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Research Firms代写 The business environments are ever changing requiring businesses to be dynamic and adaptive.Research and ···


The business environments are ever changing requiring businesses to be dynamic and adaptive. The modern business world has transformed from local to the global market which increases the level of competition. For a company to keep up with the pace, it has to be innovative and craft strategies to remain in the industry and at the same time grow (Tsai, & Yang, 2013). As such, there are various market strategies that businesses use with research being one of them.

Research and development management is key to any progressive business. Companies need to reinvent processes, create and innovate products, carry out market research, product surveys, and more which can be achieved through research. In this regard, for this paper, two research firms will be compared and analyzed by research and tools used. Additionally, about the two firms, the paper will evaluate the need for companies to have an in-house team as opposed to outsourcing research firms.

The Two Research Firms  Research Firms代写

The analysis of research tools involves B2B International and Research Now research firms. B2B International is an international market research firm which specifically conducts business-to-business markets (“B2B International”, n.d). The firm gathers the intelligence about the market in a database which is accessed by other businesses to make decisions about the market. In particular, B2B International do brand research, competitor intelligence, customer experience, employee research, market and opportunities for research, price research, product research, and segmentation research. On the other hand, Research Now is a global market research firm most capitalizing on simulated online surveys (“Research Now,” n.d). Its main research activities include survey creation, survey programming, marketplace research, trackers services, omnibus survey, and data processing.

Type of Tools Used by the Two Firms  Research Firms代写

There are many research tools for businesses to choose the most suitable for the purpose. Each of the two firms uses different and unique tools for specific purposes. B2B International uses survey tools like Response Accuracy Calculator used to measure the accuracy of the various surveys conducted from different samples, B2B Sample Size Calculator used to measure the number of companies to include in the survey for dependable results, and Compound Growth Calculator which is used to measure the growth rate of the business (“B2B International”, n.d). The tools are used together for efficiency and effectiveness in research.

Research Firms代写
Research Firms代写

Similarly, Research Now firm use survey tools such as Samplify and Mobile Research Score (“Research Now,” n.d). Samplify is a DIY platform which clients use to access a database of customers, create surveys and assist in decision-making. Samplify is preferred for speed in accessing, assessing and manipulating data. Mobile Research Score premise on the utilization of mobile devices to reach out to the respondents. The tool allows for the calculation of survey inputs as per the predetermined survey characteristics while giving a real-time customized score and other details. The Mobile Research Score enable accurate targeting for the positive response and quality data.

Advantages of Utilizing Research Firms  Research Firms代写

Companies have the choice of conducting the research in-house or using the third-party services. Most companies depend heavily on third-party research than conducting it in-house. The reason being, outsourcing research services can be used as a way of ensuring confidentiality to the respondents. Some clients are not comfortable responding to the company sponsoring the research for fear of victimization or their response being tired to their names. Therefore, using a third-party can be a better option for getting honest responses especially when doing employee research. Using a third-party bring in the better perspectives in the business. The benefit is based on the argument that an outsider has a better view of the company from outside and can bring new approaches.

Furthermore, outsourcing research services also save on time. The research consultant does not have to prepare as it is a repetitive activity and can work as the extension to the internal research team to offer insight and recommendations fasters than with internal team alone. Additionally, third-party comes with extensive expertise which may not be available internally.

Reason Why Companies Can Utilize In-house Team Instead of Outsourcing to Research Firms  Research Firms代写

The glaring benefit for in-house research is cost. The prospects of not using a dedicated third-party for research is underpinned by the high costs. For a small and a growing company, saving money to utilize the in-house team is cheaper than having to hire a researcher. At the same time when a company has its own data analysts and crushers, over time it will have access to its private pool of data for assessment. Therefore, the team will have constant access to the data allowing for smooth research. Another benefit is the availability of cheap tools for research as well as the utilization of social media and surveys.

Most importantly is the security of non-discloser to the third-party. The company secrets are not always safe with the third-parties as the data leak can occur. Secrecy is important especially when the data involved is competitive, and brands are competing for uniqueness and marketing speed.

Enabling Environment for Internal Research Research Firms代写

There are many research tools which companies can use for their internal research. Some of the tools available for free including Google Keywords Tools, Questback, KeySurvey, Google Analytics, FreeLunch and among others. The essential services in these tools are free with the option for premium services at a low fee. The companies offering these tools also offer support to the users hence making them dependable. Also, companies can utilize the power of social media in conducting surveys and market research.

Looking forward, increase in competition and a global market, characterized by a large number of undifferentiated prospective customers, requires businesses to do due diligence market research. Companies have options to choose from in-house research over outsourcing to a third-party. The decision on research depends on the cost and affordability of the services. In addition, the growth of the internet and ease of communication has contributed to the reduction of cost for research tools as companies are also using social media to do surveys. The bottom line of research is the effectiveness, validity, and value for money.


Research Firms代写
Research Firms代写

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