Marketing Strategy for Graphic Design Services

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Marketing Strategy代写 The Academy of Visual Arts graphic design services will be offered to the public by students’ designers.


Graphic Design Services Marketing Strategy

The Academy of Visual Arts graphic design services will be offered to the public by students’ designers. There is a number of ways through which the market segment will be targeted. For this reason, the marketing strategy consists of the following approaches:


• Networking:

The Academy of Visual Arts networking will be based on leveraging The University of Canberra relationships and goodwill that it has created over the years in graphics training and other academic fields. To achieve networking grounds, the academy will send out notecards to all the stakeholders who include the former students, suppliers, partners, sponsors, and other organizations to announce the opening of The Academy of Visual Arts and make arrangement to meet them periodically to catch up.

Customer referrals:  Marketing Strategy代写

Most businesses thrive through referrals and The Academy of Visual Arts is no the exception (Kumar, Petersen & Leone, 2010). The referrals are expected from the major stakeholders like students, parents, staff, customers, and suppliers. The recognition of these referrals is important to the source of new clients to the new initiative and therefore, the academy will keep in contact with the key stakeholders.

Target Customer Acquisition:

The academy target to serve the public while making the student earn practice in graphic design. The academy will come up with the list of prospective clients who include big corporations, companies, and individuals. After identifying the prospective clients, the academy will come up with a strategy for wooing these clients as new customers to the newly established school of graphics. The academy will devise these strategies targeting to communicate the value it offers to the prospective customers. Once the initial steps are done, the academy will establish new links to the likely clients from the main stakeholders and the university acquaintances. The academy will then arrange for the meeting of the referred clients

Mission  Marketing Strategy代写

The Academy of Visual Art in The University of Canberra’s mission is to provide the public customers with creative and innovative artistic graphics and visual arts services. The academy aims to provide students with hands-on practice on the market customization of the graphics contents.

Marketing Objectives

  • Create public awareness of the services we offer and have unsolicited requests for services.
  • To build a pool of referrals over the years towards a stable and sustainable business where our students explore more in the world of opportunities.
  • Build our brand to be the most preferred in the market and academia.

Financial Objectives  Marketing Strategy代写

  • To maintain tremendous growth each year
  • To break even by the end of the first year of operation
  • To continuously lower the variable cost of the project

Payment Plan  

The payment plan will be on the basis of the relationship with the client. All projects will have a flat fee per their basis and scope. Normally, client will be paying third or 50% upfront depending on the size and fee of the project. the rest of the payment will be made after project completion

Time Sheet

Marketing Strategy代写
Marketing Strategy代写

Target Markets  Marketing Strategy代写

The Academy aims to have three distinct customer sets which we will focus on:

  • Small and medium-size companies
  • Learning institutions
  • Government agencies

Positioning  Marketing Strategy代写

The Academy for visual arts aims to position itself as an academic institution providing focused, innovative graphics services and visual arts to the public for the purpose of offering quality services practice to the graphic design students. To achieve this, the academy positioning will leverage its competitive edges:

  • The competitiveness of the Academy of visual arts graphic services is based on the University Canberra’s good reputation and excellence records in academic performance and research. The academy will leverage this to gain a client base for start-up and networking. The public will trust the university services to be of the expected quality. The academy is admitted qualified students who are the right brains for creating graphics and visual arts. This is the quality our clients will be looking at as most are extremely aesthetically orientated. The academy sees these as assets to pursue the initial market penetration tests.
  • The experience with the various stakeholders and key players in the academy education and training program are well-known people with high regards in the public domain. The academy will use this as a basis of the bargain in searching for prospective customers and also gain a competitive edge in the market. The clients will hold on to these key players for quality assurance thus propelling the academy to the next levels in the graphics services and visual arts market.

Strategy Pyramids  Marketing Strategy代写

The strategic objective of the academy for the visual arts is to provide students with hands-on training and earn them experience in graphic design while earning some money for themselves and the academy. The academy looks to position itself as a creative, unconventional, innovative hub for graphic design and visual arts. The market strategy will be used as a tool for building customers aware of our services. It will also be applied to develop a strong client base and networks, and further, create and maintain the client referrals and loyalty.

The following multiple strategies will be used to accomplish the positioning:

  • Networking:The academy will leverage the existing stakeholders and key partners to create new relationships in the public.
  • Target customer acquisition:The main focus for the academy is the capture of the ideal customers by having the value proposition to them while ensuring the networking is productive by being able to communicate these values.
  • Internet:The academy will use the university website address in all service materials and during communication with clients. The website will be used for advertisement on the internet and other media as well as the creation of SEO for the search engines.

Marketing Mix  Marketing Strategy代写

The Academy for Visual and Arts will apply the marketing mix which comprises of the following approaches to pricing, distribution, advertising and promotion, and customer services.

Marketing Strategy代写
Marketing Strategy代写
  • Pricing:The academy’s pricing method will be incurred on a per-project fee that will be calculated by making estimates of the hours it will take to get the project ready for the client and also the resources needs of the project.
  • Distribution:The services from the academy will be distributed from the university premises or transfer of the finished work via the internet.
  • Advertising and promotion:The academy will do networking campaign which is the most successful method as well as the acquisition system of the customers (Mu, Thomas, Peng & Di Benedetto, 2017).
  • Customer services:The academy aims to instill the mantra of obsessive customer services. The academy will be committed to providing the best customers services that are satisfactory and meet their expectations. Customer satisfaction and meeting of their expectations ensure business and profitability (Vanitha, 2012).

Marketing Research  Marketing Strategy代写

At the initial stages of developing the marketing plan, focus groups discussions are held to gain insight into the market segment. The insight is helpful in understanding the prospective customers and the key process in making decisions (Malhotra, 2015).

The student in the academy will also be involved in the marketing research. Their report will be helpful in understanding the scope of operations in graphics and visual arts. It will also be sued to benchmark the service delivery and the expected results.

Implementation  Marketing Strategy代写

Below are the milestones that identify the key marketing programs. It is important to accomplish each one on time and on budget.


Advertising Start date End date Budget ($) Manager Department
Marketing plan completion 20/8/2018 20/9/2018 0 A Academy
Website development 20/8/2018 30/9/2018 200 A Academy
Profitability 20/8/2018 31/12/2018 0 A Academy
Others 20/8/2018 31/12/2018 0 A Academy
Total cost advertising 200
Public relation 30/8/2018 31/6/2019 1000 B Academy
Direct marketing 30/8/2018 31/6/2019 2000 C Academy
Total budget 3200

References  Marketing Strategy代写

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