Week 4 e-Activity Go to the Housing Predictor Website and research the housing prediction for the state where you live. Be prepared to discuss.

Asset Analysis Please respond to the following: Recommend an alternative to the CAPM for analyzing capital assets. Provide support for your recommendation.

In times of depressed real estate values, create a rationale for investing 20% of an investor’s portfolio in real estate, given that an investor believes it to be too risky.

Risk and Return Please respond to the following: Analyze how the economic factors of industrial production, inflation, risk premia, term structure, aggregate consumption, and oil prices impact portfolio risk and return. Determine which factor has the most significant influence in the current economy. Explain your rationale.

Assess the effectiveness of using multifactor models to help investors understand the relative risk exposures in their portfolios relative to benchmark portfolios. Make a recommendation on how investor understanding may be improved. Support your rationale

Week 4 Homework Chapter 8: Problems 6(a-c), 8(a-c), and 10(a-c) Chapter 9: Problems 3(a-d), 5(a-b), and 7(a-d)