Knowledge Management in Microsoft Norway



Knowledge Management in Microsoft Norway

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Knowledge Management代写 Microsoft Norway acts as a center of operations for Microsoft. The knowledge management is a critical···


Draw Knowledge Management Tree for Microsoft Norway

Knowledge Management代写
Knowledge Management代写

How practices knowledge management Microsoft Norway?  Knowledge Management代写

Microsoft Norway acts as a center of operations for Microsoft. The knowledge management is a critical and hence, centrally placed in the company. Its internal and external organizations profoundly influence knowledge management through knowledge creation, capturing, codification, sharing, application, and storage. Internally, the company has divided its operations into various departments with each department having specific duties and partners in the market. The four central departments are enterprise partner group, small, midmarket solutions & partners, business marketing operations, and services.

The large department is supported by smaller departments in gathering and relaying market and product information. Service is the largest of all and involves technical consultants who partner with others from outside to “install, integrate, and support products for customers.” Every other department has specialist and consultants who offer professional insights in collaboration with support employees. The departments work differently but in collaboration in information sharing for decision making.

Externally, the company works with partners like retailers, customer service, and wholesalers to get market information and give them the best prerequisites and up to date knowledge about the company products. In essence, the information exchange between various departments and partners create a pool of data. That can be used for decisions and developments plans of the company. Also, the company utilizes the big data gathered over time from the market to train its employees on the best practices in development, production, and sales and marketing.

Summary knowledge management in the company of Microsoft Norway?  Knowledge Management代写

Knowledge management in Microsoft Norway is one of the most successful in the world and has placed Microsoft at the pinnacle of leadership in technology services and products. The knowledge gathered from the market has been utilized to develop products that solve consumer issues and needs. For instance, the company has continued developing Windows and MS Office as its primary products which have undergone metamorphism depending on the consumer needs.

Explain how all the six stages of the KM Life Cycle being practiced Microsoft Norway  Knowledge Management代写

1.Knowledge Capturing

Microsoft Norway uses employee interviews, consumer feedbacks, department records to build on its knowledge about the market, consumers, products, and services. The company also train employees through face-to0face interactions, hands-on experiences, presentations, and data mining.

2.Knowledge Codification  Knowledge Management代写

The data about products, services, and the market are collected as per the department. The whole company has a computer system installed in every department. For instance, information from the service department is known by the files in the system since files are stored according to the department they are created. Each department has specific roles, and hence the files from every department are known to have contained certain information.

3.Knowledge Storing

Knowledge Management代写
Knowledge Management代写

The data from all departments are stored in the database linked to the information system of the company. The company has e-learning, and that means it also uses cloud storage.

4.Knowledge Sharing  Knowledge Management代写

Information flow between departments and workers. The company has utilized online sharing where employees are trained through e-learning, where they can access materials such as market data, videos, presentation, and more. Microsoft Norway also utilizes face-to-face learning, presentation during lunch, and data mining. The company has utilized a SharePoint library that acts as a repository of information that can be accessed by employees. Also, there is the power of social media through which employees and consumers can interact informally and hence result in information exchange.

5.Knowledge Application  Knowledge Management代写

The information gathered from the market is used in product and service development, sales, and marketing. The company uses the data to produce service and products that are suitable and adapted to consumer needs, for instance, over time development of Microsoft Word and Office with the introduction of enhanced use and capabilities. Also, the information is used to impart knowledge to employees primarily on the market changes and needs.

6.Knowledge Creation  Knowledge Management代写

Microsoft Norway has gathered information over the years. The database forms the basic foundation of its knowledge creation regarding consumer and market behaviors. Most importantly, it has harnessed the power of big data where information is widely available in the internets and is easily accessed and shared. Also, employees are encouraged to learn from one another in the meeting and casual interactions.

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