Globalization and Criminal Activities

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Globalization and Criminal Activities

Criminal Activities代写 Globalization and Criminal Activities:Globalized crimes have been major concerns in the United States of America in recent past.


Globalized crimes have been major concerns in the United States of America in recent past.  

These are crimes committed owing to the infiltration of criminals’ cartels in the pretense of carrying out legitimate business in the United States. These organized crimes are assessed by United Nation Office on Drugs Crime which includes human trafficking, illegal immigration, drug trafficking, cybercrimes, counterfeit smuggling and illegal firearms (“United Nation Office on Drugs Crime”, 2010).

Criminal Activities代写
Criminal Activities代写

All these crimes have increased due to the development of global trades between the United States and other countries. There are various legal frameworks across jurisdictions characterized by the global trade. The proof of international crimes and what is legal or not varies from one country to the other, therefore, global criminals take hide in these differences of legal frameworks and jurisdictions.

The United States has Law Enforcement Strategy to Combat International Organized Crimes in which it has established priority areas of action against globally organized crimes.    Criminal Activities代写

These priority areas include Marshal Information and intelligence, prioritization and targeting IOC threats, attacking from all angles, and use of enterprise theory to dismantle criminal organizations (UNODC, 2010). Particularly, to counter these crimes, the united states have worked more closely with the financial sector to crack down on money laundering as well as global scrutiny of the banking practices of public officials in corporations with foreign governments.

The government has also established multi-agency bodies such as the U.S. Department of State bureaus of international narcotics and law and counterterrorism, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the National Institute for Justice, and Department of Defense which conduct operations to fight global crimes.

However, the United States efforts on combating the organized global crimes are derailed by various challenges.  Criminal Activities代写

Firstly, there is insufficient cooperation with the neighboring countries like Mexico in fighting criminal networks (Wilt & Paulussen, 2017). Lack of joint approach has undermined the fight against illegal drugs from Mexico to the United States. Secondly, corruptions within the political and economic systems have frustrated the efforts of dealing with organized global crimes. Thirdly, the growth of information technology has also made the global crimes sophisticated especially in money laundering and illegal drugs.

Criminals are using the internet to make communications and payment which are difficult to be detected. Lastly, the global criminals have infiltrated the government agencies making them the puppets of illegal businesses. As a result, they have shielded the criminals from being captured thus slow the government efforts to end international criminal activities (Sangiovanni, 2005).

References  Criminal Activities代写

Criminal Activities代写
Criminal Activities代写

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