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Luggage delivery代写 Usually, when people are traveling or touring they carry with them luggage of tour necessities and other personal effects.



Tourism and hospitality sector in Australia is growing exponentially over the last few decades. Regardless of the sector operating in a globally competitive market, it has continued to improve. Therefore, investing in this sector is not a bad investment choice because of the growth anticipations near future ( (n.d.)).

Key industry figures for the tourism market (2009) are as follows (Australia, T. 2016):

Key Industry Figures 2009
Industry Revenue 81,415
Revenue Growth -1.2 %
Industry Gross Product 43,703
Number of Establishments 62,032
Number of Enterprises 55,715
Employment 503,276 People
Exports 23,699
Total Wages 20,997
Luggage delivery代写
Luggage delivery代写

Usually, when people are traveling or touring they carry with them luggage of tour necessities and other personal effects. Ideally, people carry them to make their life away from home free like home by being self-sufficient in any way possible. However, for comfort and need to be free and flexible, luggage makes their traveling difficult and tiresome. Therefore, there is a need for luggage handling services near or at the points of their arrival.

That where the business idea is conceived. The whole idea is about offering luggage delivery services for the travelers and tourists. The service targets tourists with bulk luggage which may take longer to be cleared by the authorities and difficult to carry without assistance. The clients who opt for our services will not have to wait for inspections but directly go to their accommodation. We will then deliver their luggage later in their hotel rooms without delays and safely.


(Tourist waiting for luggage pick up)

Business Operations  Luggage delivery代写


The company offers luggage delivery services to the tourists across Australia from all major ports and airports. Our services aim at making our client vacation or business trip comfortable and fulfilling. They will not have to worry about the security of the products or making custom clearances, the company will take that responsibility.

2.Location and Distribution


The company headquarters will be located in Melbourne City with subsidiaries operating near the ports, and near all major airports in Australia. The subsidiary locations are strategic to the target market and the company representative will be at the arrivals exist to meet the clients. Also, our offices will be easily accessible to all the clients from the particular airport where it is located.

3.Service pricing  Luggage delivery代写

Our services will be priced on every mile covered and the size of the luggage. That is, the larger the size of the luggage the more cost to the customer and the more miles from the point of arrival or correction, the higher the price of delivery.

Using this model, every mile covered will be charged at A$4.00 in addition to:

i.  A$4.00 for 20kg to 30kg luggage.

ii.  A$6.00 for 31kg to 40kg luggage

iii.  A$8.00 for 41kg to 50kg luggage

iv.  A$10.00 for 51kg to 60kg luggage

v.  A$20.00 for 61kg and above

4.Market segment

The company target travelers and tourists coming to Australia or moving out of Australia

Luggage delivery代写
Luggage delivery代写

( 2017).

They carry with them loads of luggage and their visit is made all the worse by the fact that they find themselves in a foreign culture and city, possibly with language barriers, needing to locate their luggage and even replace belongings. It can make any vacation or business trip a complete nightmare. Therefore, providing them with luggage delivery is a relief to them. To capture them, the company intends to have subsidiary offices near all the major ports and airports in Australia.

5.Branding and position  Luggage delivery代写

The company will have to brand itself to stand out in the competitive market. Due to the attractiveness of the market more competitors have joined the field. Therefore, the company must brand itself as the better option in offering luggage delivery services. To achieve this, the company will do media campaigns to create brand awareness in the market segment (Rosenbaum-Elliott, 2015). the company will make our services available in all major ports and airports and to create conveniently.

It will have offices near the arrivals and checkpoints, so customers will not have hassles of coming to look for services, we will be there waiting for them to arrive. Also, the company will have online service bookings, where the client can login and notify his arrival so that his luggage can be collected on his/her behalf. The company mainly target tourists and travelers from outside Australia especially new visitors.

Brand strategy Brand positioning Brand image
The extensive campaign to create brand knowledge in the market.



Better prices for our delivery services


The convenience of our services by being near arrival points


Online notifications for luggage collection at the airport/port

Reliable services




Convenience and flexibility



6.Promotion and marketing

Promoting the company delivery services will be done online on the television and radio campaigns, travel magazines and use of posters and billboards. The marketing campaigns will be strategically placed at the entry points to the airports and ports.

Future campaigns  Luggage delivery代写

The company intends to intensify the marketing campaign for its services to include

i.  Social media advertising by having a dedicated Facebook and Twitter account for posting delivery offers and news.


(Social media campaigns)

ii.  A company website where the clients can make service bookings and get notifications of their luggage deliveries.

Innovative idea  Luggage delivery代写

This is an idea that will be noble to invest in future. This idea will add value to the overall business performance and competitiveness and survival in the market. In future, the company will consider exploring hotel room bookings services to our clients. This area is also prolific and will add more business to our company. Considering the hotel deliveries we make, we can also do the booking for these customers too. Large numbers of tourists coming to Australia have no permanent homes, and therefore arranging for them a place to stay saves them time and worries of having to do it themselves. The company will use its website to offer the service in which customers will choose from different hotels and restaurants depending on their budget and preferences ( 2017).

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Australia, T. (2016). Tourism Statistics – Research – Tourism Australia. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Sep. 2016].

Rosenbaum-Elliott, R., Percy, L. and Pervan, S. (2015). Strategic brand management. 3rd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Luggage delivery代写
Luggage delivery代写

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