survival of many media companies both in Chinese and Portuguese languages.

The question put forward was whether financial assistance has promoted pluralism in the media the sector. Various perspectives on the issue are evaluated through literature reviews, privileged interviews of informants in the sector and analysis of the real impact of the incentives. From these sources, it is evident there exist diversionary opinions regarding the issue of government support to the media.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Article  Macao Newspaper代写

The article has been able to capture the need for the government support to the diversity of press in Macao. Using various reviews and interviews it is evident that the existence many media companies in Macao is through the effort of MSAR. However, the article has failed to establish how the media companies can be self-sufficient and economically viable without subsidies. Explanations are required on the economic implications of the media incentives. That is, whether it is economically sensible to continue supporting media in the name of building press diversity.

Importance of Government Support 

The article found that there is the need for press support especially in the existence of positive impact of newspapers in Portuguese. The article verified the hypothesis that the supports are fundamental to the diversity and existence of pluralism in newspapers in Portuguese in the MSAR. The following are the observation from the article:

Macao Newspaper代写
Macao Newspaper代写
  • The public support has made survival of many different media centers in the small market possible.
  • The support will contribute to diversity in the media communication but not a guarantee of pluralism which depends on the journalists and the media houses.
  • It has shifted the focus to the users of the media content leading to the growth of pluralism.
  • The survival of Portuguese culture through media in Chinese dominated the region.
  • The pluralism and diversity do not depend on the government support and interventions.

Negative impacts of MSAR  Macao Newspaper代写

If the press became too much dependent on the government subsidies, it lowers their motivation and vigor to grow. The companies shift their energies on user contents more than it should equally engage in advert selling. And research and development to be economically viable and competitive. Also the government subsidies and incentives may lead to the loss of media freedom and autonomy.

Under the ideal situation, the market forces could be allowed to prevail. But this will make many communication companies be less competitive thus become economically not viable. Few media centers will remain which may hurt the information diversity and hence lack plurality in communication media in Macao.

Conclusion and Recommendation  Macao Newspaper代写

  • Macao press is not in a declining state or financial fragility so it is able to play a key role in the promotion of pluralism and diversity of information, ideas and values.
  • The Portuguese language press made it possible for Portuguese people to access information with cultural and linguistic codes.
  • There is an increase in dependency on government grants by Macao press.
  • Lack of market competitiveness is a chance for Macao presser to reach more people with information.
  • The recommendation that financial information to measure financial indicators of the press companies to be able to analyze social-economic context that enhances pluralism of the information.
  • The question that how long can the MSAR government maintain the incentive system.

Opinion  Macao Newspaper代写

In my opinion, government intervention in media sector should only be necessary when the rights to information have been adversely affected. Otherwise, the market forces should be allowed to prevail. The public support media is not sustainable in long-run as it presents a financial burden to the government. Also, due to subsidies, the companies tend to remain small due to lack of motivation to be innovative in the market. The media houses should be both self-sufficient and competitive in the market. So as they focus on the quality of information presented to the users.

Macao Newspaper代写
Macao Newspaper代写

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