Discussion Question on Ethical Decision

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Discussion Question on Ethical Decision

Ethical Decision代写 Alcoholism and marijuana use by adolescence make them highly susceptible to unethical behaviours which might turn to be criminal.


Contemplating on the issue one can tell that both Mary and Stacy are at their late adolescent stage. Ethical Decision代写

At this stage, most young people tend to be social deviants due to their sense of entitlement, ego and lack of life skills (Squeglia & Cservenka, 2017). Also, young people like Stacy if not counselled early may end up a misfit in the society and desperate in the life of regrets. Both the parents and best friend are important to Stacy by virtue of them providing the necessary moral support to her.  Ethical Decision代写**范文

Mary, as well as Stacy’s parents, know the problem she has indulged in and acknowledge the risks associated with such behaviour. The new peers have proven to be detrimental to her life as they encourage her alcoholism by introducing her to clubbing and marijuana. Stacy feels accepted in her newly found friends because they share in the same behaviour.

Ethical Decision代写
Ethical Decision代写

Stacy seems to avoid and detest anyone who tries to talk ill of her new “hobby”.  Ethical Decision代写

If her behaviour is not controlled, she will end up a destitute. Both the parents and Mary have a role to play to change Stacy’s thought process. She needs moral and emotional support which they can easily accord her as she undergoes therapy to quite an alcoholism. A counsellor need be a stranger to her as she will likely listen and believe in life experiences associated with her behaviour. If counselling fails, they have an option to take Stacy to a rehabilitation centre. Where she will be under control to quite alcoholism and marijuana. Beside all these, her best friend should introduce and accompany her to new hobbies like swimming, reading. And gaming or any other activity which interest her, after school or on weekends.  Ethical Decision代写**范文

Alcoholism and marijuana use by adolescence make them highly susceptible to unethical behaviours which might turn to be criminal (Pillon, O’Brien & Chavez, 2005). When she goes clubbing with her friends, she may end up driving while drunk which may cause poor judgment on the road. Drunk and driving is a criminal offence which is actionable by the prosecution in the court of law.

References  Ethical Decision代写

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Ethical Decision代写
Ethical Decision代写

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