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Reading代写 What ideas is he/she debating, toppling, refining, or building on? What future work might another social scientist do to continue···


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What ideas is he/she debating, toppling, refining, or building on? What future work might another social scientist do to continue the conversation from where we left off in this week’s readings?

The author explores the discrimination that male face in the female-dominated careers like nursing, librarian, elementary school teacher, and social work. The author put the idea of underrepresentation of male in these predominantly female careers. And how this phenomenon might be as a result of discrimination in hiring and promotion, work culture and client interactions. How contrary to this hypothesis the research found out that, men are not discriminated per se the circumstances. That they are in the female-dominated careers favors them.


Contrary to how women face discrimination of sexism and they end up feeling inferior in male-dominated careers and thus have a “glass ceiling on their career ladder, men.  On the other hand, feel free on the “glass elevator” after being tracked to do a better job in the female-dominated career. However, male discrimination comes from outside, that is from the society. The society has predetermined stereotypes of the males working in a female-dominated occupation. Where they are marked are pedophiles, gay, or feminists. These stereotypes are what makes make shy away from such female like careers.

In this regard  Reading代写

The author seems to advocate for a changed perspective on how we view masculinity in a female like careers like nursing. In the male documentary “The Mask You Live In,” Jennifer Siebel try to depict how society has been myopic in the view of masculinity which has acted against the society. Further, the movie shows a society which has overburdened the male by narrowing what they can do, think, or act. As a result, the male species has been left with psychological conflicts which are manifested in the form of violence. In this respect, there is a need for future research to answer the question on the social stereotypes against male and how this can be resolved.

Work Cited  Reading代写

Newsom, Jennifer Siebel. The Mask You Live In. 2015.

Williams, Christine L. “The glass escalator: Hidden advantages for men in the “female” professions.” Social problems 39.3 (1992): 253-267.


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