Is Art a Profession?

Art代写 Art is a modern fraught of the relationship between art and money. On one end people imagine art as realm of value···


Art is a modern fraught of the relationship between art and money.

On one end people imagine art as realm of value that economic considerations cannot be attached. A starving artist is a phrase associated with both romantic and pathetic nature of art. On one is a person that is too pure and at the same time the venture too unviable in realities of the world. On the other end is money as an essential metric for artists accomplishment. Money comes with fame of an artist. Theaters attendees measure expected experience through box office grossing or other similar art ranking sites. Common ground is that art is as a profession as any of the others.

The paradox of starving artist that has for long dominated the society can be proved wrong.  Art代写

Artists use their power and strength of creativity to build success. There are successful artists in history. Some of these artists in 19th century are Norman Rockwell and Alexander Calder (Aniruth, 2018). In 20th century came the like of Georgia O’Keeffe, Jack Pollock, Andy Warhol among others (Aniruth, 2018). In his book, “Artists Don’t Starve,” Goins debunks the myth by establishing some golden rules that artist use to thrive. He concluded that creativity is not an enemy of success but rather a powerful tool that can be harnessed to succeed in art. A prolific art comes with hard work and finding opportunities in one’s strengths and passion.

Most people would feel empty if they are not pursuing the profession that fully utilizes their creativity and expression.  Art代写

It is common for people to study for accreditation in a field that they hate and eventually turn back to art due to personal pressure to follow passion. There are many methods that artists earn living wage. Some of them include production of labels bearing their brands, creation of designs for companies, performing on live concerns, becoming brand ambassadors among other avenues. These represent many factions of financial opportunities available to artists with committed and willing to succeed.

Artists also receive training like other professionals.  Art代写

Studying art is a formation process to perfect artist skills and strengthen drive to pursue it as a career. The article by Jeff Goins in The Medium tries to illustrate how a job in art is better than science. He equates the high art success to the high number of art degrees offered in universities in United States. Out of these graduates, 70 percent secure jobs, 75 percent are self-employed and 99 percent them value creativity as critical competency. It is correct that 75 percent of science graduates do not secure jobs in their field of study and instead resort to modern creative works (US Census Bureau). Artists do not suffer for their craft since they produce what is marketable and profitable. The essence of a profession is to make a decent living, and one can use art to make a living.


Therefore, art is a career worth time and energy.  

What matters is the passion for the art, drive to succeed, creativity to create what matters and commitment to deliver. Many have earned a living out of art and have proved to the world that art not only seeks to entertain and create expression to the audience but also bring happiness in living life of accomplishments.

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