Isolation of the Elderly



Isolation of the Elderly

Human service代写 Human service is broad in the perspectives of helping in meeting the needs of human beings (Dreyfus, (2018).


Past Experiences and Idea Generation

Human service is broad in the perspectives of helping in meeting the needs of human beings (Dreyfus, (2018). The profession is also committed to making organizations perform optimally by responding to the human needs adequately. The knowledge and skills gained constitute an array of skillset that helps in understanding human behaviors both in groups and individuals. As a human service professionals working as an intern in adult care, I learned more that have changed my view on the social services. First, I realized that human service is a service to society. Second, it helps make the community better in particular ways. Lastly, lack of human service destabilizes the functioning of the community or organization.

Human service is a service to society  Human service代写

Human beings form the basic unit of the community which forms the society, thus empowering individuals to touch the fundamental aspect of the whole society (Homer, 2017). As a human service professional, I assist individuals, families, and individual groups as well as communities. Service to people renew their capacity to function individually and contribute to the betterment of the society. I also realized that human service interventions help the individuals to be efficient in their daily lives thus improving their productivity.

Make the society better  Human service代写

The aspect of making society better concerns the social improvements which transcend to the better functioning of the whole society. For instance, health care services workers and family cares dedicate to ensuring the community health services are accessed optimally as well as creating awareness to the people on how to be healthy. Moreover, the HIV/AIDS awareness and control has been attributed to the community health workers who are dedicated individuals making follow-ups on particular groups and individual on health issues. These and other interventions and implementations have gone a long way into ensuring a better and functional community.

Lack of human service is a destabilizes the society  Human service代写

Human beings are the basic functional units of the society. As such, care is needed to make its functioning stable as well as sustainable. I learned that human service in any aspect is a necessity to the society. Assuming that some of the basic services to the people are not available, how could the society be like? It might be easier or hard to tell, but it will have a far-reaching effect to the stability of the human life which may lead to a calamity. Therefore, being a social worker professional, I have to be in terms that my services determine the stability of the individuals, community as well as the whole society.

Contributions of the Human Services Profession  Human service代写

Human service is the key to the development of people as well as the communities and groups. The profession takes care of the families where the caseworkers help the families through the barriers for optimal functioning. The caseworkers connect the families with resources available through the government or none governmental organizations. Another significant contribution is ensuring the protection of children welfare. The professionals work with families to ensure that children are raised in a safe and healthy environment and keeping the family unity as well. The community workers also contribute to controlling drug and alcohol abuse by the individuals in the community.

Human service代写
Human service代写

The community counselors work with people affected by substance abuse. The primary aim is to create a healthy society by planning and implementing interventions for the affected individuals and families. Another essential element is care given to older adults. The government establishes facilities where older adults received specialized care from human service professionals. Such initiative reduced the number of senior men and women living in poverty thus help them live a healthy and happier life.

Lastly and perhaps the most profound is the community health services and aids. The professional is key in ensuring matters health are addressed adequately in the community they live. Such health issues like HIV/AIDS and cancer has gained prominence in community health outreach programs. These programs aim at creating awareness and sensitization as well as doing follow up on health issues in the communities.

Idea Development for Problem Solution  Human service代写

After working as an intern in the elderly, I came to realize how default facilities and the program settings isolate the older adults. In this regard, there was a need for better approaches and improvement in elderly care to reducing the level of isolation. As a result, I came up with a program on how to make the elderly feel integrated into society rather than isolated. As such, the program requires setting up plans for visiting parks, children’s homes and other public places where they can meet with people and interact.

The program required the elderly to have specific days for such visits. To implement this idea, first I needed to conduct the feasibility analysis to measure its viability and how it will affect other issues in their life. Feasibility test also tests the sustainability of the idea if implemented. Then I needed to look for support from the key stakeholders who will then move the concept to the implementation level. The program will help in managing the isolation level of the older adults thus make their life better.

References  Human service代写

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Human service代写
Human service代写

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