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Company Summary and Goals

Huawei is multinational electronic company dealing with manufacturing, distribution and sales of mobile electronic devices particularly smartphones (, n.d). The marketing campaign aims to create new brand awareness, generate new leads, create direct sales, cross-sell to existing customers, up-sell existing customers, nurture existing customers, and generate referrals in the global market. Besides, the marketing campaign will look to build business to business relations and support distributors in their marketing efforts.

Notes  Management Psychology代写

The market goals ensure the marketing campaign is focused (Kreutzer, 2019). Also, it will look to build business to business relations and support distributers in their marketing efforts. The goals shape how the company will communicate to target groups.

Huawei Inc. is a famous brand and leverage its popularity to create superior products brands that are trusted. Huawei Y9 Prime will continue build on the goodwill the company has created for the last over 30 years.

Huawei Y9 Prime is a new generation smartphone and seeks to compete with other smartphones in the market with its appeal to customers. The target customers want high-end gadgets that serve their social and economic needs.

Target Market  Management Psychology代写

The market includes people who use the internet, social media, photo enthusiasts, and, technologists particularly thetech-savvy generations (Osman, Sabudin, Osman, & Shiang-Yen, 2014; Haverila, 2013).

Marketing campaign target young generations who are tech-savvy. Besides identifying the youths as the target market, the persona for the market will be successful global people who identify with the company products.

Note  Management Psychology代写

Name: Jackson Miller

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Clinical Officer; $76k

Motivations: Miller is an outgoing man who love adventure, socializing, personal research and reading. He like using his phone to capture every moment in his life. recently he acquired Huawei Y5 which is a 2019 new smartphone model. Miller love electronic devices and he has a collection of latest devices ranging from smart television to video games. On his part, he like buying Huawei products for quality, affordability and better customer services.

Goals: Needs a smartphone that is over 6.0-inch touch screen, 4 GB RAM, and 64 GB internal storage. I would like to purchase the latest model.

Frustrations: Not able to get a trusted dealer. Too many counterfeit smartphones mimicking latest models.

Marketing Strategy  Management Psychology代写

The marketing campaign will use social media, internet marketing, television adverts, radio adverts, and newspaper adverts to reach and influence its target market (Boscor, 2016; Malhotra, Malhotra, & See, 2013).

Huawei Y9 Prime is a new model in the market that has integrated the modern technologies into one single device.

The device is an improvement from the previous brands that ensure durability, usability, better experience, and service. The company will use the marketing mix that is the product, price, place, and people (Ghorban, 2012). The product tagline will be “The Ultimate Service.” The slogan will be used in all adverts customized for specific advertising platforms.

For instance, the advert for social media, internet and television will run a clip of two lovers hiking in a mountain side through thickets while capturing their best moments.

Note  Management Psychology代写

Majority of the target market are smartphone users who also follow technology trends. Besides they rely on the internet for communication, educations, socializing and research. Notably, most young people with smartphone also use social media platforms be it Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat among others. Therefore, to reach them, the media campaign should focus on creating adverts in these social media platforms.

Other media like print media, television and radio will reach other groups which might be interested in the product. These are older generations and those without smartphones like those joining colleges.

The advert for social media, internet, and television will run a clip of two lovers hiking in a mountainside through thickets while capturing their best moments.

The clip will show real camera capture and sharing at ease and speed, while is raining the lover continue to enjoy their moment without fear of the device getting damaged by rainwater. They lovers will then be lost but become confident that they have the clips and photos to the thick woods which they will use to track their way out.

Management Psychology代写
Management Psychology代写

Market mix:

Place: Global market

Product: Huawei Y9 Prime

People: Young generations and tech savvies

Price: USD 450

Offer and Desired Audience Action  Management Psychology代写

The company will offer brand quality and prestige at affordable prices. Extensive media campaign targeting target customer behaviors. Products will be available at all authorized dealers and distributors. The desired action will be sales order and inquiries. A buyer will identify the leading company vendors and use that company as the benchmark.


Customers expect a device that is of superior quality, classy, and affordable. The company has created Huawei Y9 Prime that has the following features:

i.  59” (16.74 cm) display screen

ii.  Screen resolution of 1080 by 2340 pixels

iii. Android v9.0 (Pie) operating system

iv. Powered by Octa-core (2.2 GHz, Quad core, Cortex A73 + 1.7 GHz, Quad core, Cortex A53) processor

v.  Processor paired with 4 GB RAM

vi. 4000 mAh battery

vii. 16 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera

viii. High graphical performance

ix. 64 GB storage, expandable up to 512 GB.

These specifications fit the target customer behavioral needs.

Creative Assets and Team Required  Management Psychology代写

The company will need video clips, banners, audio recordings, animated videos and graphics. Also, require dedicated team to carry out the marketing campaign. The company does not has the dedicated marketing team but has marketing department that oversee the marketing activities. Creative assets and team will be outsourced but selected agency will work in coordination with marketing department.


Creative assets and the team will ensure the intended marketing goal of creating awareness is achieved. An innovative team will include people with knowledge of customer buying behaviors and needs. The team will design assets as per the requirement to serve the behavioral characters of the target group.

Some behavior targets include:

i.  Use of social media

ii.  Internet users

iii. Preference of technology trends

iv.  Adventurers

v.  Classy people who need prestige and social recognition

Creative assets will be used to create awareness and influence the interest to buy of the target group. Therefore, the assets incorporate psychological effects that will capture the attention of the youths.

Estimated Campaign Metrics  Management Psychology代写

The ROI for the marketing efforts will be measured by:

i.  The amount of inquiries made after the campaign

ii.  The rates adverts click and views

iii.  The number of orders placed and fulfilled in the period

iv.  Number of unit sales and total revenue in the period


Metrics are needed to measure the success of the marketing campaign. The above measures has to be positive for the effort to be concluded successful. The measures determine whether the approach used in the marketing campaigns have yielded to the expectations of the management.

The results are determined by the campaign appeal to prospective customers. If contrary, then the management has to review the creative assets and team. Reason being, the media or creative assets used did not suit or failed to have psychological impact and appeal for buying the interest of the target market.

Marketing Budget  Management Psychology代写

The marketing campaign is expected to cost approximately $1 million. The amount will be shared depending on each media platform popularity with the target market. Social media will have the largest share since majority of young people use it. Other media like print media, radio and television will target those who love watching and listening to television programs.


Since the marketing campaign is aligned with prospective customer behaviors. Financing will be shared depending on the popularity of the media platform in the target group. Social media is famous in young customers as well as other people who are tech-savvy. The behavioral factors considered here are socialization, internet use, and being updated with technology trends.

However, since not all young people love social media, the campaign will also focus on print and television as well as radios. The behavioral factors being considered here are watching movies, reading and listing to music via radio stations.

Fulfillment of Requests  Management Psychology代写

Management Psychology代写
Management Psychology代写

The campaign fulfillment actions will include:

i.  Handle inbound calls: These calls are important as they are mostly for needy customers

ii.  Convert website visits: It involves redirecting customers to the company website

iii.  Respond to emails: These are client’s inquiries and source of making sales

iv.  Process orders: It allows customers to place order or buy online

v.  Send mail piece: Random emailing of the prospective customers can create interests and knowledge on products

vi.  Transition of sales: The company can direct sales to the agent or dealers


Fulfilling order is critical in connecting with customers. Handling calls ensures one-on-connection with the customer and help to persuade and influence buying. A customer service representative need to have knowledge on how to deal with people especially when some can be annoying in making irrelevant enquiries. He/she have to understand the target clients are young people whose interpersonal communication might not suit personal temperament.

Additionally, leadership is critical in handling requests to ensure proper coordination for efficient and fast customer services.

References  Management Psychology代写

Kreutzer, R. T. (2019). Strategic and Operational Marketing Plan. In Toolbox for Marketing and Management (pp. 225-229). Springer, Cham.

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