Machiavelli代写 The Prince by Machiavelli is a famous yet controversial books.The political treatise was written in 1513 and published in 1532···

The Prince by Machiavelli is a famous yet controversial books.

The political treatise was written in 1513 and published in 1532, and since then it has been criticized for its ideology that “the ends justify the means”. The book is used for searing meditation of how some leaders get and maintain power (Scott and Zaretsky par. 7). Machiavelli served the book to the rulers to disregard the ideal republics and imaginary utopias. That had led to the failures for many kingdoms especially Italy. An interview with the New York Times, a Pulitzer Prize winner Jared Diamond was asked whether he can recommend President Obama to read Niccolò Machiavelli’s The Prince, a controversial yet famous book among the leaders and scholars of political science. (“The Book” par. 6)


He did not have a direct answer to the question but pointed out. That Machiavelli was a realist who understood the limits and uses of power. He stated that the role of a leader is to foresee through the issues in the state and predict what can go wrong and the plan to avoid a misfortune. Every leader including the non-politicians should read it and try to use Machiavelli thinking. In this regard, the question asked today is whether Machiavelli advice to the prince is useful to the modern politician.

Although some leaders use Machiavelli ideology in the wrong way, it articulates a particular way of looking at the world. Leaders have a lot to gain from his argument and thinking as most of his thought were applying on how to maintain power. And be in control that power while serving the interest of the people.

Machiavelli gave the prince some advice on how to conquer and maintain power.  Machiavelli代写

He stated that the powers of the sole ruler over the conquered state are easy to maintain but difficult to conquer. On the other hand, in a conquered state where the prince shares powers with power brokers and barons, it becomes difficult to maintain power and easy to conquer (Machiavelli p. 33). He added that when a prince is raising to power, if possible, he should try to do so on his own merits and arms (Machiavelli p. 37). Machiavelli noted that using and relying on friends, good luck (p. 40), or other people’ arms (p. 61) makes the quest to rise to power easier, but holding power might prove to be difficult.

In addition to this, according to Machiavelli, when a prince relies on mercenaries and auxiliary for troops makes a worse mistake (p. 66).

Rather the prince should create a strong foundation based on good laws and arms and both must work together. The use of mercenaries is a mistake because most are divided (p. 73) and the foreign auxiliaries work under the unity and control of another master making them even worse and a risky option (p. 81). Therefore, a prince needs to be a good student of war and an ardent reader of military tactics and histories. Additionally, the prince should consider working on his reputation. He argued that the front princes put out on should be a deception to the populace for who he really is (p. 102).

In this regard, Machiavelli emphasized on the prince being a better liar because the better at lying his will prosper as the prince. In the bid to seek popularity, dishing out money or prizes considering it being fiscally irrational and irresponsible to appear kind and philanthropic is a mistake that should be avoided (p. 94). It is also fatal to display mercy to garner affection as it is all vested under the hood of pretense (p. 107). Therefore, according to him a prince should work to be safe than sorry and that better to be feared than to be loved (p. 97).

Today the Machiavellian ideologies are applied by various leaders who control powerful countries in the world.  Machiavelli代写

The likes of Kim Jong-un, a North Korean Supreme Leader, has learned to use the political ideology fronted by Machiavelli to remain powerful, reduce external influence, and protect his country. He understands that for his state to stand out strong and maintain his control, he had to invest heavily on law and arm and own powerful military (Wright and Urban par. 7). Good law and arms are necessary for the establishment of a powerful ruler and control. One of the most stringent rules is Three Generations Rule which states that if a family member is convicted of a serious crime and imprisoned the immediate family can also be sent with him/her. The following generation born in prison remains imprisoned.

Another punitive law that that Kim use the suppression of the media. The government controls the press, and sanction all the reporting. The regime also makes sure no external media access the North Korea population. North Korea is also considered to have developed nuclear weapons which give the country military superiority. These and other strategies have been established for Kim to remain in control and to create supremacy.

Vladimir Putin is another famous and influential Russian leader.  Machiavelli代写

Whose administration utilize Machiavellian ideology in every aspect ranging from military, access to information, media, and other leadership styles (BBC). Putin has retained his political dominance for over 18 years and still awed by the Russians. Russia is one of the superpowers in the world in terms of wealth, knowledge development, military, and leadership. Russian administration has always worked for the isolation of the country through its military advancement, banning of imports, and bashing of other countries in forming alliances (Khalaf). Putin uses the Machiavelli approach when he works to isolate his country in total disregard of the international laws.

He is a judo black belt holder which is a symbol of military leaders, and like Machiavelli, a leader needs to be a learner particularly on the military tactics and histories. Working to protect his territory, Putin uses the rule that it is better to be safe than to be sorry. This is evident in his dealings with international communities and particularly the USA. The front look of his leadership is deceiving as he fights to remain in power and to establish a world superpower. Perhaps another exciting the application of Machiavelli ideology is the recent action by the U.S president to shut down the government programs until his demands to the Congress are met.

The USA is the world superpower in term of economy, military, health, technology and more. To maintain these, it takes a leader who does not work to please anyone but for better of the whole nation.  Trump decision for the government shutdown was premised on the protection of the U.S against the immigrants, crimes, and drugs. This can be termed as a way to defend his administration and build the legacy of his tenure.

Although nothing is known of the intention of Machiavelli’s political treatise, its political ideology is applicable in the modern politics of power.  Machiavelli代写

However, it need not be read and understood in isolation and literary, but instead, a reader should meditate it with a political and leadership context of a country. Machiavelli believed in the rule without atrocities and leaders taking responsibilities to serve their people. Neither did he advocate for war nor instability in the kingdom. His ideology can be interpreted as a lesson to the leaders, and the people being led to understand leadership and decide on the best course of action depending on the political context of that country.

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