Manage Recruitment Selection and Induction Process



Manage Recruitment Selection and Induction Process

Assessment 2: Human Resource Needs Project

Manage Recruitment Selection代写 This report offers analysis, evaluation, and recommendation on human resource policies, practices···


Human Resources Requirements Briefing Report

This report offers analysis, evaluation, and recommendation on human resource policies, practices, and procedures. A review of the company’s strategic plan and other human resource documents will be conducted. Also, several reviews will be conducted to find out the recruitment and selection methods used or should be implemented by the company for HR efficiency, identification of missing HR policies and procedures, and the use of technology in the company’s operations. The report will be used by the HR department to make appropriate changes as per the request by the management.

Grow Management Consultants is a seasoned strategic planning consultant who delivers a highly experienced strategic plan.

The company aims to be a global consultant in management. Since it started in 2010, the company has been on the growth trajectory. Grow Management Consultant want to establish offices in all the major cities in Australia by 2025. According to the strategic plan, it has achieved its seven years’ strategy of increasing the client base and number of employees. Its three-year strategic plan starting from 2017 to 2019 involves building a strong management and organizational structure to take off to the next level of being an international brand.

The main human resource objectives include employee motivations and satisfaction  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

Defining the structure of the organization and employee productivity, coordinating between departments, and keeping up with the societal and ethical issues (Van Scheers, & Botha, 2014; Hecklau, Galeitzke, Flachs, & Kohl, 2016). The company only has an employment contract template, which facilitates engagement between the company and its employees. The contract specifies the terms of engagement where every employee gets one-year contract, which is renewable upon review by the management (Mihălăchioiu, 2017). In the contract agreement template also is the remuneration, code of conduct, terms of termination, and more.

The review of the HR needs shows that the company needs to add employees to cover the increasing workload. As such, there was a need for accountants, front office clerks, marketers, and office cleaners. Generally, the review of the available documents reveals gaps in policies, procedures, and practices in human resource management. Some of the identified gaps include a lack of employee development manual, compensation, and benefits template, and staffing practices, including work arrangement, diversity, and inclusion program. Also lacking was employee relations and communication and technology and outsourcing documentation.

Therefore  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

the company can use any of the three recruitment and selection methods which include direct and indirect methods and use of third party in recruitment and general mental ability, structured interviews and situational judgement tests in employee selection (Ekwoaba, Ikeije, & Ufoma, 2015; Nikolaou, Bauer, & Truxillo, 2015). The company also needed assessment centers for recruitment and selection (Iii, 2016). The company opted for this option to outsource the hiring function so that it can concentrate on the core business functions (Ballantyne, & Povah, 2017).

The use of center enhances selection criteria by changing the environment where problem-solving and communication skills are different in a group situation than they are in an individual setting. The group setting in a center is also useful in predicting the success of a worker at work. As such, the employment pool for those needed is higher than the one that includes those who have the right attitude. Skills can be taught; attitude to a much lesser extent. Hence getting the right person in both at first is better.

Also, the center enables the management to make a comparison between the candidate with reasonable objectivity. Thus, there is no selection as it is based on a judgment about a person though there is blind evaluation. The use of right ways and activities, tools, and observers’ assessment center are the most reliable way recruitment and selection of the right job candidate.

Additionally  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

There are legislation, regulations, standards, and codes of practice that may affect recruitment, selection, and induction that the company needs to address within its policy and procedures. The company HR operations are affected by the Employment and Labor Law 2019 and Fair Work Act 2009 (, 2019). The Australian laws and regulations governing employment at the state level, territory, and federal levels covers minimum terms and conditions, work health and safety, privacy, discrimination, superannuation, long service leave, and other matters.

Also, the company should be guided by the codes of practices which include equal employment opportunities, no discriminations, as well as occupational safety and health. Besides, the company is bound by National Employment Standards (NES) which include ten minimum employment entitlement namely maximum weekly hours, requests for flexible working arrangements, parental leave, and related benefits, and annual leave (Fair Work Ombudsman, n.d).

Also include personal leaves, community services leave, long service leave, public holidays, a notice of termination and redundancy pay, and fair work information statement. The various laws and regulations affect how the HR department delivery for improved performance.

Moreover  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

For effective human resource policies and practices and procedures, the company has to evaluate and include some missing links. There are missing HR policies which included regulatory policies, business and travel reimbursement, acceptable use policies, and paid time policies (Albrecht, Bakker, Gruman, Macey, & Saks, 2015; Ma Prieto & Pilar Pérez-Santana, 2014). The missing HR practices included compelling interviews and process, pre-employment background checks, and compensation planning and approach. The areas need to be addressed for effective HR performance.


The company lacks the effective use of technology in its operations. The company utilizes technology in document creation, printing services, internet, and premises surveillance to enhance human resource performance (Stone, Deadrick, Lukaszewski, & Johnson, 2015). Some of the critical activities that needed implementation of technology included e-recruitment, automated performance monitoring, online transactions, and more. The use of technology is the foundation of the company to achieve its strategic plan.

Recruitment, Selection and Induction Policy and Procedures  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this section is to provide a framework that defines the Goal Management Consultant’s recruitment, selection, and induction procedures for effective human resource management (Wilton, 2016).

2.0 Scope

The section applies to the selection, recruitment, and induction as if they should apply in human resource management. It will also cover the policies and procedures as per the state, territories, and federal laws and regulations. As such, they will be based on Employment and Labor Law 2019, Fair Work Act 2009, minimum wage, occupation safety and health, and other regulations.

3.0 Regulations, Standards, and Codes of Practice that Affect Recruitment

This procedure is based on the recruitment and employment law, minimum terms and conditions, work health and safety, privacy, discrimination, equal employment opportunities, no discriminations, as well as occupational safety and health and National Employment Standards (NES).

4.0 Objectives of the Policy and Procedures  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

The objective of this procedure is to:

i. Guide the relationships between Goal Management Consultant and its employees. It will define the acceptable behavior norms, work schedules, health and safety at workplace, conflict resolution, and disciplinary actions.

ii. Ensure compliance with human resource policies and procedures by relevant laws and regulations.

iii. The recruitment and selection practices will ensure the company observes equal and diversity in employment.

iv. Provide reference material for managers and supervisors about employment matters in the company.

v. Provide a consistent and transparent process for the recruitment requirements relating to essential employees’ qualifications.

5.0 Roles and Responsibilities  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

Below are general roles and responsibilities that apply to the company employees.

i. Duty of care when serving the clients

ii. Obey the company rules and regulations by being reasonable in terms of the contract employment

iii. Serve faithfully

iv. Cooperate with other employees

v. Carry out day-to-day operations with proper care and diligence

vi. Be accountable in all their work undertakings

vii. Make indemnity for the employer where and when appropriate

viii. Maintain the privacy of the business and that of clients

6.0 Relevant Procedures Relating to Recruitment, Selection, and Induction  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

6.1 Initiation of Employment Process

Before the end of 24 hours after resignation or occurrence of the vacancy, the HR manager will be required to declare the position vacant and define it in any of the three categories:

i. The vacancy is due to a worker leaving Goal Management Consultant with the evidence of the written resignation letter and that the position is covered it the current budget.

ii. A new position is created in the company upon the approval of the board of management.

iii. A new title of a particular job is created or existing one changes upon approval by the board of management.

6.2 Initiation of Recruitment Process  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

Before any position is filled, the human resource manager should have a detailed description of the post for the approval by the executive management. Among other things, the position description will constitute a definition of the position, the reason for initiation of employment search, advertisement proposal for the vacancy, the type of vacancy, remuneration range, and the job commencement date. The manager under which the position falls will assist in human resource manager in defining the above elements.

Nevertheless, the two critical elements in recruitment are further discussed below.

6.2.1 Salaries and Staff

The salary for any position will be determined by company remuneration scale at any time a vacancy occurs. The industry wage rate and government minimum wages will be used as the reference to set the salary.

Notably, the position will be declared vacant and advertised as well as filled at the starting salary for that position as per the remuneration scale. Regardless, the job can be advertised at higher pay than usual but within the range of the budgeted amount with the approval of the executive management. The parameter for payment will be the candidate’s experience and qualifications. However, for classified positions, the starting salary can be higher than the starting pays.

6.2.2 Qualification for a Business Consultant  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

The minimum standards for levels of consultant employee as described by the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF):

i. A consultant has a relevant academic qualification, that at least a bachelor degree from a recognized university.

ii. A consultant must have relevant and proficient industry experience.

iii. Demonstrate a high level of performance and work integrity.

6.2.3 Advertisement of Position
Manage Recruitment Selection代写
Manage Recruitment Selection代写

Below are the requirements for the job advertisement:

i. Job title

ii. Starting salary

iii. Job summary including work to be performed and essential functions

iv. Note on the interpersonal skills required with other employees in Goal Management Consultant

v. Note of any critical attributes of the position

vi. Qualifications including education, certifications, and other requisite skills

vii. Required experience in the industry

viii. Date of closing the application

6.3 Selection Process  Manage Recruitment Selection代写
6.3.1 The Applicant and Screening Process

The only available and open position will receive applications. Any application that is ad hoc will receive a courtesy response from the HR manager with a clear indication that Goal Management Consultant does not have and has not advertised any vacancy and that their application will be considered in the future job vacancies.

The applications will then be screened by the HR manager fulfillment of the position criteria. Those that do not fulfill the position criteria will be rejected by either a response by the HR manager or expiration of a specified duration. In essence, the HR manager will have a matrix to categorize and screen applicants in terms of qualifications, experience, and other skills. The first three applicants will then be selected for an interview. Otherwise, the position will be re-advertised.

6.3.2 Selection of Appropriate Candidate

Qualified candidates will be invited for interviews using an appropriate method. The HR manager will use appropriate assessment center to get the most suitable candidate for the position. A successful candidate will then be notified and scheduled for executive approval, signing of the employment contract, and commencement of work.

6.4 Induction

A new employee will undergo an induction process relating to consulting services. Some of the areas of induction include:

i. Company policies, practices, and regulations

ii. The company management structure

iii. Roles and responsibilities

iv. Any relevant training and development such technologies used, procedures, etc.

Position Description Template  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

Job Title

Company accountant


New Zealand

Reporting Responsibilities

You will be reporting to the general manager and board of directors on the position of the company.

Main Duties/Responsibilities  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

i. Examine the bank statements and reconcile them with the general journal entries

ii. Examine expenses as incurred in the company

iii. Checking the account receivables and account payables

iv. Prepare the company financial reports as per the generally accepted accounting standards and according to Australian law

v. Examine financial data and determine the status of the company financially

vi. Analyze financial data to establish the source of revenues and losses

vii. Examine accounting software for proficiency

viii. Prepare a financial report that reflects the company’s profits, equity, and cash flow

Skills and Experience  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

i. Must hold a Bachelor degree in accounting or any other related courses

ii. A professional accountant certification from Australia; either Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA Australia), Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (CA Australia), Institute of Public Accountants, or any other internationally recognized certification

Performance Goals

i. The accountant should ensure that the management and other stakeholders that use the financial statements have access to comprehensive information to facilitate their decision making regarding the company

ii. Timely preparation of financial statements

iii. Ensure cost saving in the company operations

iv. The information in the financial statements is free from bias

Guideline for Conducting Effective Interview  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

The interview has to follow the following guideline to make the most out of the interview with a potential candidate (Knight, 2015):

i. Understand the job requirements

ii. Come up with job-related interview questions

iii. Establish a system evaluate the candidates

iv. The interview should be in a comfortable environment for the interviewees

v. Help the candidate relax

vi. Avoid unlawful or discriminatory questions

vii. Document the interview

viii.The candidates should be allowed time to ask questions

ix. Provide information on the way forward after the interview

x. Make notifications to the candidates about the decision made

Update to the Procedure Document  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

One of the students identified that a section about the appointment is missing in the procedure document. As such, below are the changes made regarding the same:


The human resource manager will give notification to the successful candidate of the decision. The successful candidate should be notified in writing, or any other accessible methods note the remuneration and terms of engagement. The candidate will be given a three-month probation period. Within the given time frame, the candidate can request a modification of the conditions which have to be approved. If the candidate is not satisfied with the terms and changes available do not suit him/her preferences, the job will be re-advertised.

The results of the interview will be made available to all applicants with the seven days. At the same period, the HR manager will arrange for induction of the successful candidate. The HR manager will closely monitor the performance of new employees.

Assessment 3: Recruitment and Selection Project

Job Advertisement

Deadline for application: 20th August 2019

Location: Brisbane

Duration: Full Time

Position: Accounts Officer

Pay: $4,695

An exciting opportunity has to arise for a qualified and experienced account officer to join Goal Management Consultants. Our company strives to provide quality services to clients using modern technologies and industry trends. The position is ideal for an accountant that is ready to accelerate their career progression. As such, the position is for a proactive accountant who prefers working with a small team, is agile in their technical skills, and is professionally adaptive to organizational changes.

Key Responsibilities  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

i. Preparation of bank reconciliation document about journal entries using QuickBooks

ii. Prepare annual financial statements, tax returns, and balance sheet for the company

iii. Liaise with various department financial matters

iv. Take part in monthly meetings and be responsible for questions regarding company financial performance and position

v. Prepare the company budget and ensure all operations are within the budget

vi. Report on the company’s key performance indicators

Job Requirement  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

i. A bachelor degree in accounting or commerce or any equivalent qualification from a recognized institution

ii. Relevant certification preferably CA or CPA from Australia

iii. Must have a minimum of 1 to 2 years’ experience in account practice

iv. Proficient in technical skills as well as taxation in large companies

v. Proved knowledge and expertise in accounting software

Goal Management Consultants is a medium enterprise that was founded in 2010 and hence, experience in offering various consulting services to both large and small companies. An accountant in our company is committed to providing a financial statement that has sufficient information for use by stakeholders and other interested parties to make an informed decision about the company.

Rationale for Terms and Conditions in Recruitment Process

Terms and conditions in the recruitment process are essential in recruitment. They are used to match the job applicants with the job description and ensure that the its consistent practice of the company. Besides, they ensure that the recruitment process follow the law and hence offer the confidence of genuine offer to the candidates.

Research About Recruitment Consultants  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

1.0 Robert Half

Robert Half is one of the largest recruitment agency in Australia. The company connects highly skilled candidates with employers for various positions both temporary and permanent (Robert Half, n.d). The company offers recruitment services for a variety of fields, including engineering, biology, technology, and other clerical jobs. Whenever anyone is looking for the next career opportunity or looking to hire new talents in the market, Robert Half recruitment is the solution.

1.1 Morgan Consulting  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

More than just a recruiter, Morgan give its clients a professional, first-class experience at all times. The company is privately owned located in Australia and has provided recruitment service for over 20 years (Morgan Consulting, n.d). The company has extensive experience in a variety of industry sectors and about ten years in the recruitment industry. As such, it offers a one-stop-shop for quality customer experience program.

1.2 Hudson Australia

The company prides itself by the ability to bring people together by matching people to the right roles to create a perfect fit that propels the business to success and transforms lives. Thus, it has created for years created a credible job for its clients and candidates as well as creating a fulfilling workplace where every stakeholder is successful. The company uses data-based decision making in its recruitment process through use and partnering with predictive analytics PredictiveHire (Hudson Australia, n.d). Together they have developed and scale new predictive tools for business recruitment processes that enable locating people quickly and subjectively.

Assessment 4: Manage Selection Process

Brief Overview of the Selection Procedures  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

Goal Management Consultants will advertise for the vacant position from where it will receive applications from interested candidates. The copies of the applications will be presented to the line manager by the human resource department assess the applicants and brief the line manager on the selection procedure used by the company for consistency in selection. Following the guideline provided by the HR department, the line manager will work on shortlisting qualified pending candidate discussion for confirmation by with the HR manager.

The shortlisted candidates will then be contacted by the HR manager, informing them of the decision and schedule of the interview. The interviews will be conducted by the respective line managers and only involve the HR department in the selection of senior managers. After selection by the line manager, the HR department will be responsible for assessing the report on selection to either confirm or offer recommendations. After which selected candidates will be sent a written notification for the offer and ensure the same is done to unsuccessful applicants.

Script for Contacting Shortlisted Candidates  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

Hello Jane, I am Christopher, the human resource manager with Goal Management Consultants. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for forwarding your resume in response to job advert at Seek for the position of account officer. We are impressed to thus far too with the accomplishments on your resume. I want to learn more about you, your career interests, and job-searching timing. If you are not able to speak freely now, we can set up a time to do a telephone or live interview during the next week. Also, you are invited for an interview to be held on 6th October at the company premises. Your interview is scheduled at 10 am that same day. I look forward to seeing you there. Thank you.

Reviewed Selection Report

Following the assessment by the selection, the panel summarizes the capacity of all candidates in meeting the selection criteria. Written applications, information acquired during the interview, and referee reports were all considered in reaching the below conclusions.

Both Maggie and Mary are proficient and have knowledge and skills in accounting practice. It is believed that Fred’s knowledge and skills regarding the recruitment strategy makes puts him higher than other candidates. In saying this, it is believed that Mary has requisite skills in accounting practices and the ability to be a quick learner in various skills needed in accounting including software and trends in the industry and hence makes her the second preferred candidate for the position.

Simon the other hand, was able to meet most of the selection criteria to a significant level, but the panel did not select him as suitable for the position.  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

However, he demonstrated a basic comprehension of the accounting standards but not able to demonstrate experience and in-depth knowledge required for the post. Similarly, Sharon was not able to express her ability in most of the selection criteria to the level of satisfaction, and hence, she was not selected. She has a basic knowledge of accounting practices but no required experience in the field.

Upon the review of all information obtained through a written application, interviews, work samples test, and referees reports, the panel ranking, I at this moment endorse Maggie to be appointed to the role, and Mary Janes be appointed to the position of should Maggie decline the Job offer.

Letter of New Appointment  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

Dear Maggie

Goal Management Consultants is pleased to inform you and bring on board as Account Officer.

However, we a few formalities away from getting started. This letter is out a formal letter and requires you to review offer. The letter contains, among other essential terms and conditions as well as regulations, your compensation, benefits, and rights as per the company policies and National Employment Standards.

Goal Management Consultants is offering you fulltime position for account officer reporting to the human resource manager starting 1st September at Brisbane. You are expected to work five days a week and 8 hours per day.

In this position, the company is offering you a starting salary of $4,000 per month. You will be paid every month starting your reporting date.  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

As part of your compensation, the company will offer you a bonus, profit sharing, and stock options for extemporary performance. You are also entitled to leaves, including parental, annual, compassionate, long service, and community as per the National Employment Standards.

As part of Goal Management Consultants, you are also eligible for health cover, risk insurance, and dental insurance.

If you accept this offer and agree to the terms and conditions of engagement, please do so by signing and dating this agreement on or before 15th August.


Human Resource Manager

Goal Management Consultants

Letter to Unsuccessful Candidates  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

Dear Simon


Thank you for applying for the position of account officer with Goal Management Consultants. We regret to inform you that your application was not considered this time since there were other candidates with stronger qualifications, and hence your application was unsuccessful.

Should you be interested in inquiring about the results of the application and interview, feel free to contact the human resource department at the company premises or via website contact.

I wish you well in your future employment endeavors.


Human Resource Manager

Goal Management Consultants

Assessment 5: Induction Project

Induction Checklist  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

1.0 Purpose of the Induction Checklist

The purpose of this induction checklist is for use by both the new employee and line manager. It will be used to check the areas that the employee has covered at the period between 1st September and 30th November. It will act as a reminder to the line manager and the employee of the areas that need careful attention.

1.2 Overview of the Induction Checklist

The induction checklist should be updated every time an activity is covered to have a follow up of what has been covered at each given time. It will cover the business structure, introduce the employee to key people and their various roles as well as the environment for the employee employment. The employee will also be oriented to the payment criterions used by the company, health and safety measures, and explanation of employee security. Besides, the induction checklist will cover working environment, training program undertaken, and follow-up reviews by the line manager. The employee will tick against each of the areas covered.

1.3 Outline of the Induction Checklist  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

Employee name:

Employment start date:


Line manager’s name:


About the Organization

□  Structure

□  Work Type

Key people and their roles

□  Managers

□  Supervisors

□  Co-workers

□  Safety officer

□  Security officers

Work conditions  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

□  Agreements made

□  Roles and responsibilities

□  Minimum employment entitlements

□  Procedure for emergency and inquiries

□  Job schedules

□  Working hours and other breaks

□  Hours worked and recording procedures

Payments orientation

□  Arrangements for payments

□  Allowances and rates of payment

□  Superannuation

□  Monthly deductions made

□  Membership in unions and other welfare groups

Work health and safety measures  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

□  Communication and consultation processes

□  Work hazards, help and distress call

□  Reporting procedure for the occurrence of incidents

□  OSH policies and procedures

□  Roles and responsibilities in OSH

□  Worker help programs

□  Compensations for accidents at work

Work and safety environment  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

Safe work practices list

i. ……

ii. …….

iii. …….

iv. …….

v. …….

□  Assembly points, fire extinguishers and usage

□  Response to emergencies

□  First aid procedures and first aid kits and room

□  Hazards and work safety guidelines

Personal security  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

□  Money

□  Personal belongings and safe

Working Environment

□  Car park and regulation

□  Workers cafeteria

□  Change rooms and rockers

□  Technologies used in the company

□  Washrooms facilities

□  Work station, offices, tools and equipment, and their use

□  Orientation to the business premises

Training and development  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

□  First aid, distress response, emergency practices

□  Hazard-specific training (manual for handling machines and equipment)

□  Workplace safety practices

□  Other job-specific training

Follow-up and reviews

□  Additional training or repeated training

□  Review of the induction process

□  Seek answers to unclear areas

Comments and other required actions  Manage Recruitment Selection代写


Acknowledgment for the induction process

Induction conducted by ……………………………………. Date: …………………

Sign: ………………………………………………………. Date: …………………

Position: …………………………………………. Employee’s sign: ………………

Comments: ………………………………………………………………………….

Review date: ……………………………………. Comments: …………………….

By: ………………………………………………. Date: ………………………….

Sign: ……………………………………………. Date: ………………………….

Position: ………………………………………… Employee’s Sign: …………….

Comments: ………………………………………………………………………….

Guidance for Completing the Induction Checklist  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

The induction checklist should be completed in the supervision of the line manager. The manager should make sure the employee understands each part before marking completed. The induction process should not be a one-day practice but should be covered within the stipulated time frame.

Probationary Employee Script

Hello, Maggie, the reason for this meeting to inquire and probe about your probation progress. We had noticed that you are not as productive and motivated as it was anticipated when we signed the employee engagement with you. I hope you are aware of the probation terms where you were supposed to be up to the task the shortest time possible. Also, you have had three-month induction period in which you were expected to have learned enough about what is expected of you. I want to get your opinion regarding the induction process and how it has been of help or not to you. Which areas do you think need more time to grasp? How do we help you be productive enough to the company and be efficient to at work?

Email to the Employee’s Managers Regarding the Induction Process  

After conducting an inquiry with the new employee, it was noted that some elements in the induction checklist were not understood. One of the employees gave a concern that they have not been able to use the various equipment and tools in their department. She also cited the issue of safety measures, which made her go-slow on their tasks. I am writing an email to seek your honest feedback on the implementation of the induction process and whether in your opinion is serving the intended purpose. Please give the overview of on your opinion regarding this concern.

Thank you


Recommendation for Improving the Induction Process  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

Below are suggestions for the improvement of the Induction process regarding the managers’ feedback and employees’ opinion.

i. The training on first aid, equipment use, and other areas that require practical aspects should be implemented in an actual circumstance to enhance employee understanding.

ii. Each induction task should have a stipulated duration for orientation to increase comprehension by employees.

iii. The line manager should be responsible for making sure their employees undertake each task as outlined in the induction checklist.

iv. The human resource manager will personally supervise the implementation of the induction process.

v. The induction process will also include other tasks related to the employee work, particularly on work procedures and best practices.

References  Manage Recruitment Selection代写

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Manage Recruitment Selection代写
Manage Recruitment Selection代写

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