Louisian river storie

Part 1

Louisian river storie代写 Part 1:1.Why did people originally choose the mouth of the Mississippi River as a place to settle?



Why did people originally choose the mouth of the Mississippi River as a place to settle?

The place was fertile from sediments from the Mississipi river, there were a lot of fish for food and the plenty of sea birds and other birds species that made the ecosystem beautiful and habitable. People originally found a land and fell in love with it. It is also a magical place with other wild animals which make the place beautiful. The palce was also ideal for navigation across the river for trade.

Louisian river storie代写 Part代写
Louisian river storie代写 Part代写


What two natural disasters prompted the construction of the flood control (or river) levee system and later the hurricane levee system?

Nature of the land and Terrains being close to see level, wide and low coastal region. 1927 a major called flood occurred. And 1965 harricane category 4 that propted construction of hurricane levee system.

3.  Louisian river storie代写

Why were canals cut through the wetlands?

They were constructed to access the oil and gas  across the river


What effect has the logging of cypress trees in the swampland had?

It destroyed the habitats of birds, mammals and reptiles during flooding and normal life. Destroyed the ecosystem which resulted to the imbalance.

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What “untruth” did Governor Bobby Jindal say about oil spills in Louisiana?

He lied about the major spills of oil in the coast of Louisiana which in the real sense was atleast 9 million gallons.


Why is the area in the “twilight” of its fishing industry?

There are many conflicting interests in the area. The globalization of the economy which has enable importing anything. Prices of the fishing products have has gone down and due to competition most small fishers are being keek our of the business. Other big coorportions are running for their interests without caring the effects of thei actions on fishing.

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What causes the toxic “dead zone” that suffocates marine life in the Gulf of Mexico?

It is caused by runoffs from mid-west where the farmers grow corns with fertilizers. The fertilizer nutrients accumulate at the mississipi river to the ocean reducing the amount of oxygen into the water thus resulting to dead zone destroying aquatic life.


How many such “dead zones” exist around the world?

Over 400 dead zones aroud the world

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Where is Cancer Alley? What caused (causes) Cancer Alley?

Cancer alley is a petrochemicals industries stretching for 85 miles along Mississippi reiver which like Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The line produces more than 25% of America petrochemical.

The cancer alley is caused by the pollution caused by the petrochemical industries. The pollutions resulted to health problems of the nearby residents especially workers.


It generate more than $70 billion dollars per year. The money is not used to do anything to the community but remain with those big coorporations. The roads, schools and public utilities are in poors state and no money regardless of billions of money generated. The poverty level is high and the rate is growing.

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They only place a ground on it but leave the waste inside which pollute underground water and leak to the ground and percolates down the river.


Client capture is where the agency is captured and controlled by the group it is supposed to be regulating then it start serving group intersts instead of the people.

Part 2


  1. The heat energy increases the strength of hurricane. Warm water, moist air, and converging winds
  2. Because of the torrential rains that fell in florida that led to destruction of crops , trees and power lines
  3. It made response to offer help to the victims become slow because of poor leadership and internal problems within the FEMA
  4. They faiked to do a good job in constructions especially levee. Most of the buildings were also sub-standard and could not even withstand a level
  5. some levees were constructed on top of weak soil which led them susceptible to collapse, while others contained too much sand which made it erodible by water. Generally the engineering part and construction of the levee was poorly done.
Louisian river storie代写 Part代写
Louisian river storie代写 Part代写

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