Individual Research Project: Part II Instructions:

Your goal for this week’s assignment is to capture information about resources books, articles, websites and the like that you may want to use when you sit down to write your paper.  Because your paper is about corporate responsibility you will want to identify sources, in addition to those about the organization that you have selected, about ethics or ethical standards. Record basic information about the resource (author, title, publisher, date, etc.) that will help you prepare your reference list.  Also, you want to capture notes about what the author says (content) and whether or not you think this resource is a work of quality (assessing the credibility).  You may conduct your research at any library or by using a search engine such as  or  From your research you are to:

1.Identify at least six quality resources (books, periodicals, websites, etc.) that address the history, background, and overview of the company and the behavior you are examining.

2.Prepare a one to two (1-2) paragraph annotation for each of your six sources.  Your annotation should include a description of the information provided within the resource and an evaluation of its quality and/or credibility.  The source citation must follow the guidelines established in the APA style guide.


Additional Resources:

Additional resources for conducting and producing your research project are available in the document Individual Research Project Resources” located in your Course Materials folder.