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Isolation Causes Autism in Children: Case Study of “Room” by Emma Donoghue

Autism代写 Isolation Causes Autism in Children: Case Study of “Room” by Emma Donoghue:When reading the “Room” by Emma Donoghue···


When reading the “Room” by Emma Donoghue, I could relate to the plight of Jack and his mother.

It is inhuman and beyond apprehension, for a human to abduct a fellow human being and make her a sex slave. The story gives the thrill to want to know what happened and how Ma related to her son as well as how she protected him. It becomes even more interesting as the writer use the voice of Jack, who was just five years old, to narrate the story from a juvenile perspective. As I read it, I was emotionally attached to it, disturbed by each, even as Jack explain their life in a small room. However, the narrator communicates hope to be free from their captor and hence detach me from succumbing to the emotional abyss.

Regarding the story, I relate it with my experience with my friend who had a child with autism. Her child, Chris, used to spend too much time watching television with little or no time to interact with other children. He was her only child. Little did she know that too much of anti-social activities like excessive exposure to visual media is detrimental to child development. At the age of 3 years, Chris was diagnosed with autism. I had not known about autism until Mary approached me about her child condition. Chris had low brain development, unable to communicate and socially disoriented.

In this context, the information about autism is based on the literary work “Room” by Emma Donoghue.  Autism代写

The text narrates a story in the perspective of five-year-old named Jack. The arguments are juvenile and try to show the effects of isolation, particularly to the children. Jack was born and raised in a room with his mother. Jack’s mother was abducted, sexually molested, and got pregnant. The room was the entire world to Jack because it is where he was born and grew up. To Jack, the room was home, but to Ma, it was a prison. Through determination and ingenuity, Ma and Jack tried their luck to escape, and fortunately Ma was rescued by police through Jack’s bravely. Thus, “Room” will be used to explain how isolation as an environmental factor can slow physiological development, which can trigger autism.

Humans are social beings through relationships and bonds created with the environment.  Autism代写

Lack of connection with the environment can cause disorientation in behaviors and lack of interpersonal connections. Any isolation from the environment causes a disconnect that can be lethal to the social behaviour of any human being. Notably, the social aspect of a human being is critical at early childhood development. Among other alterations in behaviour, isolation is believed to reduce brain development in children.


As a result, a child who is isolated can exhibit brain retardation, which comes with a spectrum of disorders, one of them being autism. Autism is a broach range of brain conditions characterized by difficulties in social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and nonverbal communication. The causes of autism are not well known. Through this exposing and in conjunction with other environmental factors, the paper will show how isolation can be a major contributor to low physiological development in children. As such, although genetics is one of the causes of autism, the environment is also considered a major causative factor.

The story by Donoghue relates to the importance of human interaction and contact with the environment.  Autism代写

Notably, it relates to the importance of child growth environment. In essence, safe, responsive, and nurturing environment are an essential part of supporting the learning and development of children, toddlers, and preschoolers. Right environment is critical in the prevention of behavioral and developmental problems. Regarding Jack’s story, the three components were missing while those present were not safe, responsive, and nurturing the environment. The various environments are important in language development, creativity and imagination, social skills, and self-esteem. These environmental aspects need to be properly designed and implemented to promote child development.

The information in this essay I am important to all parents not only because it increases their understanding, but also understand their children behaviors and reactions. Also, the information will serve as the early warning to the parent to detect any sign of autism in their child without any diagnosis. Besides, it contributes to learning about the development of the child. It is based on the assumption that, if you don’t know about the signs, you would not be concerned about the early signs of autism. As such, the sooner you find about it, the better as it helps to manage the signs and develop interventions.

Child Isolation and Autism  Autism代写

Isolation is most likely to cause symptoms similar to autism and which can be construed to be autism. Low brain development and lack of social skills are one of the symptoms of autism, and they are too related to social isolation. Donoghue, too has tried to bring out the aspect of social deprivation and how it affected Jack’s life. Although he was not diagnosed with autism, his behavior was a clear indication of the effects of social isolation, which are related to autism. Jack had a social problem and could not interact well with the environment. Therefore, Donoghue brings out the fundamental issue in human development growth through social and physical interactions.

Expert View On Autism  Autism代写

Experts have their take on the causes and signs of autism. They view autism as a developmental disorder that most affect children at the age of 3 years (Edison and Mema, p. 102). Notably, it is characterized by impairment of 3 core symptoms domains, which include the social deficit, communication challenges, and narrowed restricted interests as well as repetitive behaviors. A child with autism also has problems of social co-existence. Experts do not have a specific cause of autism, but they believe genetic disorders and environmental factors causes it.

Nevertheless, there exists a knowledge gap in the environmental causes of autism. The actual environmental causes of autism have been one of its great and enduring mysteries. There exist behavioral differences in individuals with autism, which makes it evasive in narrowing down to the actual factor causes. Experts have also looked at the modern causes of autism to include too much television, vaccines, gestation period complications. However, none of them has credence but has continued to fuel the mystery surrounding what might cause autism.

Moreover, experts have come to believe that autism has environmental triggers though there are no apparent triggers.  Autism代写

Recently, it has been theorized that the modern explosion of television programs and videos aimed at young children, excessive exposure to electronic media is one of the possible triggers of developmental disorders (Sharkins et al. p. 440). The research found that one out of five children aged between six months to six years are exposed to screen media, which include television, computers, DVDs, and video games. Most children studied have at least two hours of exposure per day. Although it might be difficult to get similar statistics of the past, it most likely that modern children spend much time watching television and in front of other media than they did in the past.

A paper titled “Does Television Cause Autism?” by Sharkins et al. cited that television makes a certain population of children vulnerable to developing autism. The trigger is dependent on the underlying biology and level of exposure. Regarding Donoghue story, Jack spends most of his time watching television, which isolated him from interacting with other environments. After their escape from the room, Jack was declared to have low development. Although he was five years, he acted as though like a three or two years old. Therefore, it can be said that, although other environmental factors such as a poor diet may have played a role in his slow development, too much exposure to television may have slowed his brain development.

Relationship Between Autism and Environment  Autism代写

Although no substantial research has implicated any environmental factors as the definite cause of autism, over the past decade, the environment is believed one of the contributors. Besides genetics, autism is believed to correlate with exposer to environmental risk factors (Modabbernia et al. p. 13). It is believed that between 40 percent to 50 percent variances in autism is caused by environmental factors. Some of the environmental factors that cause autism include advanced parental old age and complications during birth like trauma or ischemia. Also, poor nutrition at an early age, which results in a deficiency in folic acids and omega 3 and toxic elements like lead and mercury increase chances of developing autism.


Besides, brain development is associated with social relationships, and hence, isolation can result in physiological development (Burrows, et al. p. 3). There is a relationship between child isolation and the level of psychological distress. Isolated children have higher C-reactive protein in their mid-life. Also, the study found that children who were isolated have lower educational attainment regardless of the social class.

The findings from this research are related to the increase in the risk of autism in children born from parents with high C-reactive protein. Research by Brown et al. (p. 5) found that maternal inflammation contributes development significantly in autism. In this regard, Jack’s mother may have developed inflammation, which could have affected his brain development, which is highly linked to autism.

Conclusion  Autism代写

Autism has a broad spectrum domain of symptoms with no definite cause. That notwithstanding, environmental factors have been associated with its cause. In the context of “Room” by Donoghue, it is evident isolation contributes to low psychological development, which consequently affects child behavior, communication, and social interactions. These are major symptoms of autism. Therefore, isolation of children from social interaction and physical environment can cause psychological developmental delays. These delays cause behavior problems, particularly communication and interpersonal capabilities, that can be construed to be autism.

Work Cited  Autism代写

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